Norwegian EMU.s.

NSB Bm 69.645
The Bm69.s are primally used on suburban traffic around Oslo area but unlike the suburban trains in Sweden sometimes fill in on regional and sometimes on IR runs as this three unit version in Gjövik in May 2003.

NSB Bm 70. in Hamar.
A sothbound Bm 70 is rolling from Hamar towards Skien. Date; of August 2004.

NSB Bm 70. in Hamar.
BM 70 trainset is caught with a clare on its nose as it picks up speed out of Hamar,
2007-06-16 Hamar.

NSB Bm 70.608
Under the gray skies waiting to unleach some heavy rain Bm70.608 is loading on passangers for a new run south to Skien.
2009-06-14 Lillehammer.

NSB Bm 70.609
Here another of the Bm70.s has terminated in Lillehammer before dashing back to south to Skien.
2007-06-16 Hamar,

NSB Bm 70.s in Lillehammer.
A two unit set of Bm 70.s are broken up in to a invidual sets at Lillehammer 3. of June 2004. The second set, lead by Bm 70.604 was switched over to track closer to the station and picked up passangers before leaving for Skien.

NSB Bm 70.601 in Otta.
A 4-car set of EMU BM 70 class ICE-train loads off passangers in Otta in the summer of 1996. Bm.70.s are built in the early '90.s and are today, mostly used in medium distance fasttrains..

NSB Bm 70.601.
The Dovre line from Lillehammer to south is busy, much thanks for the regional or as they are clled now Agenda trains to south to Oslo and Skien. The first of the trainsets was the Bm70,001 which cab car is numbered as Bm70,601. Caught in Lillehammer 30/5 2006

NSB Bm 70.001.
There seem nothing much changed in Lillehammer since my last visit. Oyes, the EMU has turned arund and the power car is now facing south. The power car are numbered as Bm70.001 while the matching cab trailer is Bm70.601. Lillehammer 31/8 2006

NSB Bm 70.002.
Arriving from Skien by Oslo the BM 70.002 arrives to its northen most terminus in the handsome station building in Lillehammer 31/8 2006

NSB Bm 70.003 in Hamar.
In the break of the dark Bm 70.003 on an Agenda run, slows down to the station track at Hamar in 3. of June 2004.

NSB Bm 70.603 in Hamar.
The northern terminal for the Agenda runs is Lillehammer and it seems that one of the Gjövik trains with still ultramodern E18 and a set of B5 generation cars are kept as reserv if one of the trainsets fails. Lillehammer 8. of June 2005.

NSB Bm 70.603 in Hamar.
Ifd you want to see the Bm70.s in numbers one of the best place is the yard in Lillehammer, where at any given time you will atleast find one train set. Lillehammer 30. of May 2006.

NSB Bm 70.604 in Hamar.
In September 2003, another Agenda train southbond stops to pick up passengers.

NSB Bm 70.604 in Hamar.
These two sets of train are the bulk for the Agenda trains except for the Trondheim area. The electric trains of BM 70 class, here with Bm 70.604 which is just leaving Hamar for SKien, and the Bm93.s on non electrical lines. The Agenda paint scheme has been applied as it looks like on every Bm70.s and the Bm93.s were painted in these colors right from the palnt. Date June 2005.

NSB Bm 70.004 & 604.
Bm706004 enters to its northern terminal at Lillehammer at track 1. All the EMU.s of this class seem to be repainted in new Agenda colors. Caught in Lillehammer 30/5 2006.

Just two days earlier the trainset was found parked on the most west ward track near the park and ride area.

NSB Bm 70.604.
Another consist of Bm 70 in Agenda colors slows down to the platform tracks of Hamar in 28. of August 2006.

NSB Bm 70.005 in Hamar.
In 8. of June 2005, a north bound Agenda train from Skien by Oslo to Lillehammer is slowing down for a stop at track no 1 in Hamar.

NSB Bm 70.605.
The Bm70 EMU.s are keeping the line Skien-Oslo-Lillehammer busy and this occationit is Bm70.605 leading its consist to the platform tracks of Hamar in 28. of August 2006.

NSB Bm 70.606 in Hamar.
In August 2004, another Agenda train northbond stops to pick up passengers for the final leg of the trip to Lillehammar.

NSB Bm 70.606 in Hamar.
Weekend means less trains at work, one of the EMu.s on vacation is Bm70,606 caught here at Hamar.
2007-09-15 Hamar.

NSB Bm 70.607 in Hamar.
As the number of trains used on traffic in lull hours some of the units are parked at the main stations. On 8th of June 2005 Bm70.oo7 was enjoying the last rays of warm rays of sun near the shops of Hamar.

NSB Bm 70.608
The former IC trainsets of Bm70-class are with in Agenda pool, and repainted to this striking silver and red scheme which gives the boxy appearence of the EMU a classic look.
Photo in Lillehammer May 2003.

NSB Bm 70.609
Here another of the Bm70.s has terminated in Lillehammer before dashing back to south to Skien.
2007-06-16 Hamar,

NSB Bm 70.611.
Weekend lull at Hamar with Bm70.611 is facing to the sun. It appears to need a nose wash.
2007-06-16 Hamar.

NSB Bm 70.011.
A Regional train in for mof Bm70.011 is coasting over the first switches of the southern most part of Hamar near the roundhouse on a north bound run to Lillehammer.
Hamar 2006-06-13.

NSB Bm 70.612
A BM70 trainset is making a stop in Lillehammer in in 1998. The noses of the Bm70.s and the El.14 shows the changes in design fashion from the and from the 90.s...

NSB Bm 70.013 in Hamar.
Bm 70.013 in Hamar in 3. of June 2004.

NSB Bm 70.014.
Bm 70.014 is the last passanger train for the day as it loads off passangers in Dombås close to the midniught. After that it pulls away to the southern throat and rolls up the furthern most track for cleaning up and leaving place for the coming freights.
Dombås 2009-06-15

NSB Bm 70.015.
The Bm70 EMU.s is picking up speed as it passes the roundhouse on its run to Skien by Oslo. Hamar in 28. of August 2006.

NSB Bm 70.015.
The regional runs have been extended on few runs from Lillehammer to Dombås at least on the late run and here two traisets are leaving the platform and switch itself to the tracks seen in the background before calling it the day.
Dombås 2008-06-14.

NSB Bm 70.616 in Hamar.
At HAmar once again a Bm70 makes a stop in Hamar on its northbound run to Lillehammer. Date 8th June 2005.

NSB Bm 73 at Otta.
This shot is a result of a foot trip up the road of Rondarne and was caught by tele lense. All I can say is that the train was heading south bound after this stop. No folks, I did catch the unit number.. Date August 2004.

NSB Bm73 and Bm93.011
These two different trainsets displays not only the latest additions on passanger service on NSB. They also shows in their schemes the different services. The Bm 73 is assigned for Signum trains which are the trade mark for the former IC trains, while Agenda with its red and silver is the formal IR and regional trains.

NSB Bm 73.001.
It is Signature train time in lillehammer and the most common version is to find a Bm 73. This one the first built creaps silently like giant predator to track one at Lillehammer on its north bound run in 30. May 2006.

NSB Bm 73.012
The southbound Signatur from Trondheim is slowing down for a stop at Dombås.

NSB Bm 73.005
A northbound Signature train has arrived for a short stop at Otta. From here the rather flat line transfers to a long grade untill it reaches the summit at Hjerkinn and from there a long downgrade alongthe route to Trondheim.
2007-06-18 Otta.

NSB Bm 73.005
One of the most supricing things, a NSB Bm73 in MOra! The paint sceheme is at least for me and it is suprising to see a flag ship of NSB sitting at a flagstop of Morastrand. If this the new paint for Bm73.s it does a great job to make these sleak train sets to look more exclusive.
2008-04-08 Mora.

NSB Bm 73.008
The top of the bill of NSB passanger runs are the Signature runs, with the very sleak BM 73 trainsets. Yes, I did say sleak as they look like been ready to lauched to space while standing still. Here a foursome of images of BM 73008 on the lead as it has stopped at track 1 in Lillehammerin 12. June 2004.

NSB Bm 73.009
The high speed trainset of Bm 73.s and its sisters of Bm71 (Gardemoen shuttletrains) are not to be taken for anything else. These sleak trainsets with their tasteful schemes is the flagships on NSB. Here two trainsets Bm 73.009 and Bm 73.011 arrives at Dombås.

NSB Bm 73.009
The passanger runs are dominated by various train sets today, so is the case in Norway too. Here a high speed Signature train with Bm73.009 has made a stop to load and load of passangers. Right across the platform is the connecting train made of Bm93.14 and Bm93.04 to the coastal town of Åndalsnes.
2007-06-17 Dombås.

NSB Bm 73.009.
A Signature train in for mof Bm73.009 is coasting over the first switches of the southern most part of Hamar near the roundhouse on a north bound run. Hamar 2006-06-13.

NSB Bm 73.010
Most of the Signatur runs I saw in late summer of 2004 featured a single Bm 73 four unit trainsets. One of the units kept busy was Bm.73.010 which I saw in Dombås in the veryu last day of August. The unit was also cught the following day at track 2 in Trondheim. So far the rather futuristic looking unit with their matching paint scheme are in very good shape compared to some of SJ X2000 units. Bur one thing that is certain is the fact the rail business in Norway and also in rest of the Scandinavia is slow and this is also witnessed by the rather thin timetable of the NSB rail services.

NSB Bm 73.010
In 2005 the sleak Bm73.s are hauling most of the Signature runs on the Dovre line. The units are will get some respectable amount of milage as seen on this set of images of Bm 73.010. First it is caught as it is slows for the final stop for the day at the busy station of Trondheim on the 5th of June, next day it is caught at Oppdal north of the Dovre mountains seen in the background in 6th of June 2005, two days later the same trainset rolls to the main track of Hamar from Oslo and it will head out to Trondheim before calling the day.

NSB Bm 73.010.
The Bm73 EMU.s are the stars on passanger service on rails in Norway. Looking as noble as its reputation trainset 10, with bm 73.010 on lead slows down for the stop in Hamar in 28. of August 2006.

NSB Bm 73.011.
A south bound Regional train as the all long and medium distant trains are called in 2009, with a single Bm 73 trainset is stopping at Otta. Still there are quite a few Bm73.s in their original Signature paint scheme. Right now there are three paint schemes on these handsome trains. This purple, an earlier red, where the purple is replaced by red and the new red and silver with orange graphics. Otta 2009-06-15.

NSB Bm 73.012
it is 29. of August 2006 in Otta and Bm 73.012 stops with an south bound train.

NSB Bm 73.013
The futuristic cab of Bm 73 looks timeless, compared with many other designs of current high speed trains.

NSB Bm 73.112.
A Signature train gently sweeps the curve at speed through the valley of Gudbranddalen between Fåberg and Tretten on a southbound run in 30/5 2006.

NSB Bm 73.113.
ANother run as a Signature run from Trondheim to Oslo. The train has once more conquered the Dovre Mountains and has drifted along the valley to Otta. Fro here it will see a little trouple for the remaining leg of the trip. Otta 2008-06-14.

NSB Bm 73.013
It is 7th day in June 2005 and this set of images is from Otta where the Bm 73 slows in to load off an on passengers.

NSB Bm 73.014
Four generations.
Sometimes you need a bit of luck to take some cool photos. Here we see in one shot four generations of trains or motive power. The old days is brought by the steam in form type 3a 271 sitting with its wooden cars, the 50.s and sixties by El11.2107 leading the preserved consist. To the right on latter pics a B7 generation trainset from the 1980.s with the star engine of the 1990.s El18 on the lead. The current star presenting 21. century Bm73.014. August 2006 in Otta.

NSB Bm 73.113.
It is about noon in Dombås and the tourist season is just a week away and this quiet exchange of passangers will be a thing of the past. The Signature train is Bm 73.014 which is getting readdy to tack on the last remaining grade to the pass at Hjerkinn before drifting down to Oppdal and from there the tripp. to Trondheim will be easy. While the Diesel train will load for a handful passengers to Åndalsnes. I guess two train sets are to be needed for this run the following week. Dombås 2008-06-24

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