A friend of mine sent this link that I think is great.
Just a bit of a laugh.

Here you will find the latest about the project or music related news.

So Why the hell a webpage of an unknown guy who claims to be a guitarist, who never made a record, nor plays live?, or have any soundtrack you can download?

Well, why not, maybe in future you may pick up a few things, I don't know about the future of this. But I figured that having a webpage especially for the music and guitars will give a place where I can share some thoughts and even some tracks in the future. Also I want to separate some of my music projects from the regular contense of my main homepage. These other projects are just some plans for somewhere in future, nothing solid yet, just some ideas...

I have some own music which I plan to record within a year or two. So the idea is also share the struggle and few comments on the future project. The project, once it is done is a CD full of music which you can if you want to download from somewhere. Here you will find only eventually some edited samples of the tracks.
More, I will discuss the project as I go along, incuding various products and computer programs or whatever that might pop up... I hope that the main project, a finished album will be finished in summer 2004.

So how do you record the stuff?

As more and more powerful computers arrive almost daily to more reasonable prices, I have planned on anyway to purchase a new PC. Also here on this site I will discuss some bit about the programs I will use. Most stuff I heard recorded on computers are some keyboard oriented stuff, mine will have more analog instruments and the music will be strongly guitar oriented and dominated by guitar. I will use synths and drummachines on the tracks. But the guitars and basses you will hear will be the real thing.

Are you going to play live?

No, as I am today past 40 and counting, so I have no such needs. Music will be a hobby thing and I am not trying to persuit a carrier with it. I am past that and besides that.. I am not dreaming on be a cover of a magazine and stuff, I am just trying to fulfill a dream I have for years to record my own music to see if it sounds as good as inside of my balding head...

What it is to sound like?

Uhhh... I guess it will sound in line of heavy metal, definetly rock oriented, sometimes perhaps bombastic also have it gentle parts. You see that I will paint with sounds, just like when I work with paper, colors and brush, trying to create soundwise landscapes. But trying to keep them simple enough to able listen to without having the walls decorated with degrees... But basicly I try to reach to what I would like to hear on my car stereo. Some of the records I like the most have clean sounds, though being some part sort of bombastic. I am not to create a opera or any of that, but I know that I will go with the flow and this may make the songs be entirely different as I planned in the first place....

What else?

I am somewhat involved with music on other aspects than performing. I run few bands web-pages and I do some photography on these bands and some other local talents. You will find links to these pages under My Music Sites. And some of the ideas I have, tried to introduce to them, now with this site, I have now to testbed on my own... So have Fun!
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