Wasa Ski Run 2007.

The special train for ICA.


One of the first special trains was this short train from IBAB. The train was parked in Orsa and consisted of the final red painted IBAB TMX. Along for the ride was a generator car to provide heating and electrical power. An ex West German diner car, a former SJ first class car both in new IBAB paint followed by IBABs rare birds, a pair of ex SJ BC3 class sleepertes in aversion of old scheme. My guess this was a sort of business train for some sponsors for the ski rase. The next day the train was till sitting in Orsa yard, but the engine was facing north on the other end of the consist.


I guess this is the main event, the huge chartered train by daily grocery firm ICA. The train this year is largely dominated by ex. DB couchettes, sold of to Slovakia for a car rental/travel agency. But about the third of the consist is made of a number of SJ.s special and lounge cars. The new black livery of SJ is showing off. Even F25 baggage car, which have become inhabitants on the scrap tracks, has been nicely refurbished and looks rather classic in the new black paint. This year SJ had desisded that a recently outshopped Rc6 was enough to power this monster train of fully loaded 14 cars. In previous years this job has been handled by two units. The train continued to the strat of the race with aid of IBAB Nohabs that was parked in the other end of the yard.

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