More NoHaBs!.

IBAB TMY 1014, InlandGods TMY 1332 & Ex. DSB My 1105.

The Mx class is a lighter version of Nohabs built in 45 units between 1960 and 1962. The units uses a v12 version of EMD engines and are 60 cm.s shorter and are in other words 18.3 meters long. The engines are also easy to spot as the grill section between the cabs are asymetrical with a square opening one one side and the vertical section is devided. IBAB purchased four units 1013-1016 which 1015 was sold of for another opertor. Atleast two of the units 1014 & 1016 are still active on the line. Photo in Östersund 6th of june 2005.

Ex. DSB MY 1105

The 59 unit strong fleet of Nohabs were built between 1954 and 1965 for DSB. Eventually these dependable units wore of and sold of to various regioanl companies in Deanmark, Sweden and Germany where they still make a living hauling trains. Like the Mx they ride on three axle trucks of the middle axle is not powered so the wheel configuration is A-1-A. TGOJ have pruchased few units which are still wearing DSB colors minus logos of the former owner. This unit which was caught in Östersund is not of TGOJ property, but sold to Tågab, appearently leased by IBAB for its operation. Perhaps the unit is IBAB property.

InlandGods TMY 1132

IBAB chose to not to operate the freights on its own line so a new operator was formed using mostly leased units from IBAB and TGOJ for its trains. they did however buy one sole My unit which was rebuilt and repainted in new colors by the shop. The unit shows also some interesting modifications which was introduced by NSB on its Di3.s New bullet proof side windows the right doors are been blanked to for the crew comfort. InlandGods could never make it and after a bankrupcy it is operated by a trustee. Lately in 2005 the unit has been once again common power on its own home rails. hauling the unit trains from Sveg to Mora.

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