Wasa Ski Run 2006.

The special train for ICA.

On 24th of February it was the first day of Wasa Ski Run Week in Mora. For a week Mora transforms itself in to a well running ski resort and all most doubles the number of people living, or at least sleeping in town. The first event is Tjejwasan, a ski run of 1/3 of the entire ski run and this first one is only for ladies.

As a tradition one of the largest food chains in Sweden, ICA rents a special train that is pretty much indeed special, it is about twice as long as any regular trains. While it was cut in to two sections to fit in Mora yard, the sections each were whopping 12-14 cars. A pair of SJ Rc.s provided the power and traction on the electric line while a pair of IBAB TMX.s did the honors to Oxberg where the train was switched in to the tracks of a former timber terminal next to the start of the ski run.

One of the intersting features of these trains that occationally it also consists foreign cars, and this year three ex Deutche Bahn AG couchette cars in Verkehrsrot was included. This must be the very first time that German passanger cars have visited in the area wearing this paint. The other types of cars was mostly consisting of SJ.s own couchettes, mostly rebuilt from fourties generation cars and it is actually amaizing to see these in such a good shape. A few modern sleeping cars and a number of special cars like from SJ.s fleet of business and special lounge cars rounded up the consist.

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