T44 277 & T44 404.

Look on an early and a late production units.

T44 277

T44 404

T44.s were introduced in the late 1960.es and it replaced the earlier T 43.s on the production line. The T44.s were unlike T43.s designed as swithchers as well and this is easy to spot on the sloping long hood. The production of the class lasted to the mid 1980.s and within this time the class of units were modified. Most obvious was that the later unit received full railing and stanchions around the sills and the earlier uints in some cases were modified this way. But ther are a quite a few earlier units which did not or got only partial railings.

In 1990.es SJ changed its appearance to the current blue scheme and a number of units were modified with remote or radio controll, these units are easy to spot from antennas reminding of TV areals, to improve crew confort, many of the units received AC in the cabs and the AC-casing is loacted on the front end of the cab, the front end is the long hood end. One of the units T44337, received as one of the two units the first version of the blue scheme, which it wears even today. The unit received other treatment like blck painted window trim. In late 1990.s the freight section of SJ spun off to the new company name of green gargo and one unit was indeed repainted in green, but still majority of the units are blue and some units are orange. Green Gargo just applied a bit of paint or film over the old markings andecalled the units with GC decals.

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