IBAB Business train.

A little Christmass treat.

Business train in European style
The Christmass time is supposed to be a time of suprices so I guess this is exactly what IBAB did, in 20 December 2006. Parked in Orsa, strange enough on track 2, instead the more natural house track 1 a very nice looking consist of TMY 1016, a former SJ A2, one ex DB restaurnat car followed by an ex DR club or saloon car and at the end a two axled genertor car, still in older scheme. The consist looked like something that was brought together by modeller but actually looked very neat in uniform colors.

I am not sure but the ex DB restaurant car might be the car bought by SJ as a lounch car but never put in service, which sat for years around the shops in Ístersund. Now when DBAG has dropped diner cars from its roster this might be the last of its breed stil seeing service.

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