From Follebu to Tretten

A view form high on the hillsides where farms clings to the steep farm lands along the road thant hair pins down to the valley of Gudbranddalen. Here, just before entering to Tretten, the more rolling farmlands of Gausdal, transforms to more scenic Gudbranddalen

If you take the road 255 instead of E6 north of Lillehammar you will find a scenic and relaxing way to go to northern parts of Gudbranddalen. At Follebu you will find a third alternative as the 255 diverges in into 256 which will take you to Tretten, where you can find yourselves at E6 again or you can take the Vestsidevegen along the west side of the valley. The 255, Vestsidevegen and E6 will take you to Vinstra some 60 kilometer north of Lillehammer.


There are accomendations to all costs and all forms, though not as basic as seen on this image above, an old shack just about to become a pile woods, but still advertises for a inn.


There is a more rural but as scenic alternative to drive along towns, boroughs and villages that are tied by the E6, that is by taking left at Tretten and drive along the Vestsidevegen (West side road) on the west side of the valley.

The road is not dimensioned to heavy traffic as the E6 high way located on the east side of the valley, but does offer a scenic roller coaster ride among the farms on the narrow road. There is also a connection to every town across the valley and the entire route can be driven in sections. The road becomes even more twisting and turning as we pass Kvidfjell which is located between Fåberg and Ringebu, Kvidfjell is a ski resort but also known as one of the sites of the Winter Olympics in 1992. At Dombås the road diverses away from the E6 and folllows the slope all the way to Lesja, while the E6 crosses the pass on the Dovrefjell.

Close to Ringebu

During the early weeks of a summer in a sunny day there is close to nothing that beats the shear beauty of the nature here. These three some images are taken on the Vestsidevegen just kilometers before we enter to Ringebu seen below in the images.

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