Swedish EMU.s & DMU.s

SL X1 3002
I hardly had time to turn on the camera and shoot this nortbound commuter train with X1 3002 on the lead. X1.s are very grimy, not just outside but also inside, looking a lot like home of an urban guerilla. Årsta 22/12 2006.

SL X1 3014
Big cities seem to have a constant growing pain and as I visit it rather seldom now a days chanches are more appearent each time and just about everywhere there is either repairs or new construction and the paice for me is incredible. Hopefully things will be better for the passangers on this platform while getting of or on the waiting commuter train. Stockholm C 22/12 2006.

SL X1 3056
A typical rush hour set of four X1.s slows for a stop at Ärstaberg in 22/12 2007.

SL X1 3069

SL X1 3017
Since 1970.s the X1 two unit Emu.s have handled the suburban transit units. Fast accelaration and maximum speed of 135 km/h thanks to the fact that half of the power of an Rc engine just hauls two cars. They hve never been a success, though a lot of modifications, a number of rebuilts and some upholstery they still are hauling a bulk of these trains. Few of them have been retired due accidents and arson fires and there for they have been added with later generation X10.s which contrarary to X1.s also are found on mass transportation duties in Gothenburg and Malmö area. Some 35 years later the venerable X1,s are now pretty snow proof but in their twilight, to ease some shortage SL bought some retired DBAG, Br420.s to solve the shortage. But as the numbers of X60.s are increasing within few years X1.s will be history. Stockholm 16th of December 2005.

SL X1 3073
The X1 train sets are not to be missed by many, over the years hard cash has been spent to make the relyable once the winter season starts, which is pretty much from November to Mars each year. This fact seem to be total news for RR-equipment constructors over the years in Sweden. Latest to have problems are the X50 Regina sets but the frustrations never get close to X1.s But there is one thing these boxy looking relics from the sixties is its accleration as they generate each about half of power of an RC to power just two cars. They have been ran usually as sets of two and two during the lull hours and coupled to impressive four units for handle the rush hours. Årstaberg 22/12 2006.
SJ X2000
The highspeed tilt train X2000 set is the flagship of the passenger runs in Sweden today. and seen here on the regular run slowing down for the stop in Gävle....
SJ X 2000 in Stockholm.
To make it more convinient to prepare the highspeed trains for the next runs, this platform was constructed just few hundred yards west of the platforms in the 1990.es.

SJ X2 at Årsta
Unidentified X2 in stealth mission leaning in a curve and demonstrates its tilt abilities. Årstaberg 22/12 2006

Another unidentified X2 now loading on the main track used for departures south from Stockhlm of the major trains. Stockholm 22/12 2006

SJ X2 2003
The X 2000 trains of X2 class have been on service for a number of years and are now receiving a rather sleak new paint in light gray, just like the new regional X40.s. still being the best offer on rails in Sweden, X2 2003 with control car on front is entering Stockholm Central from Gothenburg. Stockholm 16th of December 2005.

SJ X2 2012
Not all of the X2,s have been refurbished in December 2005, here X2 2012 is showing its rather weary appearence in original colors in Stockholm Central in 16th of December 2005. All of the X2005.s turned in the way that the power car, which does not have the tilt technology is facing south while the tilt tech control car is facing north.

SJ X2 2020
After a more than a decade, the flagships are looking a bit weary, some have been transfered as trainsets for now out of business of LINX trains, where they got rather eye catching graphics. But most of them soldered on high priority trains between the amjor cities. Just two days before Christmass Eve 2004. X2 2020 has arrived to Stockholm. The traiset will be transeferd to Hagalund, cleaned and perhaps washed before entering to service next day.

SJ X2 2026
The X 2000 trains has returned to the InterCity trains to Dalecarlia. To utilize most of them they are run on Stockholm - Falun trains with BlueX trains while the longer and twisting line to Mora is now entirely BlueX country. Falun 2006-04-30.

SJ X2 2035
The X2 2035 is ready to leave Stockholm C at any minute for Gothenburg in 16th of December 2005. The tilt hight speed trains are now soon 10 years old and now beeing refurbished and repainted in rather sleak unifrom light gray.

SJ X2 2041
X2 2041 has just arrived and loads off passengers who are to visit relatives or going abroad for Christmas. Stockholm Central 22/12 2006

SJ X2 2042
X2 2042 with a Intercity train arrived from Malmö to Stockholm Central. The new scheme does a lot to these train sets, as it does to the power car looking like being ready for a stealt mission. Stockholm Central 16th of December 2005

A study of unidentified x2000 set arriving in to the busy yard of Ånge on its run from Storlien to Stockholm. I don't know if the x2-trainsets are common on this line everyday but on weekends they can be found on Dalacarlian mainline runs beteen Stockholm and the Dalecarlian capitol, Falun.

I saw two trainsets this day, one here and the other further up northwest at Åre and both were missing their skirts covering the couplers, giving the units a less sleek, but more mechanic look.Though used as the premium trainsets on premium trins, they does despite the new gray paint show the heavy service they have seen during the years.
Ånge 2010-07-11

Since my last visit to Åre some 15 years ago, the station are has been throughly modernized, the old depot still stands now converted in to a café but the new station is housed in a three story mall extending over the tracks on the opposite side of the now 2 track yard. The resort was quite populated for being in a off season and the station platform was crowded with people waiting for the undintified, front skirtless X2000 train set to take them to by Östersund to Stokholm on this Sunday afternoon.
Åre 2010-07-11

SJ X40
The future is more than new trainsets for commuter service. SJ is testing a new double decker sets for regional runs as well. Here obviously a railfan trip,as the pundos, or elderly gentlemen did not quite fit as SJ officials!, with the new car set caught in Stockholm Central on 22th December 2004. SJ is allready planing on replacing the blue with pale gray with white graphics.

X40 3306
The double decker trainsets of X40 class comes as two cars in a unit or as three car in a unit. Here a two and one three car unit is coupled as a set on a run to Västerås. Stockholm 22/12 2006.

SJ X40 3211
The introduction of EMU.s last few years have greatly changed the looks on passenger trains. The various trainsets, wheter they are X2, X40, X50 or X60.s are taylormade for the runs. The X40.s can thanks to its double deck construction use the shorter platforms and I hope give a cozy ride on the medium runs north and south lines of Lake Mälaren area. Stockholm C 22/12 2006

SJ X40 3227
I guess it is the very first time to see one of the new regional train sets of X40 class in Mora. But during the Wasa ski run special trains you are to see a lots of "rare" train sets. One of them was this X40 3227. Mora 2010-02-27.

SJ X40 3309

SJ X40 3716
X40 in service
Since the image seen above, the double decker trains of X40.s has entered in service on the lines from Stockholm to Västerås and to Örebro. Delivered as both as tow and three unit sets, they adds a lot to flexibility as they can used in a number of configurations, in this case one two unit and one three unit sets are combined into a five car train to Västerås and örebro. Stockholm C, 15th December 2005.

SJ X40 3732
Coasting north past the suburban station of Årstaberg in south Stockholm X40 3732 does have only minutes to go before it can unload its passangers at the Central station. Årstaberg 22/12 2006.

X50.s in Borlänge
Borlänge is the central of Tågabs regional runs in Dalecarlia. The electric trains runs from Mora, Gävle to Hallsberg in south and the Malung line is seeing diesel powered trains of refurbished Y1.s and modern Y31-class Itino trainsets. Photos Borlänge 29th of June 2005.

X51 in Tågkompaniet service
SJ lost the regional runs between Mora and Borlänge, so far the new operator has stayed on the new scheme which was introduced in 2002 of the former operator. Date & place: 23.th October at Mora.

In January 2005, however the Tågkompaniet faced some problems caused by vandalism, in this case by a graffiti job on the flanks of the relatively new train set.

Still in January 2005, to be precisly 26th, a X51 unit is in a hurry to reach platform tracks of the today busy yard in Mora.

X52 065
Just like before, Tågkompanitet like the SJ has to rely on temporary leased units for its regular services. Like this X52 caught in Mora while rolling the final yards to the station platform. Date & place: 3.th December 2003 at Mora

X-Tåget X50 205
To see X-tågets X50.s are pretty unusual, but this happened a few times in 2007. Here X50 205 is getting ready to departure from Mora.
2007-08-27 Mora

X-Tåg X50 206
The most regional trains are using X50 family of EMU.s. They are adding a little more variation in designs and colors of each region. Norrland (Northlands) south east corner is managed by X-trafik and the train is decorated in its bright colors

X51 and Itino at Borlänge
One thing that is the hot item of the new century is DMU.s and EMU.s. One thing in common they all sport streamline noses to give the impression of fast and dependable service to their customers. In Sweden these two are the trains for the electric lines and the new Itino is the thing for the unelectrified lines. The Itinos and the Reginas in service are of both two unit and three unit designs. Date for photos 20, & 21. May 2004.

X50 065
The X50-family is a rainbow of colors and instead the typical X50 with red graphics, the leased unit in attractive blue rolls in to the Mora yard in 24th February 2005.

X51s at Borlänge
Study on the modern streamline noses of X51.s in Borlänge. Both has just arrived to the yard on their final runs for the day. The next thing was sort of unbeliveable, they ran to the terminal as a drag race, which one was a winner, beats me. 21. May 2004 .
X52 at Morastrand
The newest station in Mora is pretty new one, to comply with the wish from local businessmen to get a station closer to the commericial district of the town. The "station", which actually is just a raised platform with a small shelter, also marks the current southern most end of the line for the Inland line. This is not exactly correct, as the freight operation continues another mile or two to a logging terminal and more closer industrial tracks.
X52 at Borlänge
At the other end of the run an unidentified X50 is leaving for Mora.
X50 3245
X50 3245 appearently in the colors of VL, a regional operator around the city of Västerås area is leased for the regional service on the Mora Borlänge run, though the local operator has own sets of Reginas, they do often lease "foreign" sets mainly from SJ. Photo 20.th July 2003.

X50 3247
Since 2004 the regional trains of Tåg i Bergslagen are operated by Tågkompaniet instead of SJ.This has meant a slightly modified graphics to let the world knopw this fact. But the services continues and X50 3245 is waiting for its passangers to board the train before leaving Mora south to Borlänge.

X50 3247
X50 on the regional run for Borlänge. Todays train set consisted by X50 3247. date 26.th January 2004.
X52 3248
X52 3248 is rready to departure as the first passenger run for Borlänge early next morning.
Photo in Mora 7.th of January 2004.

X52 3248
X52 3248 just few yards from arriving in Mora 9.th Febr 2004.

X50 3249
X50 3249 has just finished its regional train run from Borlänge to Mora.Date 15.th January 2004.

The same trainset enjoying the night rest in 8.th May 2004 in Mora
SJ X50
This unidentified X50 regional train has just left Mora for Saturday afternoon train for Borlänge. The engine in the background is GC Rc 1158. Mora 15. January 2004.
SJ X52 3250
SJ X52 3252
SJ X52 3253
X52s on various runs during 4th and 6th July 2003 in Dalecarlia. X52.s 3250 and 3253 are photographed in Falun and 3250 in Mora.

X51 3251
Tågkompaniets X50 3251 is rolling the few remaining houndred yards to the terminal at Mora. 30. December 2004.
SJ X51 3254
X 51 3254 enters the yard of Mora after a regional run Borlänge in March 26. 2004.
SJ X51 3255
X 51 3255 and a sister is spending the weekend in Fagersta. 2008-10-04
SJ X51 3257
X 51 3257 is making a stop for meeting with another train in Fagersta on the former SWB line. 2008-10-04

SJ X52
A series of photos of Regina regional trains in Borlänge and in twilight in Falun. Photo 6.th of August 2003.
X52 3251 is picking up a handful passengers before leaving to Borlänge. The train orginates from Mora-Strand a flagstop with no runaround track closer to the "downtown".
As the usual parking spot for X51 is now preoccupied with a loaded timber train, the Regina X51 3251 is now resting at once preserved for the IC-trains but now usually unused. 8th of June 2006 Mora.

SJ X52 3256
X50 3256 in Mora on regional run in March of 2003.

A year later 26th March 2004 the same unit is rolling the last yards into Mora.
X52 3257
There have been a few changes with the regional services in Dalecarlia during 2004. he biggest change was a change of operator from State Railroad to the lower bidding privately owned Tågkompaniet. One of the more odd and sometimes funny is the fact that the three operators now have to handle switching by themselves. Here at the first day of December 2004, X52 3257 is leaving Mora on regular trip to south.
X52 3258
The X10 based variations are now followed by the new and sleak X52-class, also nicknamed as "Regina". They have been delivered to the various local operators of regionaltrains, like this no 3258 for Bergslagståg that also operates regionalruns between Borlänge and Mora.

X52 3259
Old and new in terms of regional railtransportation the 4-wheel baggage car from the thirties cimpared with a Regina from the following century. Mora, 9th of July 2003.

The same unit has just started to roll out of Mora and is entering the repainted bridge over River Dalälven in 11.th February 2004.

X52 3259
The Regina trains of Bergslagståg also visit frequently Gävle on the Swedish east coast. Here X52 3259 is loading passangers for its trip for Borlänge 4.th March 2004.
X52 3251 is in Falun as the sun is to set for the day in 11th of March 2006.
SJ X51
SJ also ordered a number of X52.s themselves, first being a instant success, their glory got least to say slightly stained by the fact that they were very sensitivie to snow and the freezing cold winters. During the first winter, the availability on trainsets were low and the trains were delayed with angry passengers. The situation got no better that the more than occationally the riders had to ride buses that replaced the failing trains. Also a Rc and a pair of older cars were used on these runs whenever they were available. It is a kind of funny, that the winter suprices the railequipment constructors ever since the fifites. X52 is just one of the trainsets that have had a rough start in the Scandinavian very varied weather conditions.
SJ X51 3258
The Regina trains took over the shuttle IR runs around the lake Mälaren on the new constructed highspeed lines.

X5 065
Tågkompaniet had in beginning as they took over former SJ regional services in Dalacarlia and mid Sweden problems of vandalism, and needed to in short time basis lease units from other operators. Here on 12. of December 2004 a leased unit arrives to Mora.

SJ X50 3277
Stockholm area has become an eldorado of various types of EMUS. Her one three car and one two car set is rolling over the new spans of årsta Bridge and in a few minutes the passengers arrive at the Central station. Årsta 22/12 2006.

SJ X52 3288
A brand new yet not fully marked X52 3288 sits in the sunset at Mora in 30. May 2003.
RC3 1061 & X52
Night shot from Falun in February 2003.

Tågab X50 9016
In the cold and very snowy winter of 2009/2010 the regina trains of various X50-classes did not fair well. With lots of cancelled departures and delays. But Tåg i Bergslagen run by Tågab managed to get this train right on time. Mora 2010-02-27.

Transitio X50 9016
A Transitio X50 has filled in on the regional run from Borlänge to Mora in agray day. The fact that Reginas seem to have still a little trouble in winters allows some trainsets from other operators add a little more color. Mora 2009-03-22.

Transitio X50 9041
To see other operators train sets of X50-family are pretty common sight on the regular trains from Borlänge to Mora. Here Transitio, has leased one of their units to Tågab and seen here unloading passanger before a slow run to Mora-Strand. Mora 2010-01-24.

Norrtåg X51 9034
Here a 2 unit X51 set is speding up after a stop at town of Ockelbo on its southbound run. I guess that the train is heading to Gävle, but there are still a few more stops before a return trip to north.
Ockelbo 2010-07-11

What a difference a paint job does! Here we see the same EMU as seen above after it has been redecked for the service in Northern Sweden for Norrtåg. The trainset was caught in Östersund before picking its passengers before heading to east.
Östersund 2012-08-06.

Veolia X51 9034
The X50 generation EM.sU in Östersund area are used on Mittnabotåget services. And here one of the units is seen waiting for passengers from a Nabotrain from Trondheim to arrive. The Nabotrains are using NSB BM 93.s as the the tracks across the border is not electrified.
Östersund 2010-07-11

Veolia X51 9042
On the top photo the the last regional train of the day is about to roll the final 1 km in to the main platform of the Ånge railroad station in a warm early Juy night. In the following morning the Midnagotåget trainset has called the night at Ånge. Ånge is with its vast freight yard and operations a very interesting train watching site.
Ånge 2010-07-10 & 2010-07-11

SJ X55 3748
This si the second generation of high speed intercity trainsets on SJ. After years of heavy service has started to show signs of age on the X2.s SJ needed to add more trainsets for the growing Intercity service. rather to build another costly batch of X2.s as there are planned projects on new lines which may not need tilt train tech, SJ went to modify the regional trainsetd of X50.seres. The InterCity version has fewer doors on their sides, a fourth car added and totally new interiours to match the sleek paint shop. More on these trainsets just click here!
Ånge 2012-08-05 & Östersund 2012-08-06.

SL X60 6002
The future is here as the one of the first articulated trainsets for commuter service in Stockholm area is been tested at the Mora line. I saw the test train twice to visit Mora. The second time around I had a camera... More on this see at the features.

SL X60 6007
In December 2005 there are a some of the X60.s in service and the new five unit trains displays a sort of elegance compared the rather grimy and weary looking X1.s and X10.s. Here a northbound two train sets are coupled to a train rolls to the platform at Stockholm Central in 16th of December 2005.

SL X60 6013
A study of a control car of the new X60.s at Stockholm Central 16th of December 2005.

SL X60 6013
X60 6013 and a sister unit is accelerating for the dash over the bridges at Årsta in to the next stop Stockholm S. Årsta 22/12 2006.

SL X60 6014
X60 6014 and a sister unit is leaning on a right hand curve after passage over the bridge at Årsta, few sconds later it will plunge in to a tunnel where the Stockholm S is located. Stockholm S 22/12 2006.

SJ X2 2003 and SL X60 6023
the modern look of very different modes of train travel, the X2 (marketing name X2000) high speed train for Inter City service and X60 for the mass transportation in Stockholm area.
Stockholm C, 16th of December 2005.

SL X60 6034
The mass transportation in Stockholm uses EMUS of three different generations, unlike the now very grimy X1.s which have been the bulk ever since late 1960.s the new articulated trainsets of X60 class looks very shiny and welcoming. Stockholm C 22/12 2006.

SL X60 6034
The commuter trains around Stockholm sees a lot of milage and runs during a day. A fter the picture above the X60 6034 and a friend is heading back to Stockholm C. Stockholm S 22/12 2006.

SL X60 6035
I guess the greatest vantage spots in Stockholm is around the huge bridges at Årsta. Here a south bound X60 6035 is coasting to a stop at the new station at Årstaberg. 22/12 2006.
X3 - 5.
For the shuttle trains from Stockholm Central to international airport of Arlanda a special trainsets were constructed in the 1990.es. Swedish railfans thought that the norwegian "flytoget" trainsets were ugly, I don't, but how in hell could anyone consider these trains be handsome, huh? It looks like a a bus mixed with a bloodhound...
X3 - 6.
The shuttle trains at tracks 1 and 2 arrives and leaves for Arlanda Airport at every 10 minutes. And there seem to be a lot of passangers hurring to the train as it is making a quick stop at the Central station before heading to the airport. 16. December 2005.
X3 - 7.
While on track 2, the sister about leave with a train some ten minutes later, also here the passangers seem to be in a hurry. 16. December 2005.

SJ X16 960
There were a number of electrical versions of the DMU.s of Y6 and Y7 class. Designed to be able to haul two trailer from the star but failed to do so. They spent their early days much in shops for refits and modifications and within time they were mainstay locals on elecric lines in the middle Sweden. Here one of the few survivers is ferrying visitors to the Nationla Railroad Museum in Gävle September 2010.

TKAB X20 202
It seems like TKAB was having a shortage of serviceable X52 in 7th of February 2006. This must be to be the reason why this very rare bird in form acient X20 202 was parked in the usual spot reseved for the X52.s. In the background you see the preperations for the annual Wasa Ski Run, which is due yet two weeks away. The unit is by the way wearing advertisement for the Furuvik Zoo, near Gävle.

TKAB X20 202.
One of the ex TGOJ X20 was repainted in a scheme that is very much a like the narrow gauge cousins on NKLJ. Ina cold november evening this battered train set has most likely filled in for a failing Regina train set in Borlänge in this biter cold evening. In 2010 this train set was handed over to a rail preseving group located in Orsa for excursion service and is located in Rättvik.
Borlänge, 2009-10-30.
For the passanger trains TGOJ ordered only a small number of steel passangercars, hauling them with a Bt. But they ordered lightweight train sets in 2-car and in 4-car versions to the local and expresstrains, aswell a small number of lightweight diesel railcars. Pictured here, is a 2-car set repainted to its orginal livery at the TGOJ-museum. Few of the these cars are still in service and transformed to SJ ownership and modernized and repainted to their striking two toned blue scheme.
The Red Car
Åre Bergbana.
One of the two cars that operate on the funicular line at Åre. The line was built by Swiss firm Von Roll between 1908-1910 and is 790 meters long connecting Åre and the Fjällgården at the side of Mount Åre. One of the cars as seen here is red while the other is blue and the cars have their original wooden bodies replaced by new ones made of steel. In sweden in all there has been three lines, the shortest at Skansen in Stockholm which is merely 200 meters log and still in operation and the longest was in Kiruna which was the longest with aline consisting 670 and was shut down in 1955.
Åre 2012-08-06.
To Swedish Diesel multible units

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