SJ E2 1093(owned by IBAB).

Detail photos for the modelers!

All quiet in Elverum?

GargoNet is offering very sleek freight service on the mainlines based on relative fast standardized trains hauled by electrics and using as much as possible container or trailers on flat cars. But on the Röros line the pace different and much reminds of "old times" as the trains are slower and the consists more varied.

Much reminds of the Inland line in Sweden with long runs and predominated by freight for or orignated by logging industry through sparcely populated areas. But unlike its swedish cousin the freights operations share the same right of way year around with the passanger service. Since the Di3.s faded out the Di8.s has taken their place on freights. On this train there were either timber cars of various forms or wood chip cars that seem to use same technology as in Sweden.

Though the containers are smaller in size so the special flatcars, in my guess cut down from older type of wood chip cars, thse could carry three smaller containers on each car. Timber was hauled on anything on former NSB cars, or appearently long time leased swedish timber cars, some still wearing SJ ownership, four axeled Rps-cars or on. new two unit cars.

The first section of the train was empties which the crew switched over to track 2. After that re coupled to the loaded cars backed the whole consist to the station where the crew picked up new orders and left town towards Röros.

GargoNet Di8.705 seen here doing some switching 31/8 2004 in Elverum
Here some pics on typical timber cars used on these trains

One of the swedish cars used on the train. This one had still stated SJ as owner of the car (SJ is only operating passenger trains in Sweden, the freight is operated by Green Gargo) and also carried out an extra information off been solely used on strech on NSB network. I guess that car has spent quite along time in Norway.

A typical Norwegian type of timber car sitting woth a row of sister in storage in Elverums eastern yard that is also used for cars to scarpped.

Rps cars were intrduced in 1972 and used to carry special open top containers, three on each car. But as the logisitcs on wood chips changed, the container were scrapped fast and the most of the cars sat idle. Quite a few moved to east and are used to carry container on the Inland line in Sweden or srapped. But few still are in Norway and now hauls timber.

The latest generation of timber cars are now articulated in sets of two. The norwegian cars seem to be fairing better than the cars delivered to Green Gargo as they have been storaged since delivery as result of an dispute between the Green Gargo and the company who has produced the cars. Note the new type of axle bearings, developed by ASEA while they were still Railroad business.

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