Stryn is located at the end of a fjord, near the famous glacier Jostedalsbreen. But the road there offers a lot of nice scenery with a lake with mountain background. You can get there with two alternatives, the new highway which enters in to a system of tunnels right after crossing with the scenic high way from geiranger at high mountian plain or using the historic tourist road. Here is a few photos from that area and the town of Stryn.

(Fall colors in the mountains)
A trip over the mountains of Stryn in september 2010.

Stryn is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Stryn center has 2107 inhabitants (2006), with nearly 7,000 in the municipality. The municipality is located innermost in Nordfjord.

Stryn is world famous for its beautiful scenery with glaciers and majestic mountains running into the mirroring fjords and lakes. The most famous glacier is named Briksdal glacier and lies in Oldedalen, but the Stryn area offers numerous spectacular valley glaciers, amongst them Břdal glacier and Kjenndal glacier. Most of the valley glaciers in Stryn are originating from the great Jostedal glacier (Jostedalsbreen) between the Nordfjord and Sogn areas. Stryn is known for its all year glacier skiing, and is the home of the footballer-brothers Tore André Flo, Jarle Flo and Jostein Flo as well as their footballing-cousin Hĺvard Flo.

Ramnefjellsfossen, the third highest free-leaping waterfall in the world, is located in the municipality. Stryn also has the largest linden forest in northern Europe. The largest lakes are Strynsvatn, Loenvatnet and Oldevatnet.

The name (Norse Strjónar) originally (probably) belonged to the river of Stryneelva. The name is derived from strjónn m '(strong) stream

(Lom) (Geiranger) (Stryn tourist route in fall)
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