From Trollstigen to Geiranger

Once you have made it to the top of the twisting curves of Trollstigen you end up in a landscape so much different compared a few minutes ago. The trees, bushes and grass has given away in favour for varoius moss that comes in different shapes and colors. The rock walls show signs of the humid cold winters that last a way longer than down in the valleys.

One thing that does look impressive are the high sticks located right along right of way. The height of these gives an impression how deep the snow can get up here on the mountains. The lack of tres does fool your eyes and makes it hard to estimate to scale things to prpoer size. Whatfeels to be so close can be actually a mileas away. Besides the weather conditions do change, dramticly and faster than in the lowlands. So proper footwear and supply of extra clothing is highly recomended if you deside to wander off...
Even stopping your car and opening a window can make you abale to enjoy the cool fresh air and variations in colors, light and shades.

If you never tasted the running water in high mountains, you have never been there. It is very cold, but more refreshing than the still water you will find in those bottles. And it is there absolutly for free....

For a photographer this area provides a wealth of interesting colors, textures and form. Wheter it is sun or a cloudy day, you are able to shoot something very different from you may to use to.
This road is open during the summers and it is not hard to understand why this road is closed during the winters. The steep mountain walls sem to perfect for avelanches during the late winter/early spring.....

A last look on the pass before the long down grade to south. Note what the difference a few rays from the sun does!!!

As we decend slowly, there is a few fast stops to record the strange effect of lights and shadows....

...and the changes in shapes. Moments like this you will remember that we are all just visitors in this splendor. These mountains were long before us here and will be around once we and the following generations are gone. The nature here is very fragile, so be careful and do not litter.

Slowly we decend, the grade is not as severe as on the northern leg, and a lot less dramatic, no twisting curves on narrow roads that hugs the mountain walls. Still the landscapes and colorswill impress for anyone not see this daily. Sheep and cattle does roam on open areas and does taje the advantage of the heat creewated by the paved road. But if a decent block of rock is availabe, it will do the sam job and is a lot safer too..

From here it is hard to believe that you are actually heading down to the sea level, but still we are slowly over the gentle curving road. The wite rock seen on the bluff is I guesss lime stone. Many of the rivers turns in turquise from the limestone in the inland.

Few shots from the highlands down to the fjord by a tiny town of Linge.

A couple of shots from Linge, as usual for towns in Norway the actual size is limed by the huge mountains and how much land there is availabl to construct roads, streets and the various buildings..

Many of the buildings here and else where in the country are white, or dark brown and made of wood.

The fords provide a differnet settings in colors and lights. The incredible mountains high up like giant sentinels up some 1000 meters from the sea.

As the fjord are deep and some pretty wide it is not economical possible to construct bridges. So the sollution to connect the various parts of the road net is by a number of ferries. These does add extra time to your trip and cost a little extra. But the twenty minute boat trip is a well coming break from sitting behind the wheel.

If you thought that the Town of Linge was small, the one across the fjording on the opposite shore is much smaller. a few houses a few stores and few fishing sheds, that is pretty much it all what there is in Eidsdal.

I guess that this house once was a hotel or a boarding house..

..and this house looked a bit interesting. But soon we are way up to the mountains again.

After just a few hairpin curves there is this last view of the fjord and Eidsdal.

Few more images from the same spot..

The most dominating feature before we are ready to see the marvel at Geiranger is this mountain wall some 1850 metres high. I am not sure but I guess the name of it is Korsmyra.

(From Ålesund along road 650) (Geiranger)
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