Road to Gausdal


The high way 255 offers a alternative road from Lillehammer to Vinstra, starting through a rural valleys dominated by large farming deep in the valleys and along the gentle slopes, which gradually changest to pure and barren mountains up to 1000 meters. The road I guess, is a very much of a treat during early summer as there will be new color of fresh leaves and light green grass. Further to north the road enters in to the woods and gradually the valley narrows and soon enters in to ski resort area. We have landed at the east end of Jotumheim, the home of the giants according the accident Norwegian mythology. Here are the highest peaks in Scandinavia, but you will not see the highest peaks here but the ones you will see are impressive enough. The lastleg is quite different from the early portions as the road continues climb up to the highlands through a number of small villages and offers a splendid view down to the Gudbranddalen below.

The northern part of the road twist along the steep hillsides and offers some spetacular views down in the gorges.

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