Swedish Diesels - Nohabs.

TMX 1012 in BSM scheme.
In the early years it was common to see BSN units on the container unit trains, but when BSM quit the business, it sold its rolling stock to another operator,BK-tåg. BSM did not spend their money on fancy paintjobs, rather putting mostly new decals on the former DSB livery. One engine was how ever completly repainetd another, this one only the cabs were repainted. Today this engines is sprting a blue turqouise scheme of BK-tåg and no longer operates in Mora area. Picture taken in Mora in 1996

In this early November day the 6th in 2004 TMX 1013 is having a easy day as it is prepared to run light to Östersund. The container trains are increasing in size and tjere are quite a few log runs on this date but most of the hauling is handled by a later generation of Mighty NoHabs, a former DSB 3000 hp Mz-class unit that is enough power to handle the heavy trains by herself. There have been rumours that 1013 is not active unit and to be cannibalized to keep the sisters running, but still it was active unit in this wet saturday afternoon.

January is a busy season for InlandGods and 2005 is not an exception as they also haul blocks of lumber to the mills along the line. During winter 2004 -2005 at least two of IBAB TMX.s are active 1013 and 1014. together with some leased power, TGOJ ex DSB MY 1153, InlandGods own unit and the big TMZ seen last winter. No of hood units like T43.s or T44.s has not been on the line so far. Date 3.th January 2005.

A trio of winter operations in December of 2002, with IBAB TMX #1014 and 1013 waiting for the departure for Sweg with load of empty containers and loads of pulpwood. TMX units are second hand ex Danish MX units. The TMX is a light axleloading version of the MY engines common untill few years ago in Denmark. IBAB does not own any of MY.s or TMY.s as they are called in Sweden, never the less leased TMY.s are quite common on the freights together with the four TMX.s the conpany own. Along the more common leased power are T 43.s from TGOJ.

This winter series of images shows the tough condition for the units during at least 5 months each year. It seem to be that the veterans seem to have rather high availability. During the very cold days, a third unit is sometimes added, making these trains a must see for railfans. By the way a H0 model of this unit minus graffiti is offered by Heljan.

Bantåg TMX 1015
The 1015 was sold of from IBAB to a new opertator, specializing in MoW services. Here the unit is resting with a consist of old flatcars loaded with rail and concrete ties in Mora 30th of October 2004. Note that the IBAB lettering has been removed but still the unit is otherwise in full dress of its former owner.

TGOJ My 1157 - IBAB TMX 1013
In the evening of 4th of August 2004 the light was barely enough to be able to shoot the Inlandline unit container run. During 2004 the power of this train has been a single TMZ, or a couple of any early Nohabs. But today it was perhaps first time to see IBAB 1013 running on its own rail, the other unit is an another ex dane Nohab the TGOJ My 1157, that was common to see on the line during late fall 2003.

IBAB TMX 1013.
TMX 1016 in 2004.
Date is 16th of August 2006. During this time IBAB ran some of the heaviest timber trains in decades. These trains were heavy enough to use two NoHABs. In this case 1014 and 1013 has been brought to halt in Orsa,

TMX 1014
During the summers the freights on Inland line is just pulpwood and seen here only one engine is enough for this service. Here #1014 is leaving for Sveg.
I March 0f 2003, IBAB TMX 1014 is parked in Mora. The container unittrains becomes shorter and a single unit is enough to haul an entiretrain. The train next day consisted only of 10 cars, instead of usual 18-24 cars.

The same unit in Mora in mid july 2003, when suddently the venerable NoHabs had become rare. at least it is sporting new paint.

Summer passanger runs on the Inland line
During the summer of of 2003, the passanger service saw some more changes. Like in 2002, the railcars were gone, and replaced by a TMX and a few cars, mainly leased from surplus storages of SJ. The typical consist was a pair of A2 first class cars, followed by a B5, with compartment for the train crew, and IBAB.s own converted ex.SJ B3 foodservice/coach and a pair of of four wheeled power cars. The most typical power was 1016, which was repainted in to a new version of red and gray and 1014 recently repainted in old scheme, but for a week a leased T43 filled in making a first time for a T43 on these summer passanger runs.

For a several years IBAB owned a small fleet of ex. SJ B3 coaches that was sold to a rail preserving group located in Orsa, and the plans are to in future run the passanger runs with these cars behind a steam engine. The freight operator, Inlandgods went in to bankrupcy during the summer as well, making the freigth service more uncertain. The highways in the area are not in the best shape, and hardly in the todays conditions able to handle the increased number of trucks, without a major upgrade. While it is pretty much uncertain to pour millions to keep the railroad, which sees only a pair of heavy freights daily on the isolated line, as usual and many times before, the southern part is again very close to abandoment.

Ibab TMx 1014.
The operations on Inland Line during summer 2004.
During the summer of 2004, the tourist trains were once again a domain of the refurbished or rebuilt Y1-class railcars. Tmy NoHaB.s were sparesly used for MoW-service and a few pulpwood runs. Unfortunally the engine used on these runs #1014 was looking pretty worndown as it has been target of graffiti.

Here 8. of August 2004, in west end of the yard in Mora, TMX 1014 has been a target of some graffiti on its nose. But that does not mean the engine is not permitted for hauling a set of empty lumbercars to a timber terminal. The timber traffic flow is in both ways, as the mills are balancing their stock of raw timber to the mills that needs fresh timber most.

In 18. September 2004 IBAB TMX is making a light run northbound in Mora. The light run is usual during the lull of traffic untill the temperature creaps down to the freezing point and the unit trains start to roll for the large power plants in south.

IBAB TMX 1014-TMY 1132

Battling up the grade

It is 30th April 2005 and a rare day time run of unit train of containers battling up a long and severe grade to Sweg caught at Tallhed some 11 kilometers north of Orsa. Todays power is IBAB.s own 12 cylinder EMD 567 powered 1014 with a 16 cylinder cousin, formely? owned by the lines freight operator InlandGods TMY 1132. These train usually runs unscheduled but after day light hours in winter season and making a bit hard to shoot on the southern portion of the line.

I am having a new camera, which gives me an opportunity to shoot series of images of this, I missed the train in Mora but did beat the train at Tallhed, without speeding.

IBAB TMX 1014.
As two of the three remaining IBAB TMX are repainted in to new Grand Nordic scheme, the TMX 1014 is still wearing wine red and grey. Here as a third unit in an unusual three unit lash up in Mora 3th of September 2005.

IBAB TMX 1014.
The business has been good for InlandGods on the Inland Line. The last remaining red IBAB unit has been busy with timber runs as the heavy container runs are now domains of the 16 cylinder version of InlandgGods own 16 cylinder versions or leased TMZ units.
Mora 2007-03-15.

IBAB TMX 1014.
During the spring the freight pattern for the Inland Line changes as during the summer months the line is mostly hauling timber and one of the older NoHab.s will be enough to provide more thn enough power for these trains. But April is sort of twilight with both trains hauling timber and the container runs are heavy enough to be hauled in a separate trains.
Mora 2007-04-17.

IBAB TMX 1014, TMX 104 & TMX 1016.
So you really thought that the Swedish rails doe not be able to offer something pretty amaizing? One of the rail fan favorites are the unit container trains on the Inland line. Being heavy and usually hauled by Nohab.s, these are been reported along time on the various rail fan sites and forums. IBAB bought 4 TMX units and sold one off to the Bantåget a few years ago, but appearrently it was not a goo decition as the company got short of power as the winter of 2009 and 2009 was severe. The company bought the TMX 104 from Tågab, which is the former DSB MX 1021, which was repainted in very special paint for trials with ATC in Denmark. The eninge still wears that very special paint. Of the orignal IBAB units 1014 is the sole unit wearing its rather attractive maroon and light greay paint while the sisters 1016, seen here and 1013 is repainted for the Grand Nordic paint for the cruise trains on the line., There the three engines in different paint is looking like something a modellers collection has just brought in the heavy container train to Mora. Mora 2009-03-27.

More photos, check out on Features or follow the link here Tågab TMX 104, IBAB TMX 1016 or IBAB TMX 1014

TMX 1014 is still in the IBAB.s orignal red paint while two remaining of the original fleet has been repainted in to blue to match the passanger cars of the IBAB. Still it looks good though the paint must be more than a decade old and now the red paint is minority as the growing fleet of IBAB units with a four ex Ofotenbanen Di3.s and a number of T43 from variouts operators and paint has invaded the longest regional road in the Scandinavia. Sveg 2011-09-24.
ex. IBAB TMX 1015
I May 0f 2003, ex IBAB TMX 1015, now operated by Bantåg is parked in MOra with a consist of IBAB painted short passenger consist. The battered unit has a fresh looking paint, compared with its IBAB sisters in 2003.

Bantåg TMX 1015
Since last spotting the engine has been repainted in to yellow and appearently been parked on asiding for a while. This latter is just a guess based on the grafitti. The engine was hauling with a larger sister TMY 1153 also decked out with "decoration" a strange kind of a lumber train, consisted by short heavy duty coil flat cars equipped with stakes. Here I was lucky to catch it as the TMX 1015 was grinding a short strtch on its former home roads rails in Mora. The photos below as the engines are about to pass the former station of Selja Långlet, which is completely torn up. Mora & Selja-Långlet, 2009-03-18.

Summer passanger runs on the Inland line part II
Though the images are pretty identical to above, I would like to share them with you. Comparing the active units, you will see slight changes on their paintschemes. 1014 above is a recent repaint, yet in combination of old & new. Older darker shade of wine red and the newer and larger lettering, while the 1016 shown here has slightly more bright red color.

IBAB TMX 1016.
TMX 1016 switching at Mora-Noret.

The quartette of red TMX.es has split and the only unit on the property is TMX 1016. The othewr units are leased power from different sources, like TGOJ TMY, BV T43.s and most recently a TMZ 1413. See more on the feature "The Great Dane" at left. The 1016 is seen here swithching at the cramped loading area of a large sawmill near Mora. date 11.th February 2004.

IBAB TMX 1016.
The engine is back at the same duty a year and 11 days later. In other words, it is now 22 of February 2005 and the battered unit was indeed looking nice in the sunshine. The allmost daily duty of the unit consists of light unit train service of timber from different saw plants. You could think of hauling the loaded trains one way and returning with a empty train set. But as the Siljansågen is a major customer, it needs to balance their stock of timber with the companys other sawmills in various parts of Dalecarlia and all the way north to Sveg. In Mora the engine is also used to switch its trains in and out the mill in Mora
IBAB TMX 1016.
TMX 1016 in old scheme.
The most unusual in later years in the southern part of Inlandline of IBAB TMX.s is the 1016, which here is seen in its earlier IBAB scheme which was identical to the 1013-1015. The unit was the standard power on the southern part trains, but was replaced by 1013 and 1014. Picture taken in Mora in 1996

IBAB TMX 1016.
TMX 1016 in 2004.
At the shop area after hauling a rail fan special, the IBAB TMX 1016 enjoys the sunny afternoon at the IBAB Roundhouse and shop area in Östersund in 31. May 2004.

IBAB TMX 1016.
As the temperature starts to be below the freezing point on a thermometer, the container trains to the power plants get really heavy. One of the novelties of fall and early winter of 2005 are that the Grand Nordic repainted TMX 1016 is making a living on freight duties aswell and a loaner in form of BV.s large plow engines has been leased to IBAB as power to these trains. The big yellow unit has been spotted in all these trains while band mates have been varied by TMX 1016 and TMY 1154 still in very grimy DSB paint. Mora 9th of December 2005.

IBAB TMX 1016.
The scene is about the same as in above but the date in this very clear morning is 31rd of January 2006. The big heavy , yellow unit is loud, very loud.
TMX 1012 & TMX 1015.
Another view on the same train, at least the power. To say it was a normal and unnormal in sence the engines hauling this train did not really have any usual power, except that TMY.s TMX.s and T43.s are powered by 567 engines.. Now adays, you will most certain find IBAB #1014 in lashups but the secondunit varies..... Picture taken in Mora in 1996

TMX 1016 in new scheme.
Even though it is arelatively small class of four units, there are differences. The last unit #1016 was decked out in a variation of the same scheme as the sisters #1013-1015. The change is in brighter shade of red, and the silver stripes are grey and finally thr lettering in front is in different size.

During the summer of 2002 the usual railcar sets of one to three Y1/YF1 was replaced by this set. The first in the consist is not a baggage car, but actually a diesel powered heater car, the second is IBAB ex. B3 modified as a bar car and finally a pair of leased SJ B1 cars with additional IBAB decals.

See more details in Railscenes by Ollie! section on Inlandlines page of Nohabs.

IBAB TMX 1016.
It is 30.th of April 2005 in Mora and it was a very busy day for IBAB as Mora hosted unusually two day time freights. First TMX 1016 was in charge for a empty pulpwood train to north. The second train which you will see on this page was a rare day time north bound empty container run which usually runs in the evenings, when it is too dark to take decent images.

IBAB TMX 1016.
In a rather suprising way a visual change of IBAB. As a part of a new concept of rail cruises offered to the public the NoHaB veteran and at least one of its sisters have been painted in to this striking blue and light grey. In 13. August 2005 a special extra with refurbished ex SJ A2 class cars, a generation car and a lounge car appearently built by Bautzen and of still unknown orgin were shining bright at the platform track in Orsa.
See more at The special feature of this train!

IBAB TMX 1016.
Don't get fooled by the blue toxido and grey shoes. The TMY 1016 is still a hard worker in freights, here we see it in rather unusual trippel header for a short consist of empty pulpwood cars in Mora in 3th of September 2005. By the way the other units on this lash up was TMY 1157 as lead unit and TMX 1014 as third unit.

IBAB TMX 1016.
As noted before, the "Grand Nordic" units are busy with freight service, as a matter a fact they haul more freight than patrons. Though it is Saturday, 9. October 2005, two of venerable units TMY 1157 and TMX 1016 is coupled together and waiting for access to the yard of Mora at the unbusy Noret yard just a few 100 meters away. The units seem to have stayed over night at the mid sized terminal before rolling home.

IBAB TMX 1016.
IBAB TMX 1016 is entering the yard in Mora with a cut of empty flat cars to be loaded with timber.
2007-06-04 Mora

GC T44 337 - IBAB TMX 1016
During the winter of 2003-2004 the IBAB units were hard to find, as the Inlandgods was no more and the trustor used leased power for the container unit trains. Mostly common was TGOJ Tmy.s in DSB in paint or a TMZ. How ever during March, both 1014 and 1016 was seen on the service as the the tonnage started to drop.

IBAB TMX 1014 and 1015
IBAB Modelling pics on 1014 and 1015.
When Heljan annouced that they were about to make a 1/87 scale model of IBAB units I wanted to take few pictures of details on the real thing. so one afternoon with right light I got these.

TMX 1015 detailshots

BK-tåg TMX 1024
In fall of 2003, the Inland line started to see more changes, the freight operator, Inlandgods went in to a banknrupty, and the wine red TMX, were leased of to other operators, the dwindled trafic was handeled by leased power, like TGOJ T43.s. But during the first signs of on coming winter, with increased loads to power plants, BK-tågs TMX 1024 arrived to haul these trains, and provide new color as it is dressed in BK.s own scheme. The swedish private operators seem to b a haven for these 12 cylinder 567-powered ex.DSB NoHabs. There are least four operators that uses TMX.s including IBAB, Tågåkeriet, and BK-tåg. During the summer ex. NSB scrap load condolas showed up, and are currently used to fill the gaps from ex. Inlandgods own equipment, that seem to have left the property. Photo: Mora 27th October 2003

Tågkraft TMX 1031
I have seen this unit in Mora a few times before, either leased to IBAB or hauling timber with its own train. But finally she was sitting on the yard for these photos. The unit sports logos found on Nohab Di3.3623 Nohab on the noses ibut the paint sceme is an variation with a sporty orange red in stead of forrest green. Sweden has become an eldorado on these now elderly ex danish units and this Tågkraft TMX 1031 adds a even more color to the motley fleet. The operation is interesting as from Mora the train is pulled away with electrics, which is anything from SJ.s elderly passenger units of Rc3.s to high tech TRAXX leaser units from the German company MGW-Service. Mora 2010-03-10

InlandsGods TMY 1104
Today the unit Container train from Sveg reminded what was common a few years ago when IBAB units dominated the train. These are the heavier TMY.s of the freight operator InlandGods and the units are ex DSB My 1104 and My 1157, that has been take over from TGoj.s leasing pool. Mora 2007-02-14.

Vägverket TMY 1122

Soo Line alive in Sweden?

One of the most rare trains around Mora is the annual gravel train for the Vägverket, responsable for the nations roadwork, anything from country roads to free ways. The gravel is loaded on special 10 foot containers looking like a portion of a hopper car. The containers are loaded on the very ends off the 4 axle flat cars used on this train. The train was crawling along the site of former station of Morkarlby, just north of Mora on Älvdalen line in 2. June 2005.

Vägverket TMY 1122
In rather motley looking consist of this TMY with TMZ 1403. the pair of different generation of NoHaB power is switching its consist in Orsa in 17th of September 2005.

InlandGods TMY 1132 & IBAB TMX 1014
If Green Cargo seem to loose some business in Northern Dalacarlia, Inland Gods seem to gain some. Today, 29th of November at noon, a venerable pair of 16 cylinder and 12 cylinder Nohabs will lead a short cut of empty log cars to north from Mora. The lead unit is no stranger on the line or in this gallery of pictures, but the second unit, the InlandGods only own Nohab TMY 1132 has been able to be only encountered by me when I have not having a camera, and when I finally caught it, it is camouflagued in graffiti and looking pretty worn. Never the less, the engines left in a hurry, and the light load gave the engines more or less a sport car accleration out of the yard limits. Later that evening the white Nohab lead a heavy container train to south with the IBAB 1014 as a second unit in the consist. The job has been usually reserved for much heavier TMZ, which seem to been temporary in the shops.

InlandGods TMY 1132
Perhaps the most unusual of the NoHab.s in Sweden is Inlandgods own unit 1132. The unit has been modified by the shops of Tågåkeriet in Kristinehamn, which is greatly influenced by their own modified units, shopped by NSB, yet retaining switching platforms added in late days of DSB years to a number of units. The date of catching this very ilusive or at least camera shy unit 4.th of May 2005 in Mora.

InlandGods TMY 1132
The otherwise shy unit is busy in Mora area in May 2005. While the Norwy is celebrating their say of independence in 17.th, TMY 1132 is switching loads of lumber at the saw mill in Mora-Noret. Unfortunally it is now pretty hard to see its actually scheme as the unit has had a paint job of graffiti, too bad!

Vägverket TMY 1134
The other unit seen on the special gravel train seen above is TMY 1134.

Vägverket TMY 1134
The allmost SOO line painted units seem to be leased to other duties, here TMY 1134 and a leased T43 from Banverket is waiting for their turn the mainline in Orsa on third day of September 2005. Though both units look so different, both use EMD 567.s as prime movers. ON the ex DSB TMY is powered by a 16 cylinder version while the husky looking four axle unit sports a 12 cylinder version.

InaldsGods TMY 1150
One of the absolute favorites of mine on Swedish rails are the UNpainted but weathered ex DSB units now used as lease units by TGOJ. Many people hates this scheme and prefers the old and original version in maroon. But you got to love the business looks and in combination of grime on these now unfortunally elderly units. Today, out of nowwhere the unit showed up and assisted TMZ 1413 with a container train from Sweg. Date 6th of March 2005 in Mora.

Ex. InlandsGods TMY 1150
One of these mysterious trains with interesting power. This time a TMY, last known now defunct InlandGods on its former home rails with a short consit of 15 or so timber cars in Mora. Mora 2009-04-15.

Ex. InlandsGods TMY 1150
Here another log train form Älvdalen to Mora and waiting for its departure to somewhere. Too bad that I had a lunch our as I would not minded follow it which way it went with its consist of ex coil cars with timber stachions. Mora 2009-04-20.

TMY 1153
The very grafitti "decorated" TMY 1154 in ex DSB paint is a second unit with Bantågets TMX 1014 on a strange consist of coil flatcars with stakes for timber hauling just south of former site of the station Selja-Långlet on the line to Älvdalen. Selja-Långlet 2009-03-18.

The remaining traffic on the operations of the former InlandGods, is still heavy during the chillier part of the year, and the new operation sees a lot of leased power. The TGOJ has joined to party of hosting ex, DSB NoHabs including this in allmost intact DSB livery and markings. The engine is still numbered as MY 1157, instead of being relettered to an TMY. The engine is part of the group of DSB MY.s that received switching platforms on the buffers. Photo 30.th November 2003 in Mora.


TGOJ TMY 1157 is still working on the Inland line and still unrepainted. Here in Mora in 3. September 2005 the venerable unit needs rather badly some new paint, not only cover the graffiti. But the unit is seen here in idle with a pair of smaller TMX sisters in consist of few pulp wood cars out of Mora.

Note that the three units are in different paint, these lash ups was quite common on the heavy container cars during the extreme cold periods during the winters just a few years back. But as the there have not been so severe winters lately and that IBAB also lease a 3000 hp TMZ unit these trippel header NoHab lash ups are very rare.

TMY 1157.
It is time to go to work, but at the only few 100 meters it is red signal. Though there are more MMZ units used up here the IBAB still uses these venerable covered units regulary on the heavy container trains.

InlandGods TMY 1157.
Some of you might argue to upload units that have been hit by some so called grafitti artists. But then again this unit obviously have been wearing this for a long time and I don't think it would be 100% authentic to publish there doctored through the Photoshop. I am not a fan of graffitti, though some are amaizing, but these are not amaizing and it appears that either the owner of this unit or its operator are very fond of these as the engine has been looking like this, minus few tags for atleast a year now. In all this engine, caught in Mora 23 November wears a nice layer of weathering and these shots and on its sister TMY 1156 aseen at the features will be a huge help to modellers who want realistic models.. Now the quizz is who produces those switching platforms for my Roco MY unit?

IBAB 1014 & InlandGods TMY 1157.
After the demise of InlandGods and the beginning of transporting fuel during the late fall the former InlandGods TMY 1157 sat several days at the same spot in Mora. In 20th of october 2007, it had a company of the last red TMX of IBAB the 1014.
2007-10-20 Mora

TMY 1157-TMY 1104.
In the middle of snow storm the pair of vetrans are backing to its heavy consist. The standard power on these trains have been leased single TMZ unit but today fortunally a pair of TMY.s have filled in. Just wondering how much larger will those icecles hang from the roofs will be when the train arrives to its destination...
Mora 2007-02-14.

TMY 101 and 102 made a rather unusual limestone run to Mora 26.th of January 2004.
For more photos click here.

Of TÅGAB units 101 and 106 still looks a lot like they did as the left the NoHaB plant in trollhättan, as they still have full setof 4 doors to the cabs. The unit is most interesting for modellers as both Roco and Heljan have produced a model of this variation.
The TÅGAB units are not that common in northern Dalecarlia as they used to but today, 9th of February 2005 the unit is back in Mora with special unit train of lime for Rättvik. As Rättvik no longer is able to host loading freight cars so the unloading was carried out in Mora and the load was transfered to highway trucks.


TÅGAB TMY 101 - 102

TMY 101 and 102 made a second rather unusual limestone run to Mora 19.th of February 2004.
The train consists of a number of four axle Rs-class flat cars, loaded with plastic bags of poudered lime stone. The train is unloaded at Rättvik some 36 kilometer furhter down the line but as the yard in Rättvik is "streamlined", by other word most of the tracks and sidings were removed. This means that the train had to terminate in Mora instead.
Interesting thing about the engines is the fact that the engine in the lead is much in same looks as it had during its active days by the DSB, while the the engine 102 was overhauled by the NSB, when the unit was leased to handle power shortage during the olympic games of Lillehammer. The cabs were modified same way as on the NSB.s own Nohabs, Di3a.s and Di3b.s, except that the wind shields did not receive bullet proof class.
For more photos from the first lime stone run,click here.

Tågab 101 in Otta
The Jernbaneverket, a national MoW agency handling MoW services owver the Nrwegian network seem to have not enough power to haul their equimpent along the tracks. They do have purchaced one Di3, which they have repainted in saftey yellow, but still leaes when needed power from Tågab. The unit is seen here in mid of a rain at Otta ready to haul a ballast cleaning train in31.st of August 2004.

Before IBAB started to get more units, there were a rainbow of colors on the container trains from Sveg to Mora. Still in arounf 1998 and 20013 all Tågab were common on these runs. The 102 was overhauled by NSB during the Olympic games of Lillehammer 1992.
For more photos click here..

My guess is that Tågab TMY 102 is tagged behind the companies ex Austrian Rc for a ride to an needed overhaul at marieborg Norway.
Fokstua 2008-07-20.

Besides the two GN-painted units, TMY 106 and the T43, the rest of the fleet has a handsome scheme of silver and red scheme as shown here. The TMY.s look all a little different as result of the previous owners the DSB modifications, one has small switching platforms and two have same modifications as the late modell Di3.s on NSB, as NSB leased two units duering the olympic Games in Lillehammer and the part of the deal was appearently that NSB gave the units an overhaul. No, they did not get the humps on the roofs as the Di3.s. This unit and 106 are closed to their orginal appearence on the TMY roster of TÅGAB.
TÅGAB is the largest owner of ex. DSB NoHab power, and owns six engines. One is TMX (12-cylinder) and the rest of them are the larger TMY (16 cylinder). This unit seen in Dombås were used on the annual inspection train in Dombås, Norway. The consist was all swedish, The TMY, Banverkets inspection car and a ex.SJ class Ra.

Tågab TMX104

GC Rc2 1036 & Tågab TMX104
A suprice during the lunch break, DSB repainted a My and a Mx in a special paint for the introduction of ATS. The Mx unit was sold to Tågab and given the number 104. Here the unit has just rolled to Mora, as I guess as the bankrupty of InlandGods, has created a void of transport of container trains full of fuel produced locally to the power plants of the cities of Uppsala and Gävle. AS IBAB is short of dependable power the colorful veteran here is leased to haul these trains. Mora 2007-1027

TMX 104 is still wearing its rather eye catching paint appöied by DSB to highlight the installation of ATC on the Danish National railroad. But it has been operasted by Tågab and now resold to IBAB and it is a common sight with the other TMX.es on the southern part of the southern part of Inland line. Spashing even more to an colorful lash up with IBAB Di3.3632 and IBAB TMX 1914 it seems to handle the season of heavy container trains to Mora. Sveg 2011-09-24.

GN lives in Sweden
On line switching in Orsa in May 2002. One of the TÅGAB.s TMY.s and a T43 was repainted in full GN paint and lettering for movie job, and both have remained in that color ever since. As the single train on mainline pattern of trafic on the line, ATC is a luxery, and the repainted #106 is the sole unit on TÅGAB that does not have ATC. Making her the perfect lease unit for IBAB.
I know that I said it before, the daily container unittrains betweenSveg and Mora are perhaps the one of the most interesting to observe. Hardly run on schedule, which makes it hard to see it everyday, unless you are a mental case and nothing else to than wait for the train pass. I did say it is one daily train...

The power is a rainbow of colors with IBAB.s own darkred and silver as base. To silver and red or GN paint lettering from TÅGAB, Inlandgods own red white and blue, TGOJ.s light green and silver, or its unrepainted in SJ orange and blue, Banverkets lime yellow...... You never know what the power is nextday.

During spring the loads of pulpwood is added to the dwindling number of containers. Te pulpwood movements are bit hard to explain as the loads and empties are heading on both directions. During the winter these are as separate trains, hauled by a leased T43. or sometimes by IBAB.s own TMX. Both as the container loads drops down to a handful, one train will haul both containers and pulpwood. Usually during this season one unit is enough to provide the muscle.

By the way, the second unit is IBAB.s own #1014 and models of the both units have been offered by Heljan in H0-scale. So there are at least two pairs of these both in the area, the second is sitting on a track on my desk, waiting to haul some containers in a future.

A study from March 2003 with TMY 106 on the lead of an empty container run with a T43 as a second unit. During this time the Inland line, was entirely ruled by Nohab cab units with occationally filled up with T43.s from where ever they could get a free rentable unit.

One of these mysterious trains, a north bound timber train with MU-ed TMY and a GC Rc unit?!!! Apperarently Green Cargo is more open to business than before as they now ahul also the container trains south from Mora, which was hauled before private operators.

The star of the show is naturally the movie star engine, the Great Northern painted Tågabs TMY 106, which seem to have had its frame and trucks painted in silver now adays, a flashy add on the GN scheme. Mora 2009-04-19.

IBAB Di3.621
Hopefully this unit was under service as outside I did see the piece of the roof with the namesake hump telling that it was a part of a NSB Di3 and the missing pilot could be the sign that this unit could be cannibalized to keep its sisters running.
Östersund 2012-08-06.

IBAB Di3.323.
Though it is covered in snow as a back up unit for the Vasa Ski Run train, don't let it fool you as this Ofotenbane green painted unit is among a batch of ex Norwegian units that are the most recent accuired units for IBAB. On the southern portion of the Inland line, they are rather rare birds but i have seen occationally running the container unit trains from Sveg to Mora. More close ups on this units, have a look on the feature section. Orsa 2010-02-27.

IBAB Di3.623
A unusual find on the southern part of the Inland line. IBAB had purchased a few of the ex NSB Di.3s from the Ofoten line and they seem to be busy elsewhere as they do nit usually haul the unit container trains from Sveg. Never the less the very international Di3.623 with its sister was parked way before the container train season begun in Sveg. The umiy was one of the five that was supposed to be delivered to the Finnish State Railway, but ended up in Norway with its sisters before the unit was sold to Sweden.
Sveg 2010-07-10.

IBAB Di3.623
A look though the window, turn on the camera and shoot. No flash needed but my hand did not quite cover of the reflection from the sun behind me. Still a shot on one of my favorite diesels!
Östersund 2012-08-06.

IBAB Di3.3629
One of the three former Di3.s in IBAB roster is here parked at the yard of Borlänge. It is leased toanother private operator who has based their operations at Borlänge. Borlänge 2012-04-05.

IBAB Di3.632
The sister unit to Di3.623, iy is among the very last Di3.s built and strange enough it was built when EMD had allready disbanded the prime engines for the new generation prime engine which was found in their 1966-cathalogue. One detail that that is different to Di.3623 is that the unit is just a few inches shorter.
Sveg 2010-07-10.

IBAB Di3.632
Just little over a year later the unit has been modified with switcher platforms and beacons right up on its nose to make the bigg Nohabs in to road switchers. This unit seems to be working hard as the paint is not as prisitine as it was in June 2011. The di3.are pretty uncommon on the southern part of the Inland line but is seen occationally on the daily container runs from September to May from Sveg to Mora. This may be one of the caes why it was lashed up with IBAB.s last red TMX, 1014 and the "grafitti-painted ex DSB and Tågab, now IBAB TMX 104. Sveg 2011-09-24.

IBAB Di3.632
Not the expected choise for switching engines but with added on switching platforms this ex NSB unit will do the job, especially when it is radio controlled and operated remotely by its crew of one. As two crews or sets of IBAB diesels, the other a T43, it seems like IBAB is doing all the switching at the yard of Östersund.
Östersund 2012-06-06.

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