IBAB Y7 1233.

Walk around pics for modellers.

The rail cars of Y6-Y8 generation is dated form construction of 1952. This car was build by Eksjöverken and were placed in Vännes during its entire service after they were buiult in 1958 along the rest of the car of its batch, Y7 1213-1237 untill the late 1970.s when the cars were replaced by the Y1-generation cars. Most of the were scrapped but this car was put to MoW-service and now undergoing a renovation to its former glory by its current owner Inlandsbanan (IBAB). As typical of the railcars serving northern part of the country the car sports a larger plow. The car still have few pieces om its car body that dates from its MoW-days. 2008-08-16 Orsa.

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