From Dovre to the fjords

One of the most pleasent trip in early summer of 2005 was a drive from Oppdal to Åndalsnes just through northern parts of the mountains of Dovre. On the map it looked a lot like a easy diversion from driving over the pass.

Just a few kilometers west of Oppdal, facing the mountains to the south I photographed a few farms and especially I like older perhaps abandoned homesteads, like the timbered farm seen to the left.

Oppdal is not just the last chanche to pump gas in your car before entering the mountains and decending down at Dombås. It is a ski resort during the winter and hiking paradise during the summer months. Cottages with more just an average breath taking views are just about everywhere here.

One of the best time of year to travel in Norway is during the early summer months. There is still a plenty of melting water cascadeing down houndreds of meters down the mountain sides. There is still plenty of snow on the peaks exceeding 1200 meters or more. The fresh leaves and fresh grass are light in color to add more color and tint the light along the warm summer breeze of salty air. As closer the coast you get the more impressive the landscape gets, as the ocean adds a dimension and during the hot days ads a bit of haze.

Armed with different lenses, from wide angle to tele lenses you have a world of posibilities to capture just about 100.s of new motives. The peaks are shot with a 300 mm tele lens and does not those image look cold to you.

One of the amaizing effects of mountains is that you can spot three seasons at once. From hot summer deep down in the valleys to various shades of spring to the raging winter at the peak, that is amaizing.

As the valleys broaden up and the surface is reasonable flat, you will find farms. A typical norwegian farm house is as long as it is narrow. Typical colors are white or dark brown with white trim but there are a plenty of variation as this red and white impressive looking house on the mountain side.

(Oppdal) (Åndalsnes)
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