Classic Car Week 2003.

Rättvik, Sweden

Gas station scenes are allways a special, especially while catching a nice'34 3 window Coupe next to the pumps.
In 1958, the first of the Chey Impalas, you could get them in only two configurations, as a coupe or as a convertible. From rear, you could see one of their trademarks, the triple set of rear lights. The former top of the line series, Bel Airs and other models have only two sets. But the cars share the same common body which was only available on all GM cars of 1958, the frame survived one more year on the 1959 models whose bodies were radically different.

The late '60.ies muscle cars are allways exiting like this Pontiac GTO convertible.

One of the favorite cars of mine, a 54 Phord in nice condition & 4 sale.....

The US-cars from late 1970.s and 1980 are kind of rare in Sweden and even more rare are customized cars like this Norwegian Monte Carlo.

It was nice to see a coupe of buddies there, especially when they got their wheels with them. The bike in the front is a remodelled HD 47 and the bike in the background is a HD powered trike.

A study on forks.

As a gesture for supporting locals a third pic.

A '32 Phord Tudor as a early fifties style highboy? It works too!

Perhaps more common a 32 roadster as a highboy.

More variation on 32 highboys, 3 window coupe with blown big block.

There is a bit more than what meets the eye.... Lets see a '32 radiator, perhaps, I am not sure, an early Studebacker body.....

A late ´20-s Ford Tudor is allways a nice staring point for rod....

A fendered '34 three window coupe with a blown big block. While shooting this car a a passing car was pumping ZZ Tops "Gimme All Your Lovin'" through the car stereo... Close enough, if I only could flag her down...

This is perhaps my favorite way to see a rod, cruising at low speed, but looking like running in super sonic speed. The car is the same as the car on the top of the page..

A classic Merc coupe is one favorite, way to start singing th Mercury Blues. "... If I had money....."

How about this low budjet alternative. A Renault 5 with the roof cut down in black with full flame paint over her nose. Economical, way of doing the fun but don't expect to find this burning tires...

Here's no chicken shit, a blown big block sitting mean in a Deuce Tudor...

Cars in candy colors are not as common as they were in the seventies. In Candy apple re on silver base , this '32 roadster becomes a scene stealer anywhere.

Yes, yes, it is a same car from same view, so what?.

This is very nice!. A beautyful 1956 Chevy 210 2 door sedan that retained it original trim. As the Bel Air was only offered as a coupe, converible or the new 4 door hardtop besides the top of the car on Chevrolet cathalogue that year Nomad. Unlike some cars of the vintage, this retains its looks as a 210.

The second verse on Mercury Blues should mention something about a Merc as a convertible...

The classic Chevies should be included here, as this Bel Air coupe with a Connie kit from the first year Chevy offered a V8, 1955.

A mid fifites Merc sitting on the sidewalk. More pic of this car follows...

The Classic Car Week is a place you will find various offerings from Detroit Rock City. A study on the incredible styling from the period. There have been a lot of work on restoring these cars.

Hopefully this new Chrysler Seebring still have many years before it has to undergo restoration. The question is will there be any interest in let's say, 40 years to do so?

This '58 Olds 4 door Hardtop was suffering from the hot summer night. Check out more cars that were grazy from the heat on this feature.

I don't about you guys, but I got this thing with 'vettes. One of these days...

In 1959 the GM styling got even more radical, as seen on the Chevy Impala Converible. I built few years a plastic kit of this modell and ended up in same looks. Black body, white trim, and red upholstery. Black goes very well with this car.

Late sixties Shelby GT 350 is one of my favorites, this came from Norway and was hard to get decent pictures on. Who would mind having this parked on your driveway. not me.

There was a number of bikes parked near the Railway station and this was my favorite. All through with taste and tricks.

In case if Ford lovers went grazy on the '58 Olds going grazy from the heat.

Sleak late thirties Chevy Tudor, in subtile colors of dark grey and maroon.

There was a lot of common interest from the locals and from the people who took a trip specially for the occation as this gentleman who was not aware of sitting and halfmooning.

One good thing on taking pic.s on cars from the midfifties as they tend to look just as good from the rear, like this Caddy with a Connie kit-

Now Wow!, 1953 Ford truck in mint green!!!

It's kind of strange, the pre Stingray vettes have not been a favorites of mine, but seeing this and another one same night changed my opinion rather drasticly. Sexy in red...

Front view show that the arrangement is from 1958 and later.

So far no comment about the visitors, they were plentyful and many had camping gears like foldout tables and cahirs to give them first row seats of the show..

The T-bird from sixties with options, like a speedster kit that makes the four seater to an two seater.
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