The express train from the 1960- 1970 era.

An excursion train in 22. May 2008 in Mora.

Ra 987 which lead the train

The rest of the consist: B1 4901, B1 5114, B5 4932, A2 5063, AB3 4873, R2 5184, S11 4882
Just a few yesrs after the 1960 era cars were taken out of service and anumber of cars are being scrapped, several preservation groups made an effort to save at least enough cars to be able to set up a express train set with cars form that period. There were two different versions of second class cars, B1 which were open seating and were prodiced in 100 copies and B5 which was part open and half with compartments and produced in 115 copies. The mixed seating was also carried out in A2 first class car which had open seating and two compartments and produced in 65 copies. The AB3 class combination cars were having compartments and a small saloon in first class and open seating in second and built in 78 copies. The R2 class dining car were rebuilt from combinned second class and dining car RB1, in later years. In all there were 25 of the RB1 cars from beginning. The S11 car is an A2 car and the paint is fiction, a mix of the red brown and the later day paint and most likely used as an open club car. This train set was used on a excursion and the train visited Mora in 22. of May 2008.
As an opposite of this and carring a sixties car in MoW service was caught same time on next track
Note the different paint of both of Tc-diesels!

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