IBAB Y1 1344.

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During the late seventies and eighties SJ closed down a number of branchlines and discontinued local services in other less dence lines outside metropolitan areas. But as local resistance fuel up opposition to the politicians it became clear SJ needed to replace rail cars of the Y6-Y8 classes dating from the fifties. Unwilling and the less than satisfactory results from own designs, SJ desided to go abroad and go for foreign designs. The two different cars stood up to the end, a single car unit from DB Br 627, which still was undergoing tests and italian design from the sisxties. SJ went for the italian car built by FIAT but adopted to single man crew. This meant passanger doors were placed to the ends and SJ decided for not to have connection doors to the other cars at the fronts. 100 railcars were ordered of Y1 type but during the construction it became clear that the baggage shelves were too small and the car was underpowered to be coupled to a two axle baggage cars that were still in use. The permanent solution was to convert the order of the last cars into baggage combination cars of YF 1 class.

The favorable first comments turned into a disaster as the cars had a long list of serious problems. The major problems were related to different conditions of combination of cold weather and snow. It took a number of rebulits before the cars to could perform resonable. As the deregulation of rail traffic went on, a number of the cars were transfered to new regional operators. Some cars have been sold to Norway, but many has been rebuilt and refurbished and still in service.

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