Located just north of Lillehammer and offers a large theme park featuring the talles troll in the world. This have affected the surroundings so there is also a miniature town called Lilleputhammer nearby.


Nothing really special but a climpse of typical settlements at the valley. But things were a bit different more than a 100 years ago, as Tretten was the end of the line of the railroad and travelers further up north had to rely on horse drawn stage coaches in narrow steep mountain roads. A trip that just takes hours today perhaps took days in rather hard bumby ride.


There is really nothing special about Otta with a population of 1500 souls, just a small community at the junction of two rivers and two highways, but it has offered me a sort of base camp during all of these years. Much thanks for the Otta Camping which has reasonable and clean huts for rent. Located at the banks of River Otta, you will wake up to the sound of the rapids just outside your window. But also the fact that most of the places shown here are just a pleasent cardrive away and being a just days drive from home it has been a regular stop for me.
Otta is located deep in the valley with the surrounded by high mountains.
The road to Rondarne!

Right east of Otta there is a twisting road that will lead us to the national park of Rondarne. The main feature of this park is the group of high peaks exceeding 2000 meters. In August 2003, I decided to take a break from sitting in a car chasing photo posibilities so I decied to go at least the main grade up towards the park. This proved to be a lucky shot as I would missed the views seen above.

More on Otta

Just like any country affected by WW II there is number of high risers or more moden building that are freely mixed with older traditional houses. But thanks for the scenery they never seem to over take th surroundings as they tend to do in flat lands. There is a reason to this here as the area is short of suitable surface for buildings, so I guess this is one reson you see a few these buildings.

Hust north of Otta at E6 you will find this medium sized water fall.

The mountains of Rondarne seen from north on the hig way from Fjerkinn and Alvdal.
The shapes of mountain in twilight and during the light nights of June gives nice silouettes..


Just a few kilometers north at the slopes of mountain walls in three direction is the small village of Sel. From here to north is rugged mountains to the south Gudbrandsdalen which gives a totally different climate than in the highlands during the summers.

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