Welcome to my Weird World!

This is the new addition of this web page and the layout is new and it now consists of a blog that will be updated once in a while yet not daily. A place where I rambler about just about anything. One new section is a new photo section of live shots of various artists I have had the change to photograph.

It has been fun to make these changes on this site over the years and this version is a first step for a new thinking of mine, kind of sparse in color color perhaps. But that is changes, a sign of time and time never stands still. Much of the update on this site is on the blog, and the various features on this site, so browse around hand have fun. Some of it is serious, some are not.

In the beginning the idea of this site was to find a mean to display my art, but lately I have photographing alot more so there are actually many various sites and portofolios of that on this site. But the art section is now renewed and up to date and yes there are my own commentaries to each one.

All sites are in English except for Pro Finlandia and Basic HTMLwhich is only in Swedish.


My other sites.

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