SJ Rc.6

(Passanger units)

SSRT Rc6 1323
Don't let the Statens Järnvägar (The National Railway) spelled out on the front fool you. Despite the longer version of SJ it is not a SJ engine. Painted in very tasteful scheme this now operated by a private operator which runs night trains from southern Sweden to the north of the country. Here it is displayed at the national raiway museum. Gävle 2009-09-12.
Rc6 1325
Here is Rc 1325 in Mora in summer of 2000. After the X11 and X12 class EMU.s were transfered to private companies, the RC 3 and RC 6 hauls all kinds of passengertrains. Also for Intercity-trains like this Mora - Stockholm run.

Connex Rc6 1328
Connex units are not seen on Mora line and I guess that seeing this unit was an exception. To keep things even more exotic, a BK blue T43 was hauling a number of FS bulwood flats. Perhaps it was a test to use the equipment on logging services. As the T43 left the yard on its own I guess the flats were moved out by the Connex passaenger unit. Date 8. of May 2005.

Rc6 1328
Here is Rc 1328 in Falun during the summer of 2003.
SSRT Rc6 1330
A very late evening in June 2010. Still there are passanger heading to the north and to the land of mid night sun. The SSRT Rc6 1330 is in charge of a night train to Narvik. Ånge 2010-07-10.
Rc5 1331
Most of the present Rc 6.s were delivered as Rc 5.s an geared for 135 km/h. Here a brand new Rc5 1331 is showing off its dual duty abilities as it in sparkling new condtion is about to leave from Stockholm C with a train along the Västerås line. Note the orginalcolor on the airconditioner box on the roof, it was later repainted in darker grey before the entire class was repainted in to the curent bluescheme. The roof was covered with black nonskid material all the way from the cab to cab.

SSRT Rc6 1335
A southband night train has made a brief stop at Ånge yard. It is rather amazing how nicely the two tone gray makes the Rc engine and the 1980.s sleeping cars handsome.
Ånge 2010-07-10.
SJ Rc6 1337
This engine that is only partly lettered for SJ has been leased to a private operator and returned to the owner. The engine is lagging the logo on the middle of the car body and these logos were also missining at the front ends.Photo in Mora of September 2003.

SJ Rc6 1337
The winter is on its way, no doubt about that. The wet and chilly days are a bit short of day light during November. The malls and some of the windows while window shopping shows that the time is getting closer to the day, when it is time to start decorate homes for the christmas. But on rail it is business as usual as the Rc 1337 is parked on the house track in Mora before getting some last minute attention of its crew before loading on passangers for another dash for the royal capitol. Date 5th of November 2004.
SJ Rc6 1338
There is nothing extraordinary about this engine, except that a modell of this unit Rc6 1338 was offered by Roco. I included it as help for owners of the model to check out details. It was also displayed in Gävle. It is allways nice to capture something you have as model with the camera....
SJ Rc6 1338
There is a bit chosty look on this double header for an extra long consist out of Stockholm as there are two blackbirds on the lead. Stockholm C 22/12 2006...
SJ Rc6 1339
It is a mid April 2004 and a sunny saturday afternoon in Bollnäs when a IC from Östersund to Stockholm makes a stop to let the handfull people on and off the train.

SJ Rc6 1339
Sitting on track 2 in Mora 6th of November 2004 Rc 6 1339 sits with now most typical consist of IC-trains to Stockholm. Behind the engine is a sole A7 first class car, decked out in earlier version of blue scheme and the car is followed by the varous second class cars, now allmost all repainted in the former Inter Regio scheme with a red band below the windows.

It is 22th November 2004, and the first signs of the on coming winter is evident, the temperature is below zero and the first serious snow fall is only a few hours away. It is like the the passenger unit is also waiting to see the first snow before been switched to track one in Mora for departure southbound.

It is 22th January 2004, and a saturday and I am out and giving the first ry out of my new camera. Just in minutes the Rc6 1339 once again is getting the green signal for its run to Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1340
In the first weekend of October 2003, the Rc6 1340 is only a few minutes away from departing Mora for Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1340
In the first weekend of October 2003, the Rc6 1340 is only a few minutes away from departing Mora for Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1340
In frustration after a miserable photo shop in severe snowstorm on my way home, I made a stop to shoot these freehand night shots on overnighting IC consist with Rc6 1340 decked in Blue X paint. Of the tree post black and blue paints the Blue X paint is the most classy. 2007-01-13.

SJ Rc6 1341
In the late summer of 2003, Rc 6 1341 sits at the track one in Mora with a southbound IC consist. Note two details, the single strut pantograph and the missmatched door on the first class car.

During 2003 the older versions on blue scheme have become increasingly rare and the winter 2003/2004 the majority of cars are in the same scheme that was introduced with the now discontinued InterRegio-service.

In May 2004, the unit has received "Best Enviromental Choise" as it rests in Mora.

SJ Rc6 1342
Just another IC run for Stockholm on 3.d of October 2003 with Rc1342 in charge. Todays train is dominated by B7.s and B9.s painted in the former InterRegio colors, only the first class A7 is wearing the IC colors.

The same engine at the same spot in the very last day of November 2003.

...and again, this time it is 26th of September 2004

SJ Rc6 1342
A rather classic view, a soon to departing express, or InterCity train as they are called nowadays, at the platform. Some friends or relatives has escorted a passanger and it is time for the final wave of bon voyage... Sounds like a start of a new novel, but anyway it is 11t.h of March 2006 and at 17.22 the train will start to roll from FAlun to Stockholm with its consist of mainly BlueX cars.
SJ Rc6 1343
In the last saturday of May 2003, RC 1343 is just about leave Mora for Stockholm with a IC-train.

SJ Rc6 1343
The highest altitude on any Swedish statiion goes to Storlien at the Norwegian border. Here also ends the electric power and any trains heading to Trondheim on the Norwegian Meråker line will have to use diesel power. Yet it is rather supricing to find that Storlien is the destination to this rather lengthy regular night train from Stockholm. Those of you who wants to go to Trondheim will have to take a day time Norwegian Bm92 DMU. Storlien 2010-07-10.

SJ Rc6 1343.
As alone SJ unit among GC Rc.s Rc6 1343 is parked at the engine terminal of Borlänge in 8. August 2003.

The same engine seen in Mora on Intercity service in July 2004.

SJ Rc6 1344.
Rc 1344 in Mora May 2004. This unit sports along the "Best Enviromental Choise" logo also abit oversized striping on the pilot plows, perhaps the guy at the work shop is model railroader and needed a prototyp for his Roco model of the same unit which featured a bit oversized decals for the striping (although the model of the 1344, was a orange and as a Rc 5)..., who knows! Well it has not set up a trend yet.

SJ Rc6 1344.
Thelve years later Rc6 1344 was just another SJ Rc6 unit painted in black as it sits by the platform as a reserve power of one ofits sister should get in to trouble.
Östersund 2012-08-05
SJ Rc6 1345
A pair of stand in power waiting for the duty call if any of their sister units or sets would fail. Date July 2003 in Falun.
SJ Rc6 1346
Sunday afternoon and a minutes away from departure for Stockholm. Date? of March 2004.

SJ Rc6 1346
Friday the thirteenth, not a good sign not even in October of 2006. But rairaods are now adays safe and nothing happened on this day. This IC from Mora to the royal capitol is hauled by Rc5 1346 with a rather interesting weathered looks on details, like that primed MU cable cover.

SJ Rc6 1347
Another IC train for Stockholm in April 2003 in Mora.

In may of 2003 the same unit is seen allmost at same spot in Mora.

SJ Rc6 1347
A rather unusual duty for a passanger unit as power of a test train for a new EMU for suburban service in Stockholm area. See more under the Features to the left.

SJ Rc6 1351
Rc6 1351 with a weekend train consist in Mora. These trains usually have in their conists cars not usually found on the Dalecarlian mainline. . Mora 2010-03-13.

Ten days later the engine is the power unit to rather un usual pull-push consist with a control car. Here we see the train as it picks up speed out of the platform tracks of Mora. Only three of these rather ugly looking cars exist. In many respects they do look like a bad executed kitbash of marring a Rc cab in to a A/B7 class car. 2010-03-23 Mora.

SJ Rc6 1351
Rc 1351 has arrived in Mora which is decked in wet snow, still in December it seeems like the winter has not entirely decided whether to stay or leave. Mora December 2010.
SJ Rc6 1354
At Stockholm Central it is usually to have a reserve power available to aid any units with any problem. This day of April the duty was assigned to RC6 1354.
SJ Rc6 1354
Still in Stockholm area but now at work, as it with a sister powering the regional train to Uppsala, consisting of a consist of B7-generation cars. Stockholm 16th of December 2005. .
SJ Rc6 1355
The Rc 5 and Rc6 engines 1323-1422 are easely spotted by larger airtakes and the boxy air-condition located on the roof. All of the engines were delivered with a orange paintscheeme as the Rc-4 pictured above exept for the engine 1377 which was delivered in twoshapes of silver grey with striping and lettering in blue as a testbed for the scheme for the high speed X 2000-trains. Only two of the Rc 5.s 1327 and 1377 received the new paintscheme before all were regeared and reclassfied as Rc6.s. During the rebuilt all the engines received the new paintscheme. Together with Rc3.s they haul all the passangertrains in Sweden except for the shuttletrains and some regionaltrains hauled by by EMU. classes of X1 and X10-14.

SJ Rc6 1356
Rc6 1356 in Mora with the Enviromental logo. May 2004.

SJ Rc6 1357
Rc 6 1357 very late at night but it will be leading the first passanger train to Stockholm, next day. Starting 06.23. Mora 2009-04-31.

SJ Rc6 1358
One of the busiest runs is made of the runs between the cities of Stockholm to Uppsala located around 100 kms away. The consists are lengthy and usually employs one unit in each end to make the stops at the terminal as short as possible. I am not certain but I read somewhere some of the engines are marked for this duty with some special features.

SJ Rc6 1359
Here is Rc 1359 in Mora in may 1999. Rc engines or their technology were exported to a number of countries including Austria, Iran, Norway and in much modified form to Amtrak in USA.

Five years later the unit is back in Mora in IC run for Stockholm.
SJ Rc 6 1360
One of the longest consists on day runs are the shuttle trains between Stockholm and Uppsala. The consist is made of an RC and mostly generation cars with either another RC or special cab car at the other end.

SJ Rc6 1360
Allmost on the spot same location the Rc6 1360 at the shuttle trains between the Capitol and the fourth largest city in the country, Uppsala. Stockhom 16th of December 2005.

SJ Rc6 1360
It is a quick turnover for Rc1360, which I remarkably have taken photo of at allmost three years in a row. The train has only two stops between Uppsala and Stockholm and that is Märsta and Knivsta. Stockholm C 22/12 2006

SJ Rc6 1361
It is close to midnight and the recently repainted Rc6 1361 is having a night of rest on number one track in Mora. Mora 2009-05-01
SJ Rc6 1367
RC6 1367 in Mora on IC service.
SJ Rc6 1368
When the spring finally decied that this winter sure is old, things started to go fast, and the snow melted awy pretty fast. But SJ is running a business of moving people and Rc6 1368 is in minute leaving Mora
Date? 10/4 2006.

SJ Rc6 1369
A recently repainted SJ Rc6 1369 with nowadays unusual all BlueX consist is waiting patiently for a southbound timber unit train with a T68 901 on the lead from the Inland line to enter the yard before leaving in the sunset for a 5 hour ride to the Swedish Capitol. though the sun is setting, it is not very late just middle in the afternoon in later half of the November. But here is just some frost on the ground, the long exptected first snow is still absent.
Mora 2011-11-19.
SJ Rc6 1375
During the summer of 2001 RC6 1375 has parked its short consist of regional train for the weekend in Mora. Interesting thing about these runs was that the power was commonly RC6.s and the RC3.s were more often than before seen on the IC runs. These runs ended in a few weeks after this picture was taken, being replaced by brand new EMU.s of X51-class.

SJ Rc6 1376
Rc6 1376 is assigned to the Blue X train. These trainsets are more commonly hauled by specially asigned and repainted units Rc 1419 - 1422.

SJ Rc6 1378
SJ Rc6 1378 seen here in a at the arrivial in Mora and departure for Stockholm. Date May 2004.

SJ Rc6 1379
At Stockholm Central in of April 2003, another shuttle train for Uppsala headed by Rc 6 1379.

SJ Rc6 1379
Of course, the 1379 would find eventually to Dalecarlia aswell, here it is caught in Mora October 2004.

SJ Rc6 1379
In second day of April 2005 unit is waiting for departure for Stockholm with anither IC train set.

SJ Rc6 1380
RC6 1380 in Mora on IC service.
SJ Rc6 1381
A summer pic from the summer of 2002 on RC6 1381 in Mora on IC service.
SJ Rc6 1383
Still a winterscape in Mora with a 30 centi meters off snow on April 12. 2006. It is not too long to mid night abnd the rairoad has also come to a rest. But Rc6 1386 will have an early and busy morning as it will lead the first morning train out of Mora.

SJ Rc6 1385
IC Run From Stockholm just a hundred yards from arriving at Mora in May 2003.

In the second photo dating from of January 2004 in Mora, the engine still sports one single strut pantograph.
SJ Rc 6 1385
The Rc unit Rc6 1385 is getting for a departure of a testtrain to Borlänge, the second unit is Rc6 1347. See more under the Features to left.

SJ Rc6 1385
A snow is falling on the national day of Sweden as it is the first time it is a holliday. But in the other hand we are at the highest altitude of Swedish rails at the border crossing to Norway in Storlien in 6th of June 2005. The double headed night train about leave for Gothenburg, lead by Rc6 1404 was an impressive sight with no less than 14 passanger cars.

SJ Rc6 1386
Rc 6 1386 with another IC from Stockholm. Train has been switched and cleaned, well sort of and waits for the return to the Royal Capitol next morning. Mora April 2003.

SJ Rc6 1386
Rc6 1386 in Mora on New Years Eve 2004 with a full consist of "phase 3" trainset.
This news year will be as quiet as the stand still action in the yard because of the tragic disaster of a huge killer wave in South Asia.

SJ Rc6 1387
Photographed at allmost at the sams spot, Rc6 1387 is waiting for the departure with another IC train for Stockholm. During this period the number of older blue schemed cars has declined and most of the cars sports the red stripe variation introduced with the IR-trains.

SJ Rc6 1387
Will it be a white christmass in Mora or not? It was very touchy just a few days before the big holiday but as from a touch of a magic spell. few inches more came in the day before the christmas eve. Never minding the weather conditions, on Rail ti business as usual and Rc 6 1387 will within a few hours work again with a IC-run with some extra cars for Stockholm. 20th December 2004 Mora.

SJ Rc6 1388
It is a sunny afternoon in Bollnäs in 12. February 2006. Rc6 1388 is in charge with a special train consisting of 13 rebuilt couchettes and R12 (modified R2) restaurant car in the middle. SJ is making money of special chartered trains, my guess this is one ski vacation specials from ski resorts in mountains in west.

SJ Rc6 1387
Just as in Mora, the Falun also terminates IC-runs from Dalecarlia to Stockholm and also during the weekends there are at least one IC set parked at the yard. Today 12th of February 2005 at Falun the Rc6 1387 with a six car set is enjoying the rest.

SJ Rc6 1389
Rc 6 1389 was busy this weekend with IC runs between Stockholm Dalecarlia. The images to left are shot 03.30 on a sunday morning in July, when the the nights are hardly dark. The shot below is from Falun a couple of days earlier taken in July.

SJ Rc6 1389
Rc 6 1389 was this time 7 minutes late as it arrived to Östersund with a set of handsome painted BlueX trainset. Nailing one of the regular Rc.s on head of these trains is a treat, though not been uncommun. As the divorce of passanger and freight operation the train crew has to be do every aspects of switching chores. This means that the changes for this enginers white clean shirt end up with philthy spot is major. 6th June 2005, location: Östersund.

SJ Rc 6 1390
In light snowfall the first of the IC-trains to Stockholm is about to leave, date 2.nd of April 2003.

A few weeks later, same scene.

SJ Rc6 1390
Tale of the train
Saturday and Sunday means that the yards of Mora and Falun get visitors in form of Intercity trainsets to Stockholm. So it was with this train which I caught in Mora and a few hours later while making a stop at Borlänge some 100 kilometers down south.

The typical trainset consists of a Rc3 or a Rc6, A7 first class car followed by a BFS9, which is a "service car" with a kiosk of sandwishes, stilldrinks and coffee. And four B7.s for the passangers who travels still comfortable in second class. One thing I have noticed is that SJ has done great improvemant keeping schedules. Trains now adays are in fact running on time.

SJ Rc 6 1390
It ia perhaps the first warm day of the season at close to 19 degrees Celsius, but Rc6 1390 is not at work and sitting at the shops at Örebro in 13th of April 2007.

SJ Rc 6 1391
November is not exactly a best time of year to take any photos, it is cold, dark and wet, and compared to the on coming December snow, dull. But the show must go on,and it is a bit hard to recognize but the time for this shot is just after noon, showing Rc 1391 on hold waiting for departure a couple of hours away one track one in Mora in 15. November 2003.

SJ Rc6 1391
Rc 6 1391 is back at Mora in 29th of January 2005 and enjoying weekend rest at the passenger tracks at the east end of the yard with it consist of five passenger cars.

SJ Rc6 1391
Rc 6 1391 is has been equipped with a single strut pantograph since my last record. 13. April 2005.

SJ Rc6 1392
In the central station of Gävle in the sun fall of the 4th of March 2004, Rc 6 1392 is waiting for a departure for Stockholm and Linköping with a run that could be called Inter regio run just a decade ago.

SJ Rc6 1393
Rc 6 1393 arrives from Stockholm to Gävle Central in March 2004.

SJ Rc6 1393
Rc 6 1393 this time with IC run in Mora. The unit wears now also the "Best Enviromental Choise" logo. May 2004.

SJ Rc6 1393
Allmost identical images of same train and same engine but in fall few months later. October 2004.
SJ Rc6 1394
The SJ retained all 100 units of Rc6.s for the passenger service, allthough a number of them are leased or taken over by private companies. RC 1394 is about a few minutes to leave for Stockholm on another IC-duty.

On the image to right, the engine is about to pick passengers before departure with a IC run to Hallsberg in Stockholm Central station.

SJ Rc6 1395

SJ Rc6 1395
The honour of hauling the morning IC trains were in hands of RC 6 1395 in April 2003.

Few weeks later the engine is about to leave for Stockholm in 24. of May 2003.

Same situation some six months later, October 2003.
SJ Rc6 1396
There is a bit chostly look on this double header for an extra long consist out of Stockholm as there are two blackbirds on the lead. Here is the second unit Rc1396 in Stockholm C 22/12 2006...
SJ Rc6 1397
It is July and the summer has offered a lot of overcast weather and litle sun. It is vacation time but the trains kept a rolling as the song says. Here SJ Rc6 1397 is caught while a run around move.
2007-07-04 Mora.
SJ Rc6 1397
Weekend lull and SJ Rc6 1397 is having a weekend of, unless asinged trainsets for this weekend breaks down.
2007-09-22 Falun.
SJ Rc6 1397
On my way home from the open house of the National Railroad museum in Gävle I stopped by at Falun. I guess this consist with Rc6 1397 will be the first morning train on the following day to Stockholm. Falun 2009-09-12

SJ Rc6 1397
It seems that Falun is THE location to catch Rc6 1397, at least for me. Here it is waiting for its turn to head out to Borlänge and Stockholm in late summer 2010.

SJ Rc6 1398
Just another view, now on Rc6 1398 in Falun with a typical IC-consist for the region of A7, B5, B8, B2 and a pair of B7.s. IC-trains from Stockholm to Falun and Mora do not feature dinercars, unless it is a train during the famous Wasa Skirace first week of March.

The second images shows the engine with another IC run, this time bound for Mora jaust after leaving the passanger terminal of Borlänge in October 2003.

SJ Rc6 1398
Rc 6 1398 in Mora in fresh snow in 4th of december 2004.

SJ Rc6 1398
Rc 6 1398 was in town on 6th of March 2005. Though a RC with single strut pantographs are cool. It will not be as interesting as a ex Danish TMY.s on the opposite track of the platform. The same thing I quess was in mind of the railfanning engineer of the Rc, as he spend a minute or two looking at the dinosaur on rails. RC6 1398 will have at least have years a head of service before it will get same attention as the NoHab.
SJ Rc6 1399
Rc 6 1399 at Stockholm Central.

SJ Rc 6 1401
The very last IC run for this week arrives to Mora in May 2004.

SJ Rc 6 1401
This is my favorite passenger trains in Mora area, looking alot like what is available as models in 1/87 scale, and it looks rather handsome in blue paint too, though the black B7 car in the consist adds a nice little break. Mora 2009-05-01

SJ Rc6 1402
Rc 6 1402 with another IC from Stockholm. Train has been switched and cleaned, well sort of and waits for the return to the Royal Capitol next morning. Mora 25. May 2003.
Rc6 1402 walk around detailshots.

More images on details will follow shortly!

SJ Rc6 1403
Rc 6 1403 with another IC from Stockholm has just unloded its passengers at its terminal point of Falun and is about to make switching movement to the opposite side of the train. 16. July 2003.

In the last days of March the engine is about to leave for Stockholm, as seen on the image below.

SJ Rc6 1403
Rc 6 1403 in a weekend rest in Mora 2. April 2005.

SJ Rc6 1404
Rc 6 1404 arrived late with its IC-consist in Falun October 2003. The runaround move to the other end was done in a hurry, as a freight was waiting unpatiently at the other throat to permit to pass the yard along its run to Borlänge. Yes I got image on that engine as well and you will find it in Green Gargo section.

The same unit in Falun 2004 in March 2004, IC run to Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1404
Rc 6 1404 arrived late with its IC-consist in Falun October 2003. The runaround move to the other end was done in a hurry, as a freight was waiting unpatiently at the other throat to permit to pass the yard along its run to Borlänge. Yes I got image on that engine as well and you will find it in Green Gargo section.

The same unit in Falun 2004 in March 2004, IC run to Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1404
Rc6 1404 was one of the few engines repainted in the very stealthy grey. As seen in a very rainy, early morning the unit does not get high points in visibility. Mora 2007-05-18.

SJ Rc6 1406
Rc 6 1406 with its consists enjoys a lazy saturday afternoon in Mora 22 January 2005.

SJ Rc6 1407
Rc 6 1407 with another IC from Stockholm. Train has been switched and cleaned, well sort of and waits for the return to the Royal Capitol next morning. Mora April 2003.

SJ Rc6 1408

Back in Black

In late winter it was evident that SJ was changing colors. The first new paint was in concret gray with darkgrey or back sills and roofs. But on the boxy bodies of engines which design is dating in mid sixties it looked more like the units were wearing a coat of primer.

A special train set which was hauling a rock tour was painted in uniform black with chrome siver graphics and that scheme minus tour info has been chosen for the new and perhaps last paint scheme on SJ engines. Not only engines are repinted this way, all the passanger cars will be painted in black too. This somehow reminds of the elderly steam engines and look rather nice while the paint is shiny. But visibility is I guess an issue in a country where light conditions are poor during winter time.... Mora 2007-02-02.

SJ Rc6 1408
It is easy to believe that the all non X2000 trains to Östersund are hauled by Connex with equipment letterd for SSRT. But Sj does make show also with regular IC trains with Rc5 and cars from the 1980-generation. Here repainted SJ unit does not look as handsome compared to the SSRT units. Ånge 2010-07-11.

SJ Rc6 1408
The Halloween of 2011 is just aday or two away, and the current SJ black will fit in the scene quite nicely. But the days of true traditional consists on the Darlecarlian main line is close to an end. SJ is planning to use the new X3 trainsets, marketed as X3000.s and these will be entire new train according to the marketing but a closer look reveals that they are a IC service adapted four car versions of the regional X50-classes. Still this consist is in fall 2011 unigue as all the cars in the consist are still painted in Blue X scheme, which at this date is a rare sight as the new repanited cars are very common, giving the trains more and more uniform looks, no matter their original service was.
Mora 2011-11-03.

SJ Rc6 1409
Rc 6 1409 in Falun with a reserve trainset for IC train, March 2004.

Three days later, the engine was active as power for a southbound IC from Mora on the day of the Vasa Ski Run 2004.

Note the missmatched set of pantographs. Story on these goes that a small number of the Rc 5.s and equipped on most of the Rc3.s during 1980.s received single strut pantographs as a test for X2000 high speed trainsets. Though some engines still sports this feature, many have received replacement pantographs while in being at shops. Rather than keeping the engine off the road longer than necessary, the engines are decked out with what ever is available. So it is not uncommon to see single struts on even freight engines as RC 2 and Rc 4.s.

The engine at Mora parked with a special consist in the freight tracks of Mora yard. date 27. March 2004.

SJ Rc6 1409
Back in Mora, Rc6 1409 with a just arrived IC train at Mora. During the fall of 2004, date of photo is 23. October by the way, SJ has lost regional services at this line to private Tågkompaniet. But on the other hand added Blue X run at the weekends.
SJ Rc6 1409
Rc6 1409 in Mora 19. September 2004. As usual the SJ unit is the power for a IC-run for Stockholm.

SJ Rc6 1409
Only a few weks later the leafs has turned in to full autumn colors, but the Rc 6 1409 is back in town and parked with its consist on the eastern end of the yard. The train sets are pre heated, and this is very nice touch during the winters, when the temperature can be very cold.
SJ Rc6 1409
As it was the last engine repainted in to the Blue X paint of very sporty dark blue with red trim, it now is the sole engine in this paint as the others are now repainted in black. Personally I prefer this paint over the black. Mora 2010-02-21.

SJ Rc6 1410
Rc6 1410 in Mora September 2004. It is only an hour before departure on a sunday afternoon.

SJ Rc6 1410
Rc6 1410 is parked at very same spot as in images seen above. The winter is finally here. Compared from the view in september, the engine sports now two single strut pantographs and is about to ready to roll. Mora 29th January 2005.
SJ Rc6 1411
Rc 6 1411 at Stockholm Central.

Rc6 1412
Rc6 1412 as head power for a specialtrain in Mora 22/2 2003. More info on this train? just click on the link Wasa Ski Run Special at left.

Rc6 1412
"No pal, It ain't primer.." Rc6 1412 was repainted in same gray along few passanger cars before another stealt color, an uniform black was selected as the new standard color for SJ. This seems to mark end of the SJ Blue era, though neither grey or the new "Blackbird" paint is not as hand some as the Blue X colors. But it is kind of strange choises saftywise for a country where fog and darkness is not entirely uncommon to choose pale gray and black as its colors... Mora 2007-12-06

SJ Rc6 1412
Rc6 1412 in Mora 20th December 2004. The december snow has had trouble to stay on the ground enough to be able to give an traditional cristmass card setting but on the 20th, a small blizzard gave few inches of snow. During the weekends it is common to find one or two IC-sets staying over night at the yard in Mora.

SJ Rc6 1412
After the last hockey gasme of the season on my way back home in the heavy snowstorm I noticed that one of the rare gray painted Rc6.s was on charge for the morning train to Stockholm. Though the weather conditions were less than perfect I did not want to pass this up. Mora, 2009-03-04.
SJ Rc6 1413
Rc6 1413 as head power for a IC-run for Stockholm at the sun down of March 2004

SJ Rc6 1413
Rc6 1413 is caught here during a run around move, right after arrival to Mora. Date 4th of December 2004. In the image seen below, the unit is enjoying arest in Falun in August same year.
SJ Rc6 1414
A view of the Rc6 1414 in Mora while resting with a intercity consist in Mora may 1999. Some of the engines were delivered with a singelarmed pantograph for the testing for the new X-2000 highspeedtrains. All of the Rc engines are rated for 4 500 hp.

There have been a discussion aroud Rocos modell of this very unit, whether it should have been with single strut pantographs. But when this picture was taken the modell is correct on this aspect.

SJ Rc6 1414
Images of the prototype of a Roco model of SJ Rc 6 1414

In 2002 Roco started to sell their model of this engine which by the time looked like the image above. With a pair of single strut pantographs, and earlier version of lettering with Hagalund spelled out on the sills. In the New Years Eve of 2004, the engine was back once again in Mora, There have been a little changes since then. The pantographs are replaced by earlier scissors type and the "Hagalund" is no longer flanking on the sides..

SJ Rc6 1414
I am one of those guys who find it's intersting to nail a prototype of a model I own. So is with this Rc6 1414, which was produced by Roco. The unit was visiting Mora 5th of June 2005.

SJ Rc6 1415
Night rest for a Stockholm bound consist in Mora 3. of March 2003 with Rc 6 1415 in the lead.
SJ Rc6 1416
Rc6 1416 is enjoying the rest for the night before a morning run from Mora to Stockholm, Date: 16. May 2004.

SJ Rc6 1417
The highest numbered Rc not repainted to th Blue-X scheme is the Rc 6 1417 seen here just arrived at Mora, September 2003.

The same unit in Christmas card setting, on the same track after a run around in December 2003. During this time of year, the daylight is limited to a few hours, and though it is only a a hour or two after noon, it is getting darker.

SJ RC6 1417
Rc 6 1417 again, this time in the Mora 28th of November 2004...

...and once again, this time in May 2004.

SJ RC6 1417
Rc 6 1417 seems to be fond of cameras, this time at Storlien, the highest station of Sweden close to the border to Norway The border crossing means change of power as the line from here to Trondeheim, Norway is unelectrified. 31 May 2004...

.. and in Falun 2.nd July 2004.

SJ RC6 1417
Guess who is back in town? Well Rc 6 1417 is having a time off, as it waiting for to be switched to the platform tracks in Mora before loading passangers for a trip to the Royal Capital. As the date 26/11 2004, is the begining of the holiday season the consist of a A7, BFS 9 and three B7.s have received an additional car or two.

It seems that the earlier phases of the blue paint on the first class cars is to be fade away, as it has done allready on the second class cars and been replaced with the scheme introduced by the pool of cars used for the short lived InterRegio service.

SJ RC6 1417
SJ has had a habit to promote a tour rock concerts with popular swedish rock stars. They are using a special train to transport the artists to the venues. The 2006 edition of these the complete train was repainted in black with white special graphics to dispaly the name of the artists on the asigned engine Rc6 1417, while the coaches of 1980-generation on this train got extra lettering Rocktåget plus the black train. Now in November 2006 it is now rumoured that the future colors of SJ engine would be black. The trains cars and the engine are now running on the system without being repainted. Though one engine was earlier repainted in to the same gray as the EMU.s. Well, the future will tell. Mora 2006-11-03.

SJ RC6 1417
It is close to the Christmass and every friday before Christmass I take a trip to Stockholm. The power for the train south was the original Blackbird Rc1417 which has lost its rock tour graphics and is now a prototype for the new repaints. It does look classy with its chrome logos but I guess they could have come p with more. On the return trip I had a chance to ride the same consist but my ticket seemed to be have uppgraded for the first class car riding right after the engine. Stockholm C 22/12 2007.

SJ RC6 1422
The spring has arrived in Mora at the end of the March 2012. I was having an early lunch and caught this IC-train arrive to its destination. The black has become more and more dominating and have been able to keep its shine suprisinly well. One of the repaints is the very last RC electric ever constructed the Rc6 1422 which had the honours to close the book on Rc unit construction which begun with Rc1 1007 back in the late sixties. Who would have forseen the fact that this might be the very last electric engine constructed for SJ and the boxy shaped cars of the 1980 type will most likely be last of it kind too? SJ has ordered new train sets allright, but they are EMU.s like the X2, X40 and the more recent X50 family which is extenede with a new second generation IC trainsets to supplement to the now pretty worn X2.s. Still I prefer trains looking like this and noone can arque over this type of trains flexibility. If something breaks, just uncouple it and replace with another engine or a car and send the offending piece of equipment to the shop to be fixed instead the whole train. Mora 2012-03-30
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