IBAB TMX 1014.

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Ibab TMX 1014
Reason for this feature is that Heljan has released a model of this very engine. The model is very great model, that unforunally shares a common body with all versions of these ex Danish engines. so there are differences compared with the prototype. Unfortunally the finish of this model has also some flaws. The lettering in the noses is abslolutely different, also Heljan has made the model a bit more fancier than the prototype really is. Note that Heljan is the only model producer offering these engines. Roco, Märklin and others offers the 16-cylinder versions.

There is also bit of information here. The TMX (ex.DSB Mx) is actually slightly smaller version of the Nohab bulldog noses. The enine has a twelwe cylinder 567 EMD compared with the TMY.s (DSB My.s and the other versions like the ones in Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary and in later days Sweden and Germany): The arrangement of the air intakes at the middle section and roofs are very much different on TMX/Mx.s compared tho the others. ON tmx/mx.s reminds mor like what could be found on a Alco compared to regular EMD covered wagons. Also these units are a bit shorter than the 16 cylinder sisters giving them a bit huskier looks.

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