Narrow gauge steam in late August.
JTJ put a show

Perhaps the most interesting of all narrow gauge lines was Dala-Ockelbo-Norrsundets Järnväg (DONJ) Running some plus 80 kilometres from mountainous inland to the huge paper mill in Norrsundet. The line started as a small ore hauler but as business on iron industry got slower the line transformed itself in to a log hauler. It was quite succesful surviving untill 1970 when the trucks took over. One portion of 5.5 kilomters was actually preserved and now houses Jädarås Tallås line which actually exteneds abit ro the west where the heavy grades starts.

The stars on the line are the two of the three surviving 0-6-6-0 Mallets, number 8 and 12. 12 is in service while 8 is used sparsky waiting for a renovation. A number of smaller tank engines rounds up the roster. These images were taken in 19th of August 2006. The engines seen here is the former 0-6-0T BLJ 8, now JTJ number 4, 0-6-2T Number 2 and naturally 0-6-6-0 number 12. One really sweet thing about the major yard in Jädraås is that all the former shop building are still there and there is not much of modern buildings to distract the feel of time travel to the 1930.s....


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