SJ.s new supertrain?

Is X55 or X3000 really that new?

In order to free more X2 (X2000) train sets for the main line service between the 3 largest cities in Sweden Sj needed more fast train sets. Obviously they did not want tospend time and money on experimenting for a new generation fo trainsets, they opted for a new trainsets based on the previous X51 generation regional train sets opted for intercity service.

The 20 x55.s or x3000.s as used on marketing are a four car version of the regional trains which are either three or two car versions. The intercity trainsets house in their four carbodies a bistro and 2+2 seating and whoke lot of natural wood in the interiours compared with the X2 and x55.s. They are planned to be used on Dalecarlian services where they are to replace the regular trains of RC electrics and B7-generatrion cars. They are to put on service also on the run from Stockholm to Karlstad/Oslo where they will replace X2.s.

The original trainsets of the regional X51.s has faced problems, they seem to break down as soon the winter season arrives and there has been a lot of negative reports on media. SJ claims that these problems are sorted out on the new trainsets and hopefully they have as SJ and the other passanger hauling companies running with X51-class trains seem to have lot their faith in them. Only time will tell. But in their silver paint and black trim they do look good.

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