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TMY 1156.

TMY 1156
Ex DSB swedish built MY class have found themselves back to Sweden and seem to be lease units for those regional lines that needs a little extra muscle. The Danish like the Belgian units are equipped with a idle axle in the trucks while the Norwegian and Hungarian units are true six axle powered units. This unit was built in 1965 with serial number 2607/65 and was withdrawn by DSB in 2001, as it was sold to TraXion and in 2003 sold to TGOJ in Sweden, where it and some of the sisters are used in lease units for private lines and heavy industry. As you can see the unit still sports the paint scheem introduced by DSB in the early seventies and even the lettering of its former owner is traced by a rather basic over rushing. The unit was parked at Mora, I suppose because some failure. The TGOJ units seem to be very common on Inland line in fall 2006.

Many of DSB.s active MY.s and as it appeares some of TMX.units received switching platforms in their later days in DSB service. Some as this units even received additional light casting for the back up lights during this era, and after a snow blizzard in Danmark in late 1980.smost of the units, if not all sports snow plows.

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