From Vågå to Rauma

From the mountain pass road between Vågå and Lesja, you can see into the kingdom of the wild reindeer in North Ottadalen. By the roadside, you’ll perhaps meet “huldra” - the legendary nymph of the mountains - offering mountain refreshments in Hulderbu. To the east, the characteristic Jønndalen Valley divides the mountain in two towards Dovre. Toll road open during the summer months.

This trip over a toll road over a mountain pass was a pleasent suprise. originally we had intended to go to Dombås but somehow in Sel, we took of on a wrong road. But as the road proved to be rather interesting we desided to drive it to Vågå. I knew that I have seen road signs to this burrough on the highway from Dombås to Åndalsnes, ao I knew that we were not entirely lost. The short cut from Vågå to Lesja turned to be a very scenic route and full of mountain vistas. Still at the summit there was quite a lot of snow and as we entered deep down in the rauma Valley at Lesja, we traveled through three seasons of the year in a few minutes. The photos shown of Raumavalleys rural area are taken in early September 2005, rounding up with the fourth missing season.

A break of clouds with sun coming through in Raumadal.

(Vågå) (Romsdalen)
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