The Di3.602 is undergoing renovation by the GM-Gruppen at the roundhouse in Åndalnes, Norway. See more about this renovation

Much of the work on this site has been on hold, depending a greater expansion on the sister siteOllies trainstuff and a new photo site on my main webpage and spinning of the expanded car site, which not was redesigned with a new layout. and most of all with a lot of new images from Sweden and Norway. All this has made that the progress have been a bit slower than planed. Nothing new? Oyes, on the Inlandsbanan section I have been working on with photo albums with several lines conecting to the line. So far on the net are the southern leg of the Inland line from Mora to Sweg, Mora - Älvdalen line and Orsa - Furudalen line. As well as the next new sites have been selected and there have been some progress on them.

In the first hand, the new sites to be added are all Norwegian, Bjorli on Raumaline, Hjerkinn and Vinstra on Dovre line. There have been a plan to feature Dähringen on BLS, but it will featured a bit later, much depending if I find some interesting photos and permits to use them.

Dombås. Norway

First site will be the busy junction of Dombås, which is located on the busy line of Oslo - Trondheim in Norway. What makes the site even more interesting the very scenic Rauma-line from Dombås to Åndalsnes. For the modelers it's interesting as many tricks used by the modelers are here used by prototype, twisting track on the yard the location on a hillside hiding the staging tracks. Even that the yard both ways ends up in tunnels. Still its fairly modest size, it is stop for all kinds of passangertrains! There is a trackplan, and brief history!

The old station of Dombås,
which was destroyed in a attack in WW II.

Skreia in Norway.

Maybe you guys have noticed those outstanding kits produced by Artitec? They produce a number of kits for buildings from Eina on Gjövik line. These buildings were actually also built in the small yard of Skreia at the end of a branch line. The service was withdrawn in, but though tracks were removed, but the buildings remains, so stay tuned. A perfect match for short trains with small power. Today, the tracks are gone, but the buildings remains. The background to this is provided by an article in Norwegian rail fan magazine NJK.

Verma, Norway.

Verma is location of a twin spiraltunnels on famous line from Dombås to the coastal town of Åndalsnes. In Verma the line also enters to a double spiral loops to gain altitude to reach the highlands.
There is more to learn, how about one of the most of famous railroad bridges in Scandinavia, that took 10 years to construct. All this in scenery, that is hard to beat anywhere. The line is one of the few, that is unelectrified and for years saw NOHABS DI.3,s hauling passanger and freigttrains.

Blausee-Mitholz on BLS!

The small station of Blausee-Mitholz is located in a middle of the S-shaped loops of the very scenic Northern Lötschenberg pass. A perfect setting for layout geared for the railfan. The depot is offered as a plastic kit by Kibri. And many of the interesting rolling stock is offered by many manufactures

Lauscha, Germany.

The station and the yard in Lauscha is a switchback in eastern Germany, that will hopefully include some unpublished pictures as well some from magazines and books. During steam the line hosted husky Deutsche Reichbahns Br 95 2-10-2 tank engines. The Miniaturbahnen magazine (MIBA) had a excellent feature of the site including sketches, track plan and photographs with Br95.s in action in this picturesque setting! This site feature will be greatly based on this article.

Göringen in Sweden.

This one of the most unlikely yards I have seen. Try this, historically allmost impossible name, it is a small junction in middle of nowhere, and still got the looks of an interurban or a at least a suburban station, middle in the woods, on a line that was one of the very last with steam in Sweden...
Today, it is in restored condition but no longer a junction. Also included are trackplan and little history of the short 3 Kilometer long but never the less interesting, branchline to Dalfors. All this with lots photos.

Liljeholmen, Stockholm. Sweden.

For those of you who are interested in switching, I have planned to feature Liljeholmen, once a portion of the mainline between Stockholm - Gothenburg and the location of a roundhouse, back shops and even a drawbridge, to be cut back and bumped into more modest but nevertheless interesting switching yard, that included a switchback to serve the industries and a port well in to Today the location is greatly changed again and used as a terminal by light rails of Stockholm, giving the trams back to Stockholm.
Today the location is greatly changed again and used as a terminal by light rails of Stockholm, giving the trams back to Stockholm.

Jädraås in Sweden.

How about some swedish narrowgauge? Home of the mighty 0-6-6-0 mallets on a last portion of common carriering former oreline that transfered itself to a logging line. Former operation hub of the line, today the yard is home of 6 kilometer long preserved line and the yard itself including the ALL former, shops, roundhouses and depots.... Not mention two of the three mallets.

Planned additions in 2003

Besides trying get more info and be able to somehow to make trackplans for Dombås, Liljeholmen, I will add following locations:

Vinstra in Norway

On the busy Oslo-Dombås-Trondheim line this small station has seen some changes. With its rather modest yard and modernizied tracks together with buildings fairly intact from steam days, makes this ideal for those of you who likes classy passanger service, but can not have a large terminal to serve to go along with it.

Bjorli in Norway

On the scenic Raumaline the last remaining station in use. The line sees dieselpower and during summer, NJK hauls steam excursions from Åndalsnes to Bjorli, where the engine is turned.

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