Wasa skirun Specials during 2004.

The special in Mora 27/2 2004

Suddently the yard was crowded again

This is actually first follow up feature on this site as one of the first features actually was the skitrain of 2004. In 2004 SJ mobilizied a fleet of own sleepers and sleeperets instead of leasing cars. This year, the train actually one gigant train in stead of last years three long ones. Spliced in the trainset was same special cars like conference cars etc.

The train is a once a year, used to haul skiers of the femail only ski race of 30 kilometers between Oxberg and Mora. Males race following sunday from Sälen to Mora a distance of ca. 90 kilometers.

The train was hauled to Mora by a pair of Rc6.s #Rc6 1406 and Rc 6 1403 and the list strech Mora Oxberg by a pair of T44.s. The T44 was dead hauled in the daily Lunch break Special as seen in the images, powered by GC Rc4 1144 .

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