Norwegian DMU.s

NSB Bm 91 & BFS86
BM 91 and a BFS86 trailer (a post office, baggage, passanger combine) seen here at forground was a loooong way from home when I took this picture in Mora in 15th. July 2002. Anyway they looked lost. Appearently there was a some kind of trouble as the folks around the consist was occupied with cell phones, and I do mean all of them!. A nice looking railcar combo, common not too long ago. The main difference between Bm 86 and Bm 91 is majorly in different interiours, Bm 86 is mainly for local runs while Bm 91 is suited for longer runs.

NSB Bm 86.32
Bm 86.22 in Dombås The 86/91 class railcars where used MU:ed with trailercars or railcars from expresstrain service to branchline locals throughout Norway. They where replaced in service by the Bm92 class and engine powered trains. Several units of railcars and trailers are preserved in Norway, Denmark, Germany and England.

NSB Bm 86.12
Bm 86.12 in Eina with a sister. The units are now owned by Valdresbanen are used in excursions along the line.

NSB Bm 92.81 and a BM86 at Marieborg
There are thirty years of difference of regional DMU. seen here. Both has been successful and considered as classics. Today in times of Signature and Agenda trainsets, Bm 92 are the only ones wearing this rather handsome version of red, black and yellow common in the 1990.s red and the Bm86/91 were constructed post WW II, and in this form from the fifties. The Bm 86/91 with trailers, were used on everything locals to even experss trains.

NSB Bm 92.01-BM92.51
It is a sunny day at the last days of September 2011. A few trainsets has gathered in the yard of Röros and both Bm01 seen here and its sister BM92.08 are idleing before they are positioned on their spots on the platform. While BM92.08 and its trailer BM92.58 are nothbound for Trondheim, the first BM 92 made ever is positioned on number 2 track for a southbound run to Hamar. Röros 2011-09-24

NSB Bm 92.02-92.51
I don't know how common this is as the Röros line is dominated by the Talent tilt-DMU.s of BM93 class, which are allowed to run the line a bit faster. But I guess this is cause for the ten minute delay as the the south bound train enters the platform tracks at Elverum in 2/6 2006. Note how nicely the new Agenda scheme goes along with these classic DMU.s.

NSB Bm 92.02 at Trondheim
This rather stressed photo of Bm 92.02 is the first of this class in Agenda scheme. The units are in three version of paint schemes, the original red and black with yellow trim, the Nabo train version of this scheme with additional graphics, and in the Agenda colors.

NSB Bm 92.03 at Trondheim
DMU Bm 92.03 is sitting at the terminal in Marieborg in 1. June 2004.

NSB Bm 92.04
DMU Bm 92.04 has just a few hundreds of meters before arriving to Trondheim. May 1998.

The same unit at track one in same city, in of September six years later.

NSB Bm 92.04 in Trondheim
The work is done and the Bm 92.04 rolls soon over the Skansen bridge enroute to the terminal in Marieborg. 1. Jue 2004.

NSB Bm 92.05 in Trondheim
DMU BM 92 in Trondheim. These 2-unit trainsets are used in unelectrified lines as regionaltrains, as well in Trondheim-area in commutertrain service.

NSB Bm 92.06 & Bm 92.56
DMU BM 92.56/Bm92.06 arrives to track one at the Trondheim from Hell in north on its way to south.

NSB Bm 92.07
The area of Marieborg is not only a major shop for NSB, but also a commuter stop. The commuter service in Trondheim area is still a strong hold for Bm 92.07 and her sisters. Date September 2004,

NSB Bm 92.07
A year later the Bm 92.07 is repainted and ready for a commuter train to north to Stjerdal. Photo 5th June 2005 at Trondheim.

NSB Bm 92.08 at Marieborg
DMU BM 92.08 has stopped to pick up passangers at the modern suburban station of Marieborg, located near the shops and the engine terminal at Trondheim in end of August 2003.

NSB Bm 92.08 - BM 92.58 at Röros
DMU BM 92.08 is at work dring this weekend. Parked on the house platform while ideling it is allmost ready to open up the dorrs and leave for Trondheim. Compared to the image 8 years ago the two unit trainset has been repainted in to the current regiolal paint of black silver and red, but still busy at Trondheim district. Röros 2011-09-24.

NSB Bm 92.09 at Hell
In the late evening at the very last day of May in dramatic surrounding Bm 92.09 is rolling in to a station with the wrmest name odf all, Hell, yes Hell. I must say it was a rather cold evening but the sun set was just beautful and the dark mountain wall in the background combind the lights reflecting on the track adds a bit of drama aswell. . Date: August 2003.

NSB Bm 92.11 in Oppdal
The services around Trondheim extends as south as Oppdal, located at the north end of the Dovre Mountains. As the new generation of DMU.s of Bm 93.s are painted in Agenda scheme, it was a bit supricing to see BM92.s still in their original scheme. Date: August 2003.

NSB Bm 92.11 at Marieborg
The Bm 92 just been rolled out from the sheds of the terminal of Marieborg in Trondheim and the engine has been started before the inspection and another day of work in Trondheim community service. The service is to Stjordal in north and to Oppdal at the foot of the Dovre mountains to south. Once common on Röros line they have been bumped from the service by the Agenda Bm 73 Talents.

NSB Bm 92.11
DMU BM 92.11. is slowing for a stop at the Tronheim Central Station on its north bound run.
2007-06-19 Trondheim.

NSB Bm 92.12
After taking photos of a Bm 92 trainset itting on this track I might as well boldly guess that this track is reserved for these trainsets. This time 6th of June 2005 the track is occupied by Bm92.12.

NSB Bm 92.13
One of the more intersting projects of the Euoropean Community,is the Nabo trains between Trondheim and Östersund in Sweden. The Bm92.13 seen here has received special grafics to promote the twice a day services between the both citites as well with a special logo on the car sides. Photo in Östersund of August 2003.

NSB Bm 92.13
Bm 92.13 has just left Östersund on its way to Trondheim and has just cleard the yard throat and accelerates on the clear track as it passes an road crossing. Östersund 5th of June 2005.

NSB Bm 92.15
DMU BM 92.15. gaining up sped to the south bound run. The services south from Trondheim are extended to Oppdal, whcih is a long run and also they work on Röros line. run.
2007-06-19 Trondheim.

NSB Bm 92
A Bm 92 is sitting on shop tracks of marieborg in 6th of June 2005. In both schemes these train sets looks very nice.

NSB Bm 92.55
Bm 92.55 is picking up passangers in Hamar before heading to north over the Röros line.
2008-08-03 Hamar

NSB Bm 92.57
Bm 92.57 about to depart to Stjerdal at Trondheim 28/8 2003.

NSB Bm 92.82
The rather handsome DMU.s B92 are rather handsome replacement sfor the ageing Bm86/91.s. They were built as two unit sets, with one powercar and and trailer with a cab. The trailers are of two versions depending on the size needed for express freights.

NSB Bm 93 in Elverum
The new look on passenger runs in Norwy. There are two main classifications of mainline runs. The stars are the Signature trains decked in attractive scheme of silver and blue and the Agenda which resulted in also attactive sheme. The new Talent-trains of Bm93.s replaced the venerable Di3.s and B3 generation trains on the unelectrified lines, as seen here in Elverum in 2002. I know that the quality of the shot could be better, however it does show the rather sleak lines of these units.

NSB Bm 93 in Dombås
In 2000 the NSB was taking a new look. The new 4-unit EMU.s of 73 class tilttrains took over the most prestiques runs on elctrified mainlines and the service is called "Signatur" and for "diesel" branches the new Bombardier Talent trains of BM 93 class took over the part usually reserved for in later years in rather grimy DI3 and combination of cars of B3 generation. The BM 93 aswell as the BM are in interregional service called "Agenda". The Agenda trains will be repainted in this silver, blue and red scheme. Dombås in may 2001.

NSB Bm 93 in Hamar.
The sleakness of the Bm 93.s are highlighted by this handsome choise of paint scheme but there is only thing I object as a photographer, it is rather hard to read the unit numbers. Anyway this overhead shot is taken in Hamar in 8th of June 2005 and shows rather well the numbers of details found on its roof.

NSB Bm 93.s in Rauma line
NSB Bm 93.s at Rauma line in 2004

Bm 93.06 waiting for departure in Dombås

and here arrives to Bjorli...

Where it is enjoying a little break

At Verma a Dombås bound DMU is crossing the famous Kylling Bridge

In 2004, the Bm 93.s domintes the passanger runs. Long gone are the Di3.s and B3-generation cars on the line, in later years in rather grimy in looks but still fighting the grades, I was a bit conserned at first when in comperansion puny rail cars took over the runs, but they do provide a sence of elegance and rather large windows for the passengers to admire the surroundings.

NSB Bm 93.01.
The class unit of Bm93.s the 93.01 is MU.ed to a sister unit on rather deserted run to Dombås, on reason are the rather stiff prices on fairs and the second is the fact it is Sunday morning. I guess the following week will be much busier and I believe running MU.ed is some sort of dress rehearsal.
2008-06-15 Åndalsnes.

NSB Bm 93.04.
The Bm 93.s are run in multiple units as the tourist season is allmost here and the thr Rauma line is a very scenic line and offers a lot to see for the torists. Today Bm93.14 and Bm93.04 are teaming up to the train leaving Dombås right after the noon.
2007-06-17 Dombås.

NSB Bm 93.06
Passanger trains are on the Rauma line are turf for the Bm93.s and one of them is BM93.06 seen here in Åndalsnes and between Flatmark and Marstein in 31/5 2006 .

NSB Bm 93.07
Appearently there is no paaseengers to board the trai or board off the train at Lesjaverk in 31/5 2006 as the DMU coasts past the former station on its way to Åndalsnes.

NSB Bm 93.13.
The Bm 93.s are used on Nordland lines "Ole Tobias" trains, on the Rauma line and on the Röros line which terminates in Hamar. Here perhaps the last train of the eveneing is about to leave for a rather long run northbound. It is the 8th of June 2005 and Bm93.13 is in charge.

NSB Bm 93.14.
The Bm 93.s are run in multiple units as the tourist season is allmost here and the thr Rauma line is a very scenic line and offers a lot to see for the torists. Today Bm93.14 and Bm93.04 are teaming up to the train leaving Dombås right after the noon.
2007-06-17 Dombås.

NSB Bm 93.34 in Dombås
BM 93.s rule the Raumaline passanger runs. The line uses a pair of these sleak DMU.s which either parked in Dombås or in Åndalnes between the runs.

NSB Bm 93.08 in Dombås, May 2003.

NSB Bm 93.08 &Bm 93.11 in Åndalsnes, May 2003.
The Di3.s on passenger runs are a thing of the past. Though the Talents used on these runs looks a bit puny, compared to a large diesel and few passanger cars but seem to enough to give passangers comfortable ride over the diesel lines in Norway.

NSB Bm 93.11 at Kyllingbro, Verma

NSB Bm 93.11 in Åndalsnes in May 2003.
One of the rail related highlights on Raumaline is the loops and the stone arch bridge in Verma. Nailing a train on this line is allways welcome for any photographer. The rail car is Bm 93.011, which has entered to the end of the line in Åndalsnes in the second shot.

NSB Bm 93.17 in Dombås in September 2003.
In few years the NSB services are dominated by rail cars, both elecric and diesel. Also shown here are the colors of the both major products marketed by NSB, the long distace Signatur and the regional (note the designation of local is now gone) Agenda. Date 30th August 2004.

NSB Bm 93.54 & Bm93.64.
The both Bm 93.s have been disconnected and will handle the rest of the passanger runs as a single units. Bm 93.54 seem to have been involved in a fender bender.
2007-06-17 Åndalsnes.

NSB Bm 93.54.
...No the engineer is not sleeping, he is reading to kill a few minutes before a Signature train pulls up from Oslo to the next track and load of a few passengers to Åndalsnes.
2008-06-17 Dombås.

NSB Bm 93.58.
It is rather easy to forget the Röros line from the much busier line over Dovre. Now adays this line has become more like a sleepy branch line than a busy main line. Never the less the line still sees both passenger and freight service. Here Bm 93.58 has rolled to Elverum from Hamar on its long run to Röros
2008-06-17 Elverum.

The same unit caught on Rauma Line not far from Lesjaverk on run to Åndalsnes. 2008-06-15 Lesjaverk

NSB Bm 93.59.
In 7th of June 2005, the pair of the Bm93.s including unit Bm 93.59 are parked at the yard of Åndalsnes. Though looking much punier than the Di3.s and few B3-generaiton cars they replaced they seem to offer enough seating for the run on this VERY scenic line to Dombås.

NSB Bm 93.60.
Though the weather in June 2008 was pretty bad, it did offer moments of warm weather and a bit of sun. There is not much beach bumming for Bm93.60 and its sister Bm93.01, as it will race its way to Dombås through some of the most scenic routes anywhere in Europe.
2008-06-15 Åndalsnes.

NSB Bm 93 in Röros in May 2003.
The Röros line is now a Bm93 hunting ground. This motorcar offered a evening connection for travellers to Stören and Trondheim as it paused for a stop in Röros in may 2003.

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