Some of its engines and passanger cars


TKAB Rc6 1
TÅGab.s first unit Rc6-1 in the new red scheme on display in the openhouse day in Railroad museum in Gävle in August 2002.

TKAB Rc6 1.
It is amaizing how thing change and fast. About a year later TÅab had lost much of its traffic to lower biding Connex, but still retains more regional type of operation up north, consists of of Rc or its ex NSB-sisters of El16 class and a handful repainted ex SJ ex. IR cars and former NSB B3.s and A2.s. At saturday night the #1 is sitting with its consist of a B9 and BFS 9 tucked away untill the week day operations.

TKAB Rc6 2.
Of the modest fleet of Rc 6.s only the number 1, received so far the new flashy red paint. The others look more like this, eith a great economical version with new set of decals including a telephone number that is hard to miss.

TKAB El16 19.
Tågkompaniet runs passanger trains in their striking red equipment. Here El16 19 arrives 15 minutes late to Östersund. 31. May 2004.

TKAB El16 24.
One the other hand the ex. Rc 4 cousinds from NSB have been repainted in the new schems. They are what you could call Phase one versions of the NSB engines, the later ones still roams with freight in Norway. Except for the sloping noses and new set of ventilators they are a slighter powerful kissing cousins to SJ/GC Rc4 fleet.

Passanger cars

Tågab received a number of ex NSB B3 class generation cars for the service on Midlinjen (Mid Line) The cars has been repainted to Tågab.s current livery in red with a large logo in the middle. Noteworthy is the fact that they also have 2 of the five full 1.st class cars of B3 generation, A2.s NSB ever owned.

A pair of A2.s basks in the sun at the roundhouse and shop area at Ånge. Date; 31. May 2004.

they also have a numbder of ex SJ B9 and BFS 9.s. Both types are modified standard B7.s B9.s have new interiour for the SJ.s former Interregio-scheme, while the BFS 9.s are more modified and rebuilt to a 2.nd-class, baggage and service cars. The service s mostly a info desk, and traincrew compartment.
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