A day at the races...!

The Rc.s in sudden shows a rainbow of colors....
GG Rc1 1015
Green Gargos Rc2 1015 in Borlänge.

GG Rc2 1070
Green Gargos Rc2 1070 in Mora in fall 2002.

SJ Rc6 1381
SJ.s Rc 6 1381 in very same day in Mora

GG Rc2 1041
Rc3 1043 in Falun 2002.

SJ Rc6 1419
Rc6 1419 in Mora 2003.

Rc4 1262
The image here is for comparison with the later scemes. The scheme is orginal albeit the new logo on front.

Rc.s Maidens of all dutys in Sweden...

The first of these engines #1007 arrived in 1967 decked out in orange with narrow white stripe. Eventually the engine developed in to more than 350 units in 8 subclasses, Rc1-Rc6, Rm, for the iron ore line and the last 3 of the Rc6.s were regeared and repainted in darkblue scheme in 2001 along with some rolling stock for use as a reservesets for the X2000. The private lines have so far been rather economical with repanits, simply in most cases redecalled the units with their trademarks. The only engines repainted have been a pair of Rc.s on TÅGAB that repainted one in green to promote their service along the Swedish northcoast. In fall of 2002 they settled for repaint program of bright red on passengercars and engines. By this time the first repainted engine, as been the only freight geared engine in the fleet has handed back to SJ. Along with this new red scheme they have for the interduction also repainted some of their passenger cars in this scheme. Earlier when they purchased four of the ex DB.s ex Rheingold/Rheinpheil dome cars they repainted them in cream and green liver and the ex Wagon Litz cars to close of the scheme they wore orginally.

Now when the former SJ has been devided on two separate companies, SJ runs the passenger services and the freight section is now called as Green Gargo. Green Gargo has started to repaint their Rc1.s, Rc2.s and Rc4s in their own scheme. But there are still a quite a number of units that are decked out in earlier schemes, albeit having GG.s decals on them. This gives the SWedish railscene a bit of needed variation at least in color.

To give the scenes more variation the former Austrian 1043-class engines were sold to Sweden. Aswell with some of the NSB.s El16.s to Tågåkeriet and for the Banverket, the latter is responsible for the maintainence of tha lines an have own scheme in yellow. Tågåkeriets equipment are decked out in rather handsome silver and red.

All this makes the rather boring standrd looking power a bit of variation in color.
TKAB Rc6 1
TÅGab.s first unit Rc6-1 in the new red scheme on display in the openhouse day in Railroad museum in Gävle in August 2002.
SJ Rc2 1338
There is nothing extraordinary about this engine, except that a model of this unit Rc6 1338 was offered by Roco. I included it as help for owners of the model to check out details. It was also displayed in Gävle. It is allways nice to capture something you have as model with the camera....
SJ Rc6 1398
Just another view, now on Rc6 1398 in Falun with a typical IC-consist for the region of A7, B5, B8, B2 and a pair of B7.s. IC-trains from Stockholm to Falun and Mora do not feature dinercars, unless it is a train during the famous Wasa Skirace first week of March.
GG Rc4 1268
The Green Gargos Rc4 1268 also in display in Gävle in the new paint. There are at least acouple of variations one with green roof and one with darkgrey roof.
SJ Rc7 1422
This the very last Rc built 1422, repainted and regeared for the reservesets for X2000 that seems to have problems with availability. Usually they hall a five car sets of cars in same paint scheme. But occationally hauls regular IC trains. The last two 1421-1422 were regeared for 180 km/h, while 1420 only repainted but kept the 160 km/h gearing. Click here to images of the matching cars for the Blue X cars!
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