Mora in late January 2004.

or just unexpected 15 minutes of action!.

On the 26. of January 2004 I was with a camera to shoot this well maintained B1 in post InterRegio colors, when I encountered this.....

(By the way more images on swedish passanger cars see at "SJ blues" section)

TÅGAB TMY.s 101 and 102
As I parked my car I noticed a string of empty 4-axle Rs flatcars. The train was pulled by a pair of venerable NoHab covered wagons, TÅGAB #102 and 101. The train hauled an unusual shipment of limestone in gigant bags loaded on the decks of the flat cars. The limestone run to this parts of the country feels a bit odd, as Mora, Orsa and Rättvik has lot of limestone quarries and plant but they are all shut down or run irregulary. The trains shipment was for Rättvik, located 36 kilometers south of Mora, but as the operations on the line is "streamlined", a modern term which really means that unused sidings in the yards are just a history. So is the case with the Rättvik yard, which means that the train stayed overnight at Mora. When I arrived for the daily shot of power for the lunch time general freight and that B1. The regional X50 run from Borlänge had allready arrived.

Naturally, the focus of my interest was on the Nohabs. TÅGAB is one of the private operators in Sweden, providing power for freight and even heavy MoW runs in Sweden and Norway. During the Olympic Games of Lillehammer 1992 NSB leased a few of the units and as part of the deal gave the units an overhaul. But some units looks like as DSB used them before selling the units to Sweden, like this unit #101

To make more interest, the two unit consist had one unoverhauled DSB version and one NSB overhauled unit. The #102 has only two cab doors, compared to the #101, which has original four. The side cab windows are of more inslulated version like the rebuilts that ran on NSB. The overhauled units did not received bullet proof windshields like the NSB units.

The paintjob on these units are the most handsome in Sweden, and while being new, the engines were well maintained, but at the closer inspection today, time is running up on these units, some are close to 50 years old.

Note the fairly large hole eaten by the rust on the 102.....

The show started with a IBAB MoW railcar hauling of an rail geomeotry car out of the IBAB property. The Matisa car is self propelling, but seem to have had some kind of failure. It sat out side of the Orsa roundhouse more than 6 months.

X50 3247
The first train to departure was the X50 on the regional run for Borlänge. Todays train set consisted by X50 3247. The daily mixed freight as I call it "Lunch Break Special" leaves about 10 minutes after the EMU.

The IBAB railcar returned for Orsa right after the X50.

GC Rc2 1132
Todays power for the "lunch break special" was GC Rc2 1132, hauling just a few freight cars. During 2004 the business have been slow, and the length of the consist has really gone down.

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