Green Cargos new power.

Green Cargos new power is here.

Part 1, Re - class

Photos of the first two deliverd Re class engines in Mora 2010-02-24. The engines are Re 1424 and 1426. The angines are sister units to the units of TRAXX family introduced to Deutche Bahn and now running in several countries primarly in freight service. In all Green Cargo has ordered 16 units of these units and according press relases are to be used mued in two units in each unit steal train for the Swedish steal company SSAB. The units are sporting a very interesting new adaption of GC grafics and sports Pure Performance logos. The steal trains are to be run between Luleå - Borlänge and Borlänge Oxelösund. The planned road numbers for the units are Re 1423-Re 1438 and will be delivered in rate of 3 units each month. In these photos the engines had filled in the Lunch Break Special (Borlänge-Mora-Borlänge) run on 22. and 23. of February 2010.

The units are not the only ones off Traxx family running in Sweden. Hectorrail is using units based on DB Br185.s, The DB henkers ex DSB EU units are frequently seen on the west coat. Occationally the German leaser MGW-Service TRAXX units are seen operated by Tågkraft. Here MGW-Service unit was caught in Mora 2010-03-12.

Part 2, Rd - class

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