Garage scenes.

This one will feature pics of cars while been renovated or built. The feature will receive more images in the future.

Yankee Car Club. Borlänge

I was driving around in Borlänge doing some photography, when I caught up seeing a beautyful 58 coupe at the parking lot and somewhere in the corner of my eye I noticed a radiator mask of an A-Ford sitting unusually low. This caused a 180 degree turn to find out some more.

I was suddently at the garage of Yankee Car Club. While being there I had a chat with the A-Ford which turned out to be a late model T-Ford Roadsters owner. The car featured a Chrysler big block, which will be more than enough to turn the car in to a highway rocket, and the incredible low car will give even more sence of great speed as you will sit incredible low, a very nice way to have a perfect angle for birdwatching....

There was more intersting cars, like this '55 T-bird undergoing renovation few more months and the car will definetly turn heads. If smooth cruising is not a thing for you, how about this drag strip Volvo 740. The car gives a bit more than the Volvos usual safe mode of family transportation. What about that '58 Chevy DelRay coupe? It took off so it will be for next time.....

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