Ex NSB El13 2129 & 2161.

Walk around pics for modellers.

After the WWII NSB ordered a number of new electric power that became the El11 class. They proved a little light for the power on the mountainlous line of Norway and anew larger series was ordered in mid 1950.s. They became the El13 class and were delived in batches between 1957 and 1966 in all 37 units. They were weighting at 72 tons and could deliver 2648KW and were with their 100 km/h often used on express trains as well. The husky engines were used in to the 1990.s by NSB and a several numbers were sold to Ofotenbanen and repainted in to new owners colors. The new new owner went out of business in 2010 and I found these two units stored outdoors at Storlien Sweden in june 2012.

Note that the El13.2161 has been slightly modified with bullet proof side windows on the side of the cabs. Models of these units has been offerd by lima and currently as highly decorated by NMJ

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