SJ E2 1093(owned by IBAB).

Detail photos for the modelers!

E2 1093 in Orsa 15/7 2006

The most common of the very big variety of Swedish steamer was the E-class 0-8-0 two cyjinder tender engines. In all 128 engines strong were built with the new Inland line in mind. To save weight the engine were given the cylinders inside of the frame, and the E-class wasthe only SJ designed tender engines receive this, though this arrangenent was quite common on the various private owned lines. To improve the running quality and allow to let the engines run even lighter rails in various branches a number of the engines were rebuilt in 2-8-0.s and reclassified as E2-class. The engines were among few of its time to receive fully enclosed cabs to enable to to serve through the severe winters in northern part of the country and the along the Inland line where there are a number of cold spots.

The engines served well and was used as power for passanger and freight runs on lighter rails on lengthy secondar lines, used for peddler trains along the mainline and as power for transfer runs and local freights near the bigger cities. Also they were used as switchers on large yards. The engines remained quite common steam engines to the very end of steam and a number of them are preserved today.

This engine is now a property of IBAB and as it seems will be located in Orsa, and hopefully serve as power for excursion runs from Orsa. It is not the only steam engine in town as it is a stable mate wth a E10 1743 featured here earlier.

Jeco AB produced models of both E and E-class as brass and pewter kits sinc the late 1980.s they are still available and here is pictures of RTR of the first runs.

Jeco E SJ 1458

Jeco E2 SJ 1179

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