Back 2 art In late 2004 I have finally had time to do some thing with a pencil and paper. Click on the images above to learn more!

Mora show 1 Mora show 2
The exebition in Mora Kulturhus.
February 1998.

The exebitions so far:

  • Spring exebition. Orsa. 1992.
  • Spring exebitions. Mora. 1993-1997.
  • Mora Glasmästeri,Mora. 1997.
  • Kulturveckan i Mora. 1997
  • Miljömässan Skeer, Orsa. 1997.
  • Kulturhuset i Mora. 1998.


It all started with a vacation to the Rhode Island in Creece in the late 80.s. Little did I know that that vacation would make a major change in my life. I met a girl who I dated for awhile after the vacation from Dalarna. Back then I was a die hard Stockholm inhabitant.
She invited me to the area and before long I was invited to Dalarna and overwhelmed with the surrounding scenery. Back home I tried to capture what I saw on a newly purchased sketchbook. My schetches improved after sketch after sketch. Before long I was encouraged to attend to some local exebitions to show my earlier work.
The visitors liked my work and I started to spend more and more time with these. I worked with my drawings while visiting Orsa, my parents had back then purchased a house there. In 1996 I finally moved to Mora in pursuit with work as a fulltime artist. Though my pencil work was regonized, but not to be compared with "real" paintings, so I made shift..
From day one in Mora I started to experient with watercolors to find out its possibilities, and its limitations in four different paintings not shown here (one eagle, a lynx and two sceneries). I found out that I could translate my aim and visions to watercolors while working on landscapes while fured animals would be harder, but I still am looking by experimenting a mean with these colors more effective way to give it a sence of softness.
During 1998-1999 I will spend time learning to use computers here in Mora and this is the sole reason why I plan not to attend to exebitions att all during this period. But during the fall I plan to go back to painting and to exebitions. My major influences is the beauty of the mother nature itself.
By the way, all paintings and drawings are sized 60cm X 80 cm or 80 X 60 cm, unless noted otherwise.
Rondarne I have so far received very favorable comments for my work by people and by the local media, and by fellow artists aswell. I do not have to much contact with the local art community, except for naturally, my mother who is a painter as well I made a homepage with her work so please check it out on Helinä Ahokas Webgallery..
Waterstop At Highlands Summer of the year 2000 made a very nice feature on my art and my previous version of this homepage.
Here is the link to that page. Olavi Ahokas on

For more Information:

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Geiranger1. Paintings
Landscapes, bikes and buildings in couache.
1996 - present.

Jotumheim 1. Drawings
Landscapes, wildanimals and buildings with a pencil.
1990 - 1996.

Benita. Photoshop & Web-related items
Computer related items, webdesigns, CD-cover and computermade art.
1998 - present.