Classic Car Week 2005.

Rättvik, Sweden

Maybe you know me by now, I like those 'Vettes and I guess seen this, though parked outside of the Salvation Army is a nice welcome scene.
A cockpit look of the same car, ain't that sporty as it could get in the late fifties?

Another look of that beauty.

1958 was a great year for GM when it comes to styling. This the very first vintage of Impalas looks so nice in white.

Same model some 7 years later, much of crome is gone and the wings of fins but still a head turner as Impalas in mid sixties are some fine looking rides.

This Volvo V40 got some of the thinest tires I have seen so far, a 35 profile needs a rather unbumby road surface.

The first rod that passed in this varm evening was a '40 Phord pick up. I love those louvers!

A smooth riding '46 Ford rag top is not that bad in a sunny evening like this.

There was police officer on the streets that made an impression, the outfit was loaned from the police museum. Wonder how much respect that hat will gain today? A speed ticket and a laugh?

No cruise is a cruise without some classic Chevies, a 1955 model of Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Coupé.

The Chrystler offerings from the late fifties and very first years of the sixties are quite popular in Sweden. Nice in and so innocent in white.

Last year i thought that there was a lot of people, i guess there even more this year. The whole town was out on the streets and the streets were jammed with cars heading nowhere.

There was a host who guided through the listerners about the cars that rolled to the podium at the court house. I heard him in the backgrounf whole night, he had a great knowledge and a burning interest on cars.

This Mustang from 1965 was very nice, reports told that the car si still owned by its first owner who has taking care of it rather painstakingly. It looked like it just rolled of the dealer.....

First of the more interesting cars of the night from England a TWR...

This is a result of some good arrangement, as the ambulance got in to town in some seconds the street was cleared to let it through. The fasted running car in town tonight?

One of the popular rides in Sweden, a '59 Impala convertible loaded with a bunch of guys.

Early Mustangs, like this in maroon, are is perhaps the classic cars of the midsixties, I guess a nice place to listen to The Beatles album Rubber Soul.

Maroon looks nice on this Olds too. The lawn along the main street was filled with people who had a picknick.

One of the car makers that did not make it, De Soto. I guess it is a 1960 model, but I must confess I have not that much of info on these cars. But they are very nice looking rides don't you think?

This is very nice!. AC5 in silver and rag top version 2!. Now Wow!

A '34 model Ford Coupe was cruising around. This one looked awesome.

A delayed bus found itself in middle of the fun, the driver waved franticly, "take a shot of me!!", Consider it done!

There are other nice cars from GM dating 1959 than Chevy Impalas and the extravigant Caddies, like this four door Olds HT.

I like the vintage trucks like this Volvo. It is amaizing how much these versatile vehicles has grown in size within the years.

It is not a suprise to find a fine looking Deuce in event like this. This '32 roadster is dressed up in chicken yellow. A very taste ful variation on the theme of Deuces.

An early fifties Buick convertible does not only offer some luxury for the driver and the passangers, they get if the weather is right a bit of fresh new tan as well. Once again a classy car dressed in white.

Few years later Buicks blended in to other GM models, desperately maintaining their flare from more independed styling like on this 1959 model.

This nice, very nice. I saw this car in Falun a week and half earlier at the cruise there and this car really caught my eye. First the poison green color looks awesome on this Corvette, second it looked so spotless, just like been wrapped up from the box.

At the same spot as in the earlier years, A 1967 Shelby GT 350, with norwegian plates!

More Buicks how about this late forties - early fifties coupe in black?

One extra look on the green 'Vette...
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