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A humble beginning.

Check out the humble beginning of the new Garage scenes feature. Not, much yeat but there will be..

A most unusual bird in the parking lot.

One of the kool things of the summer is the fat that there are alot of nize cars around and this onse really got me puzzled as it had a body shape of a pre WWII Chevy with unusual front. But while talking with the owner, I was settled that the car is indeed a 1939 model Pontiac. I like the yellow paint and the way this rodded chief turned out.

Nice warm up for for the annual Classic Car Week, in Rättvik.

Just married? (a look at the neighbourhood).

Oh no, not me, I was out taking pics when I came across this. An Imperial in black will give the first ride for a newly weds.
Makes you think twice about single life, don't you think.

A new car in the neighbourhood. A young guy with a newly imported De Soto in good shape. So is the lady in blue jeans too....

The rather conservative Brittish car design during the fifties took notice of the new styling across the bond. This is obvious on the larger cars like this Ford Zephyr.

Rättvik by night... or night at the pumps.

In early May 2004 it was the time for annual market weekend in Rättvik. As the Classic Car is a now a days a ficture among the activities, they arranged various features among the frame of this weekend. Also the huge get together laeds in to some spontanious cruising as well. I got out there and waited for the darkness (not the band, the actual sun down) to shoot some images....

Rodded Opel!

If you want to have a change from the typical Phords as street rods perhaps GM or Chrystlers cathalogue of models from pre 1948 would interest you. But this Opel Kapitän is definitely a change with a whole lot of potential. Check out the nose and the lines that let the car transform itself to a classic rod, I would love to see this car finished cleaming in the dark... a really mean ride...

Early Volvo 121 Amazon as daily drive.

This car hit a soft spot, you see my dad once had '59 model of this car, which was a result of early prosperity of our family. Later after selling the car, and a greyish green Ford Cortina he got a sea blue 121 of '65 model which featured a galour blue interiour....

Forgotten classics...?

It is kind of nostalgic kick to see them, though often in more or less in abandoned state. Old trucks and buses not yet old enough to be restored by someone with a strong back and a lot of space. Anyway here is pic of an old Volvo truck from the fifties and Scania bus converted to a camping car/truck/bus from same vintage.

Same thing goes to these cars, no longer of pride of drive ways. The cars is a 1952 Volvo PV 444, which is sought after object for renovation today. Hulks like this cost more than few kronors today.

A Volvo PV 544 from the sixities and early sixties models Opel Kadette and Ford Taunus. It is incredible how flimsy these cars looks like compared to modern cars.

Spring scenes from Bollnäs,

I was out for take som spring photos from my general photo webpage as I ran into this scene with two well kept classic Phords in Bollnäs. It is kind of hard to think of that there is only a decade parting the cars from each other but in forms and graffics a whole world of difference. Both were looking good, but the Connie kit on the Fairline adds a bit more sleakness to its calssic lines.

A Toyota Mr2 is perhaps a common more economic choise to the famous red cars from Modena Italy, in red and five spoked wheels the good enough to fool anyone at the first clance.

Ferrari Modena parked in the mall.

Ferrari Modena is sort of a car no one wouldn't mind seen parked at your drive way. Low, fast, sleak and as much temperamente you would inmagine from Italy. The car was as a dispaly for a racing team, parked in the middle of a mall in Stockholm during the April fools day, 2003.

Various cars from the summer of 2003.

Porsche 928.s have become rare in Sweden, as the the rcession of the nineties hit hard on exotics, many found their way back to Germany as the stock brokers needed cash FAST. This reecently repainted 928 S was found in Hamar, Norway. I guess that the smell of fresh paint of the sleak German, could not hide my suspicions of not being as pristine shape it appeared to be.

People in Scandinavia has fallen for the big winged Caddies of 1959, in Sweden they are among the most desired vintage cars, and this one prooves that at least one Norwegina have a same weakness for the big Caddy. Fly baby, fly...

I have weakness for sleak Bavarian coupes, BMW have a tradition of maikng beautiful coupes sinve the the days of 3.0 and the 600 series. The 850 is even more powerful, and sleaker than its older cousins ...

What? a moped on a classy car site as this? As I am a fan of 'Vettes I have enough of sence of humour to take shot a picture like this. Perhaps a budjet version of the American sprts car, albeit two less wheels, and some bit slower.

A Checker cab, in Yellow Cab paint looking like beean a faaaaar away from home turf. The car ended up in Sälen Sweden, if the meter was on over the trip, this must have been the most expensive ride of Yellow Cab history. Taxi....!!

For me as child of the sixties this small collection of photos taken from the surroundings of a private home/cars shop brings a little nostalgia for me. These cars were common on the highways only 30 years ago and are today long gone.

The first car is a Opel Kadette coupe, from ca 1970, one of the nicer looking European compacts from that era.

The next is Ford Cortina, which orignally was a sort of sporty family Ford offering from their European cathaloque. The top of the line was Ford Lotus Cortina, which was considered more of a beast, than a family car. At the end of the sixties. The new Cortina came along loosing its spory image to the new Escort, which was like the earlier Cortina popular car for tracks and in rally. This is the second generation car.

Most known of early compacts were the Morris Mini, of which we see apir of estate versions here.

I don't know of the van here looking like the Winnie the Puh having a bit too much to drink at the pub the night before, leaning its aching head against lamp post.

Vintage cars from the thirties are charming, weather as original or as rods. To catch this threesome at a gas station in Otta, Norway is definetive worth a few shots.

U.S Army Dodge 4 X 4.s in motion brings up the TV-serie of MASH to my mind, wonder if Hawkeye or Pierce are sober enough for operation today?