Ofotenbanen 3.623.

Walk around pics for modellers.

The Norwegian Nohabs of Di3-class are among my favorite engines and by a poll ina Norwegian rail fan magazine voted as the most popular engines of all time in Norway. Quite achievement for diesel, if you ask me.The DI3.s were built in 35 copies between 1957 and 1969. The first one, 3.602 was built as a demonstrator by NoHab and later sold of to NSB. 5 unites where to be deliverd to the Finnish VR, But the deal did not com through and three of the engines were close to be completed was delivered with three axle trucks where the middle axle is non pwered. These engines were classified as Di3b.s and numbered as Di3.3641-Di.3643, while the two others (Di3.622-Di3.623 were delivered with six powered axles. The last batch, Di3.630-Di3.633 were delivered in 1969. This engine was deliverd to NSB in August 1960 and after withdrawn from the lists sold off to the new operator Ofotenbanen AS and after these photos to The Inlandsbanan in sweden. Hamar. 2008-08-31

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