"Peer, you're lying!" cried Aase to her son - and he was lying. He had been weaving a fantastic tale of a ride he'd taken on a runaway reindeer when Aase realized that the story was one she had beard as a young woman. She berated Peer and wept. Aase had hoped that her son would win the heart of pretty Ingrid Hegstad, a local farm girt. However, Peer hadn't shown much interest in Ingrid - until he discovered that her wedding was to take place that very evening; it was only then that he resolved to attend the marriage and talk the girl's father into letting him take the place of the intended bridegroom. When his mother protested, he seized her, placed her on the millhouse roof, and went merrily off, leaving her screaming. Rescued by neighbors, Aase, fearing trouble, followed after him......

What an opening with a such drama? This is the opening of the Ibsens famous Peer Gynt and the novel has left much of trace in the Gudbranddsdalen. You will find roads, farms and various places named after the character just about everywhere. From Lillehammer (the highly recomended direction for your travel) to north to the nountains of Dovre the area is called Gudbrandsdalen, a long fertile deep valley with farms high on the mountains, cattle, sheep and goats with cow bells strolling on the slopes, but beware some are not fenced in so be careful while driving here. The main life line is the high way E6 which crossing the country from the south to the very north, low in the valley crossing boroughs, towns while parially twisting its way north opens up new vistas one more impressive than the previous before.

The scenery is an eye pleasing, relaxing rolling farmlands along the river, guarded by walls of mountains ranging up to 1000 meters and more. As we approach further up the north, the rather valley narrows even more and the mountains seem to get closer and really reminds us how samll we are and the fact that we are merely visitors in the land of giant sentinels.

One little tip is go from Lillehammer to Otta by the Peer Gynt veg, take some 30 kilometers towards Treeten and from ther continues on the pararelling road to north, which continues all the way to the very northern end of the valley at Sel. Thse four images are taken on that road as long as several seen on this page.

One little tip is go from Lillehammer to Otta by the Peer Gynt veg, take some 30 kilometers tA spread of images taken from the gravel road west of the valley.

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