Classic Car Week 2005.

Rättvik, Sweden

A grand looking Grand Am in the low sun light of 2. of August. 2005
This got to be the lowest HD street bike I ever seem, low and long it was absolute one of the show stoppers tonight.

Old favorite is back again and still I can not figure out its orgin, but I stil guess that the vehicle is a Sude with some Ford body parts attached on it.

To identify these spotless and shining 1957 is not difficult. You should take a look in the engine compartment, spotless and shining!

A '65 Impala coupe in blue suede at a parking.

A Harley with Springer forks does allways qualify as a image in here.

Finally I nailed it, A Dodge Viper, one of THE sexiest cars on this planet. Where is that lottery ticket, did I win? Noooo...!.

The radiacal change of design in GM in 1959 must have taken both Ford and Chystler by suprise, and in early 60.s Ford came up with this that does look a lot like a copy of a GM car.

" gotta take a pic of this car, you hear me? You gotta take one on this, shoot this car... pleeeze!"

A classic side view of a classic car in classic paint. A '65 Musatang in white. I had a Matchbox fastback in this color when I was a kid. A bit fragile I broke several of them they had turning front wheels.

Now this is a classic act, three guys with a Mopar with matching outfit. There is a definetly a trend here with matching clothing to the cars..

The best shot of the night, a '53 Caddie with a railroad freight house in the background. Yes, I am proud

You miss Corvettes, me too so here is one for you, same vintage as I am, 1960.

Front end of an Impala coupe. I have in recent year started to like this model.

A Trans AM from Norway has received new paint, should not be that hard to find it in a parking lot of the mall?

I guess one of these days New Mexico or Texas will definetly be out of bleached out cars as the the flood of them are shipped to Scandinavia. Ilove the battered looks on this car. Unfortunally the salty wind and rain does fare well on these cars so a new paint will be in order pretty soon.

In middle of US cars we should not forget some handsome japanese offerings like this late model Nissan Z 350 in striking yellow.

A couple of good looking GM cars from 1959, an Olds coupe and a sister model of it Impala Coupe.

This fabulous Hudson was for sale!!!.

This 39-40 Tudor with opeings on the hood looked like a candy. Yes, I had some pics of it on earlier galleries and yes more pics will follow on this gallery aswell..

More GM cars from late fifties, a very nice '58 Buick.

If you reduce a V8 by half you get either a straight four cylinder or a V4. Saab, known as much for building fighter planes as cars of rather unconventional designs in the past opted for a V4 when they upgraded SAAB 93 in the mid sixties.

Mid fifties Buicks does have a stroke of mix of sports and elegance as this in maroon and white. Nice change from the classic Chevies.

Somehow more uncommon compared to Impalas or even Bela Airs from 55-57, this four door looks very nice more yeoman version of Chevies offerings of 1958.

The retro styling is in vouge in car industry today, and perhaps the nicest offering is the 2005 model of Mustang that features a ot of design elements from the great days in th past. Here is the first convertible of a 2205 I have seen.

A very nice Firebird convertible from 1967 is allways nice to see.

Some folks get in to the action unvolunterly, i hope that this truck made up for the lost time in Rättvik. At least he had the perfect view to check out the babes..beav... eh

A 65 Impala from my hometown.

Green is the defintely the color of the summer and looks so nice on this Ford Fairlane from the mid fifties.

Before Barracudas became just 'Cudas it was a ordinary Plymonth Valiant with a bit of innovating sloping roof. I guess that the frenzy they caused in puplic caused that the Mustang was soon offered as fastbacks aswell.

A suede grey 59 Chevy 2 door sedan really had that right bandit looks.

One of the top cars was this 55 four door Ford in a stunning finish.

Late fifties Mopars are very nice looking cars, like this Chrystler 4 door HT. here is a pic with one with a beer can and one without.
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