ULJ in the eighties.

A look back, part two.

On this second part on old pics way back, I wanted to hang on the theme on the first episode. So let's see how the eguipment looks on a Swedish narrow gauge line and a perhaps a preserved railroad after they have secured the deal of line of their own, before everything becomes in to polished Nostalgia land. There was a mix of equipment waiting for renovated mixed along cars and engines that have had been lucky. One thing that was missing at this time was sheds to keep the elements from deteriating the out shopped equipment. The main road unit by then was Blj 5, a Belpaire boiler equipped 2-8-0 that was one of the two mainline unit on a small line that surrviedin to the 1960.s with techonology from the 19th century, they employed even brake personals on the freight trains.

There was changes going on, the previous main units were side tracked to be restored and ULJ got one of the stars of old SRJ, SRJ 28 which was not only the heaviest steam engine in the country but also naturally the pride of the system. Also in the shops was a steamer on the opposite end, BLJ 4 a old 0-6-0T thet spent much of its days as a switcher at the plant that kept BLJ busy.

Faringe itself was a junction for the line from city of Uppsala to Rimbo, and a diverging route to further up north and to the mine fields. Through Sweden there is a iron belt that was a reaosn why there was so many line was built in different gauges and budgets. All these nines are now closed and these lines are gone.

The preserved line is a rather lengthy preserved railroad, from Uppsala to Faringe it is a rather respecting 27 kilometres and is the second longest in the country.

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