Grand Nordic.

New concept for IBAB.

In 2004 IBAB sold of its stock of B3 cars, mainly to Railpreservation group housed in Orsa. After a year with of service with its own and recently required Y1 railcars, the company went for a rather different direction for its passenger service. Rather than offering rather crampy second class cars from the forties, rebuilt in the seventies they use ex. SJ A2. first class cars from the sixties and a pair of lounge/food service cars SJ purchased from DBAG all decked out in rather luxorius looking blue with light grey trucks and undercarriage. TYhe A2.s on these trains are good choise, very spacious, popular cars wit the customers and now refurbished offers a nice ride over the scenic Inland line. IBAB uses these cars with matchingly repainted NoHABs on occational cruise train service from Stockholm over the Inland line to north. The diesels of at least two are repainted to this scheme are also used on freights since the spring of 2005, unfortunally I have spotted when it was too dark to take photos or I did not bring a camera.

On the southern leg Mora-Ístersund the passenger traffic is in hands of repainted and refurbished Y1.s and it is a rare occation to find this set of TMY 1016 with a consist of A2-S12K-A2-A2-Diesel generato car in Orsa. Appearently this was a chartered run as the crew of the train was waiting for their customers on the station platform.

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