I was back in August 2006 and the weather was pretty much OK. As I got hungry I stayed in the small town a bit longer. This much be the most beautyful place on Earth, at least the most breathtaking place I ever visited. I actually sat for a couple of hours totally lost in dreams. The town itself is a mix of a fishing hamlet and bit of MonteCarlo in it. Though the large hotels are way bigger than the cottages, they ae all towered by the surrounding peaks that looked a lot like they would crush the community when ever they decide to do so. But the town is definetely worth while to kill hours...

Geiranger in pictures!

Instead of of writing to much text I will let the pictures do the talking. Geiranger has a small but a busy port wit car ferries, abit larger that will take you to the next fjord. The price was not that hugely expensive, and one way trip will take 65 minutes. Next year, if the schedule is not tight I will make it.

(Stryn) (Romsdal)

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