Swedish DMU.s and Diesel rail cars

TIB Y31 & X50.s
The new sleak Itino trains offers more modern and comfortable rides to their passangers than the previous generation of FIAT built Y1. from the seventies. This trainset is named after the most successful x-ski runner Gunde Swan. Photo Borlänge 29th of June 2005.

TiB/Itino rail car.
A look at the new Itinos, here seen in Tåg i Bergslagen dress at the engine terminal in Borlänge. The Itinos are used with repainted Y1.s on Borlänge - Malung runs. The Itinos are supposed to replace the ageing Y1.s but the delivery has been delayed several times and the operator seem not to be ready to sideline the railbusses from the 1970.s.

TiB/Itino rail car.
The Itinos are kept busy on the unelectric line beteen Borlänge and Malung, but also the new operator for "Tåg i Bergslagen" also uses the train sets for lines under wire. It seems that the change over also means that there are more trains on the rather sleepy line to Malung. One neat thing that railcars are named for living persons like this car set named for Björn Skifs who had a number one hit in States "Hooked on a Feeling" during the seventies. Borlänge 12th February 2005.

TiB Y31 1400
"Björn Skifs".
The Itino DMU.s runs on the Borlänge Malung line but appearently had to fill in as one of the electric EMU.s failed on a run to Mora. There the trainset is stopped for a turn around in Morastrand a flag stop some 500 meters west of Mora.
The TiB, known as Tåg i Bergslagen is a regional passanger hauler nad have named their trian sets after known persons from the regions it serves. Morastrand 2009-03-18

TiB Y31 1401
"Gunde Swan".
The Itinos are kept busy on the unelectric line beteen Borlänge and Malung, but also the new Another train set is named after a very successful cross skier Gunde Swan and the trainset was caught at the platforms in Borlänge picking up passangers in 12th February 2005. Note the attractive paint scheme which does it magic on this rather boxy designed railcar. This car was named as Gunde Swan, but is now unnamed. Borlänge 2005-02-12.

TiB/SJ Y1 .
As the Itinos start to arrive the Y1.s of tåg i Bergslagen started to repaint its share of Y1.s to match the sleek lines of Reginas and Itinos. But the snappy paint scheme does not hide the 70.s boxy looks. date 21. May 2004 at Borlänge engine terminal.
SJ Y1 at Storstupet in 1991.
SJ Y1 and YF1 at Born in 1991.
SJ Y1.s and YF 1
at Storstupet in 1991.
One of the highlights on the Inlandsbanan is the photostop on the bridge over the gorge at Storstupet. The stop was introduced by SJ to please the tourists to take photos on the gorge and the waterfall. This is actually my oldest railrelated photo from the Inlandsbanan dating to 1991. The railcar is one of the FIAT-designed DMU.s of Y1-class. an nimber of these have deeded over to regional operators and even sold to Norway. On IBAB they operate during summer months with a daily roundtrip to Östersund, where another set takes the passengers further up north.
SJ Y1.s and YF 1
at Storstupet in 1991.
Actually the same pic as in Swedish elecric with the two Da.s. As the Y1.s were delivered, the shortage of baggage storage on board became painfully clear. To solve this problem some older 2-axled cars were repainted in orange, but the railcars did not ave the mudcle enough to keep the train in the shedule. As a permanent solution the last batch of the cars were delivered as combines and classified as YF1.s. The YF1 will be the only car for the next days sole round trip to Östersund in the last year daily årond the year of passenger operations. Mora in 1989.

BV PMV 2000 ex.Y1
One of the retired units has turned int o classic mode of transportation for BV brass as it has been reconstructed to special lounch or sallon car for excursions, conferences and inspections. Here it is caught in Mora in one of its rare runs 4.th of April 2004.

IBAB Y1 1263
The roundhouse area at Östersund is a great palce to look for IBAB units. The company headquarter is located here and they also occupy ther rather huge roundhouse aswell. Along with their interesting collection of older diesels they also roster a number of Y1-class rail cars which hauls tourist durking the summers through their very long line from Mora to Gällivare at the polar circle. Östersund 2012-08-05.

IBAB Y1 1268
One of th emore lucky shots, as I was in pit stop in middle of a rain while my way home from Östersund, Y1 1268 stopped by a very small flag stop at Åsarna. The station has been sold off and serves as an inn and there is an platform connecting the both structures. I guess the Y1 is used on excursion servie to pick up some of the customers in the inn. Åsarna 2010-07-27.

Värmlandståg Y1 1276
Though the majority of Y1.s on Inland line has been repainted to end the rainbow of faded colors of former operators it is nice to see a rail car in paint of other operators. the Bankrupty of the largest of private opertor has brought IBAB a number of modified, and refurbised Y1.s to the line. The unit in Östlandstrafiken colors is seen here slowing down for a evening stop at Orsa and finally parked with a sister in Mora later same night. Date 15th of June 2005.

Tågab Y1 1276
The most handsome scheme on a Y1 is the warm and welcoming yellow and green. Here one of them a bit from home in Borlänge. 20-05-2004.

IBAB Y1 1283
The IBAB part of the yard is concenterted on the area around a rather impressive round house and out side during the summers are a few Y1.s parked to be reserve or lashed up with their sisters when so is needed. Östersund 2010-07-27.

IBAB Y1 1283
It is badly lit, but sun was setting and I did not want to make the engineer nervous by crossing the tracks. A Sunday only run from Mora to Östersund has reached its first stop,the town of Orsa some 17 kilometers north of Mora. Here Y1 1283 is accelerating out of the platform and is heading for a 20 kilometer long climb to the summit at Emådalen before it rollercoast the line to its next major stop at Sveg some 120 kilometers north of Orsa. Hopefully there is enough of daylight when the DMU reach the famous bridge over the canyon at Storstupet.
Orsa 2011-10-16

Dalatrafik Y1 1290
The Y1 operation of the remaining line along the river Västerdalsälven between Borlänge and Malung is soon coming out to an end. The FIAT built railcars, though they gave improved comfort never were popular. The railcars will be replaced by 2-unit articulated cars of Itino family.

Tåg i Bergslagen Y1 1290
In late May 2004 (21.st, actually) the operation was of the Malung -Borlänge was transfered from the countys own operation to the Tåg i Bergslagen net work on lines in mid Sweden area. Naturally, the units were repainted to this variation of their scheme.

Tåg i Bergslagen Y1 1290
The sever winter of 2005-2006 was hard on the new Itino DMU.s and there was much debate on these trainsets and more than often the older, never that reliable either Y1.s were forced in duty. But the roster had at least one Y1 short as Y1 sat on shop trucks, made of earlier Y6-8 generation while its trucks sat next to it. To save the most departures, the company was forced to lease one Y1 from IBAB. It is kind of funny as you think of that there has been snow since the ice age in Sweden still the only people unaware of this fact are constructors of rail equipment in the country.

DT Y1 1289
A couple of Y1.s at the terminal in Borlänge. Photo 6.th of August 2003.

IBAB Y1 1314
In a sunny hour betwween two rain storms, one of the IBAB.s Y1.s is enjoying the warm sun outdoors. Östersund 2010-07-27.

IBAB Y1 1314
The summer time is the busiest time for the passanger service on the famous Inalnd line. Most of the service is provided by the now elederly and heavily rebuilt Y1-generation of DMU.s. But the season in rather short and IBAB who runs the line need quite a number of these once very trouble some products from the late 1970.s to keep the operations rolling. Östersund 2012-08-05.

SJ Y1 in new color

SJ Y1 1318 at Borlänge
Suprisingly, Y1.s seem to be repainted in SJ.s ex IR-color, that seems to become standard to ALL passanger cars except for the high speed X2.s. Anyway, BV is repainting some of their ex. passanger cars for MoW duties in this scheme aswell, but the railcar clearly wears SJ.s logos. Confusing? a big yes.... 14.th October 2003 in Borlänge.

IBAB? Y1 1342 in Östersund
More color, Y1 1342 in colors for an operator in south east Sweden seems to be far of from regular hunting grounds as it rests with a sister unit at IBAB main terminal and shops in Östersund.

IBAB Y1 1342
In a suprising move, the regional transit companies along the Inland line has done something unusual, it has replaced a run of a long haul bus run with a train. OK it is just a Sunday only, but yet interesting change of trends as it has been the opposite case on since decades where the local or regional trains have been replace by highway bususe. As today the DMU is leaving at sunset, it will not be able to treat its passangers some of the wonders of wilderness. Hopefully the first snow is not that far away so the passangers, mostly made of people serving an amy base in Östersund will see a bit more than complete darkness.
Mora 2011-11-13

IBAB Y1 1342
One of the Y1.s gathered at the roundhouse area of Östersund is Y1 1342 and like the most of the Y1.s operated by IBAB now sports an uniform and rather attractive design.
Östersund 2012-08-05.

IBAB Y1 1343
The last of FIAT powered Y1.s are handed over to the national museum. IBAB has within time collected a large number of Y1.s and overhauled them and repainted them in IBAB-colors. Now the Y1.s are powered by a pair of Volvo engines.
Gävle 2011-09-12

IBAB? Y1 1344
More color, Y1 1344 in Inland Line tourist service, during 2004 IBAB is back from TMX hauled passanger runs of a single rail car.

IBAB? Y1 1344
Y1 1344.s new since the last view had set a trend as more and more units are reapinted in theis rather attractive scheme with new logos and all. Seeing a unit idle in the rather deserted yard of Orsa is rare. Date: 16th of June 2005. More close ups and photos, see the special feature on this car.

IBAB Y1 in new design
For years IBAB have stayed on with their usual scheme of wine red and silver trim and lettering. This scheme was applied to their fleet of diesels and passanger cars. The rail cars however, did not receive this scheme with exception of one single unit. Three unit were handed over to the communities to design advertisements for their communities and put in service on IBAB. Most of the railcars actually used are infact leased by other regional operators to add more color. But this unit, which I missed to record the number has been repainted in new colors, with new lighter shade of red and new graphics.

IBAB? Y1 1348
More color, Y1 1344 in Inland Line tourist service, during 2004 IBAB is back from TMX hauled passanger runs o a single rail car.

Tågab Y1 1354 in Mora
Though Tågab serves Mora regulary, these Y1.s are rare sights. But the IBAB seem to be short of serviceable rail cars it leases Y1 units from various operators. But in 2005 this has become rare except for the use of Tågab units that otherwise are used as reserve for the new Y31.s. Mora 3th of September 2005.

IBAB Y1 1356 in Mora
Once the Y1 railcars were a daily sight in Mora, now it is a rare appearence as this unit mainly unmarked but with traces of IBAB ownwership waited for its turn to leave Mora in 15.th May 2004. The paint scheme is not what I have seen on IBAB anyway, so it is puzzling to find about this unit.

IBAB? Y1 1356
IBAB Y1 1356i is sitting and enjoying the last rays of sun in west end of the yard of Mora. This end does offer a typical setting for a classic midsummer picture, framed with fresh leaves in birches and vintage fence. 14th of June 2005. Since the picture shown above it has the new colors.

IBAB Y1 1356
Y1 1356 is enjoying the quiet saturday morning. I guess it does take an effort to get these now aging railcars runnibng. All of them have their engines replaced from their original FIAT.s to Scania.
Östersund 2012-08-05.

IBAB Y1 1359 in Sveg
Once again IBAB had refurbished its fleet of ex SJ Y1 DMU.s. As a part of the modernisationof the image is repaint of entire fleet in to this. Sneaking through the shop windows in östersund later that day revealed more units that have been repainted. yhis should mean that the rainbow of different faded schemes should be a history as the 2005 tourist season around mid summer 2005 kicks off.

IBAB Y1 in Mora
As Mora IK made its way to the major league in Hockey, the success continued and special trains of hockey fans from Sveg leased a railcar to see the matches. Here one unidentified Y1 leaves northbound with a full load of pleased fans after a victory, in fall 2004.

Ex SJ class Y
The first larger classes of railcars looked a lot like this one which is then converted to MoW use. A small 4 wheal versions that was classified as Y. These were delivered both to SJ and to some private roads in various gauges, later the rail cars were delivered as longer version running on light weigth trucks. Most of the earlier two truck versions were scrapped when the new steel cars of Y6-8 were delivered. But some of converted into various MOV use. Nora 2007-04-13

SJ Yo1.
To replace steam powered trains on branchlines SJ and the Swedish constructor Hilding Carlsson start to produce small 4-wheeled railcars of Y-class. Much of the construction was based on compotery busses, The design was developed in to Yo1, which were trucked extended verisons. The last of these railcars of this generation was produced to the fifties, when larger steelbodied cars of Y6-8 started to replace them.

SJ Y6-8 generation.
The second generation of RDC.s were the different Y6 class. They were built in large numbers and a number of different trailers to go along them. Here something to remind a typical Y6 generation of trains on unelectrified lines during the late fifties to the seventies a three car consist of two powercars spliced by a combination trailer in Gävle. The difference between the Y6, Y7 and Y8 are differnet interiour, the Y6.s were more for locals, while Y7.s for intermediate runs and the small number of Y8.s for longer runs.

NBVJ Y7 1125
Once you saw them everywhere on secondary local runs outside the metropolitan areas. These sleak railcars were built in numbers and used untill the late 1970.s. Now one of the survivers not transformed in to various MoW cars is 1125 build by ASJ, used on excursions and scheduled runs on the NBVJ. Nora 2007-04-13

SMOK ex SJ Y7 1117

SMOK ex SJ Y7 1117


SMOK ex SJ Y7 1131

SMOK ex SJ Y7 1177
A scene not unlike the seventies
This setting is like a flash back to some 30 years ago when the Inland line was still busy hauling passangers and the Y6 generation cars was just about everywhere on unelectrified lines. The Y6 generation was the second genration of rail cars and compared to the earlier designs built with steal bodies back in the 1950.es. There were quite a few variations of these, including various interiours for the powered cars and various trailers, from full passanger, various combined cars, full baggages, RPO-baggages and even small four wheeled baggage cars. The rail cars brought more brighter colors and even that respect more modern than the earlier cars, but before winning a popularity contests, in the beginning they had to battle with various construction short commings which most were fixed after rebuilding and modifications. The Y6 generation had also electric sisters of X16 and X17 classes, which also had some serious problems in early days.

During that time the rail car powered trains were pretty long on the Inland line. These rail cars are now owned by a rail fan club which is unlike most of the clubs in Sweden dedicated in preserving rail cars and used here on a rail excursion and they had a stop for the night in Mora. Mora 2007-06-02

NBVJ Y7 1163
This diesel ca is one of the latest items on NBVJ, orignally built as SJ YBo7 1163, it was taken over by the narrow gauge preserved line ÖSlj for a trip on th remaining stretch on old line between Läggesta and Nykvarn, and transerred to NBVJ as the line is converted to 600mm gauge as the rest on ÖSlJ. Nora 2009-05-02.

NBVJ Y7 1163
The Y7 1163 is still waiting for to be shopped by the NBvJ at Nora. Much of the weekday trains in operation season is handled by these venerable DMU.s which replaced the steam trains back in the day. Nora 2012-08-02

NBVJ Y7 1243
One of the coolest thing about NBVJ is that is along with Jädraås very authentic place of railroading which is gone otherwise. All the buildings, incuding shops, roundnouses are dated from the eary years of the railroad. Seeing this Railbus does for a moment offer a lookat he past as how trains were run in a branch line more than 50 years ago. Nora 2009-05-02.

NBVJ Y7 1243
The NBVJ has resored a few typical railcars from the 1950.s era including this Y7, originally YBo7 1242 which was built in 1967 At ASLJ works. Today it is parked as reserve for its sister which were shuttling railfans and mostly torists on the small streches from Nora. Nora 2012-08-02
Ex Y6 four axle baggage trailer.
There are some equipment that is neither scrapped or preserved as this former Y6 generation full baggage trailer in Orsa. Would make an interesting miniscene on a layout....

NBVJ UBFo7ye 2087
The NBVJ has rnot only powered DMU.s of Y6 generation but one trailer aswell. This trailer is perhaps exteriourly the most common, a baggage-passanger combination with drivers cab. many were also built as pure trailers without the cabs with same window configuration but with only back up lights.Back in 1970. most of the trailers were unused ans scrapped, while the survivors got a new classification as YBF7.s
Nora 2012-08-02

BV ex.Y6.s
Not all Y6.s are yet scrapped, here a couple still survive, though adapted to the current duties in MoW sevices.

BV LMV 19786?
During the fall of 2007 the line between Falun and Borlänge will get new catenary including new towers. The equipment used for this are facinating mix of rebuilt railcars and custom built equipment. Some of them seem to stay stationary for periods of times and become target for so called grafiti artists, in this case not very good.... Falun 2007-04-07.

When coupled back to back with the new square cab section facing one another these does not look too bad. But both need a little body work and new paint. Falun 2007-04-07.

A view of a third of these ex railcars turned to self propelling catenary service car. Falun 2007-04-07.

BV LMV 19268
This car looks like it has been recently out shopped and in the process it has received additional set of headlights. Falun 2007-05-17.

IBAB MT 1086
Cool MoW-conversion

Many of the remaining Y6-8 generation rail cars were transfered to various MoW duties and few have been altered in a cool way like this one by the current owner IBAB. If I would see a model of this thing I would I would think that the truck like exhaust there, is protypical. It appears that the car is used as a crew sleeper and was parked in Tallhed. I think that the IBAB colors looks good too. One of its sister is refurbished back with original paint by IBAB for excursions.
Tallhed 2007-05-03.

SJ Yp 797
In the mid 1950.s SJ received no fewer than 72 uynits of these rail cars for its 891 mm gauge net and 6 further guagued for 1067 mm gauge, the latter were able to be regauged to the 891mm gauge. They served on the narrow gauge network in mostly southern part of Sweden but also on the Roslag lines vast network between the Stockholm-Norrtälje-Uppsala to Östhammar area well in to the 1970.s. Severla has been preserved but the vast majority has been scrapped. This ubnit seems to be either a candidate for pretty respectable restoration or has been a cannibalized to keep the the preserved Uppsala-Länna lines three sisters cunning. Faringe 2010-07-22.

BV LMV 1827b
Within time the ex Y6-8 generation of MoW cars are phasing out and replaced by custom built vehicles like this Robel. Falun 2007-04-07.

BV LMV 1892b?
A sister unit to the car LMV 1827b, note the telescope platform at the end of the unit. Falun 2007-04-07.

BV 0124 M
A modern rail truck with added on equipment. Falun 2007-04-07.
TGOJ Catenary work car.
TGOJ, being the last major privately owned line in Sweden, purchased self propelling catenary maintainence car of same type that was in DB. Today the car has been preserved in Grängesberg.

BV in Mora 22/4 2003
Springtime is same as high season for MoW, this self propelling devise just arrived in Mora and will park itself in to the yard tracks before calling for the day.

Ballast regulator
in Orsa
Inland Line is the largest line not maintained by Banverket, infact this ballast regulator is used on the southern leg of the line .
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