One of the most impressive places in Norway is Geiranger. Located in deep and narrow fjord, the town have been a favorite of the tourists. The town itself has become a small version of Monte Carlo with upclsaa hotels dominating the town. Some of them are locted at the waterfront while some are klinging by the mountain walls access by narrow roads hairpinning its way high up the mountain. The town sees a lot of sea born visits, some regular like the ferries, but som more spectacular, like the large cruise ships to even the queen of the seas herself, Queen Elisabeth II.

When you enter the town by car from either direction, you are treated to unbelieveable scenes. Here we see the town once the scenry opens from the highlands to the fjord.

Here a tele shot of the entire town, with the some of the hotels.

When leaving or entering from southwest, you are treated with an outstanding view...

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