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(Passanger units)

Rc3 1041
The RC3.s and RC6.s are used on all kinds of passanger runs. Here is Rc3 1041 has arrived in Mora. After loading off its passengers and the cleaning the consist is switched to storage tracks during the weekends.
Rc3 1046
The RC3.s and RC6.s are used on all kinds of passenger runs. Here is Rc3 1046 waiting for departure for Stockholm on a IC run. Note the special decor on the exebition car, a former A2 built in the sixites.
Rc3 1046
Sitting in the track one in Mora 21/2 2003, with a specialtrain.
Rc3 1047
The Rc3 1046 was found waiting for attention at the shops in Örebro in April 2007. The chanses are pretty big that the unit will return to service wearing the new black scheeme. Örebro 2007-04-13.
SJ Rc3 1049
In March 2003, it became clear that SJ was in finacial trouble but still carried out business as usual. Newly washed Rc3 1049 in Mora.
SJ Rc3 1050
In the first of April 2003 the Rc3 1050 approaches to Avesta-Krylbo with an IC-train for Falun .
SJ Rc3 1050
Rc3 1050 feeling a bit lonely among its freight hauling sisters at Borlänge. 2004-05-02 Borlänge.

SJ Rc3 1050
A repainted Rc3 1050 in its new tuxido scheme is waiting for a run with an IC consist to Stockholm. As usual the train has a mixed colors as the passaenger cars are now atleast 4 schemes, but the repaint to black is in full speed. Now allmost one third of the cars seen on consists are black. Mora 2010-01-27.

SJ Rc3 1051
In the last rays of light of the beautyful but early summer day of 8. May 2004, the Rc 3 1051 sports a new feature. The train travel has been awarded to wear the Enviromental Choise logo on the engines just under the doorless side of the cabs.

SJ Rc3 1051
A rather unusual find, a SJ Rc3 1051, in my favorite train wathcing site, Dombås Norway and running freight... The story is even more interestimng as it is a second unit on a freight lead by a MaK owned ex NSB Di6. The trains are cut in two and the electric will head the most of the consist over the Dovre mountain to Trondheim, while the mighty diesel has a few cars of few containers and automobiles to Åndalsnes. Dombås 2009-06-15.

SJ Rc3 1052
A battle weary Rc3 1052 is sitting as a reserve power at Falun. Many of the engines have been repainted in the current black scheme and I guess this unit will be next in line, i f not it is to be withdrawn in favour for another set of EMU.s. Falun, 2009-09-12.

SJ Rc3 1056
Once very common on the line to Mora but in 2007 a rare bird, Rc3 1053 in Mora.
Mora 2007-01-29.

SJ Rc3 1056
Late winter pics on Rc3 1056 with consist about to leave for Stockholm in 3. March 2003.

The last image is from the following summer as a T44 is used to turn the engine to opposing end for the return run. This type of switching is usual during the weekends when the return run is on a next day.

SJ Rc3 1057
Blue Rc3 1057 is arriving from Stockholm to Mora with another weekend IC run in April 2004.
SJ Rc3 1057
Blue Rc3 1057 in Mora with a IC train for Stockholm. The Rc3.s are Rc2.s with gearing to 160 km/h instead of 135 km/h as for the Rc2.s.
SJ Rc3 1058
Just a hour before a snowstorm in 17. January 2004, the Rc3 1058 sits at the track one in Mora with a typical IC trainset.

SJ Rc3 1057
In 2010 Rc3 1057 is one of the units that has received the new glossy black tuxido paint. But today it is on less respectable duty of hauling as a lease unit a load of timber for the operator Tågkraft. The unit seemed to developed some bugs as it sat on this track for days before being rescued by a sister unit and hauled back south with load of timbers. Mora 2010-03-11.
SJ Rc3 1059
In the first of April 2003 the Rc3 1059 just arrived to Stockholm Central with a IC-train from Dalecarlia.

SJ Rc3 1059

SJ Rc3 1059 & GC Rc2 1103
There is something wrong here, A Rc with a IBAB freight and by second glance it is a SJ passanger unit , not a Green Gargo unit. In 2005 the elderly Rc3.s are a bit unusual on Dalecarlian main line. As IBAB.s own Ma was not available Sj leased a surplus? unit to haul this heavy train.

SJ Rc3 1059
Now adays in 2006, to see a Rc3 is a rare sighting, but here one unit Rc3 1057 is located in Falun in of March 2006.
Rc3 1061
Weekend lull in the february in 2003 in Falun.
SJ Rc3 1062
Rc3 1062 as the second unit on a Wasa skirun Spcial in 22/2 2003. The consist was 18 passengercars, mostly Slovakian couchette cars. Note that this is one of few among the Rc.s with singel strut pantographs.

SJ Rc3 1064
The Rc3.s which is the samllest groups of Rc.s except for the Rm class, are very rare on the Dalecarlian services, still I spotted this staying the night in Mora. Mora 2009-04-12.

SJ Rc3 1066
Rc3 1066 in Mora at the first day of February of the year 2004. This day was perfect lit day for taking pictures. Naturally, also a busy day for anything else but for shooting trains. But never the less I squeezed enough time for these three.

SJ Rc3 1067
Rc 3 1067 has jsut arrived with a weekend IC train from Stockholm. In Mora a quick switching with the unit assisted by GC T44 407, befor the crew will call for the day. 5th. of April 2003 in Mora.
RC3 and X2000
This the both equipment of Swedish IC-trains used today. A X2000 and a RC 3 with its typical set of cars mainly dating from the 80-es in Mora in 2000.
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