Swedish Diesels

Early generation rod driven engines, MoW equipment,industrial swichers and light diesels.

NoHabs in Sweden

T43 and early hood units

T44 and second generation diesel power

The TD class and the modern diesel power

Narrow gauge diesel power
As the the number of images have grown I decided on splitting these in to five galleries.

Now the first one including the T21.s and smaller critters somewhat based on engines that are still in sevice or left roster or are preserved.

The second is based on ex. Danish NoHab.s that ventured back to Sweden, my images are from the Inland line of Sweden, where these veterans still runs.

Third is on diesels built in the 1970-1980s, mainly on T44.s and V5.s. But also includes some ex DSB TMZ-units.

The forth is on rebuilt Green Cargos Td-class and more modern power used by privateers.

The fifth is various narrow gauge units.